[WEBINAR] Reaching Shoppers in the Moments that Matter

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Today's shoppers rely on both online and offline tools to make their purchasing decisions. As such, retailers need to deliver the best content and channels to grab a customer when they are most open. One way companies are attempting to create their experience is through digital experience management platforms that integrate digital content across multiple channels to create synchronized messages.
Dane Oldridge, technical sales specialist for Visual Retail, IOTG, and David Dobson, global senior industry advisor RHCG, Intel, discuss the best ways to implement digital experience platforms. They have years of experience in customer engagement and bring that expertise to this webinar as they discuss key areas of digital experience management including:
  • Identifying key touchpoints where retailers can influence customer decisions;
  • How to maintain customer engagement throughout the shopping experience;
  • How to utilize shopper information, data and audience segmentation;
  • Key ingredients of digital experience management platforms; and
  • The customer and retailer paths to digital experience management.

Meet the panelists

Dane L. Oldridge,
Technical Sales Specialist,
Visual Retail IOTG

As the Technical Sales Specialist for Visual Retail, Dane’s focus is supporting Intel’s field sales teams in to design in Intel Architecture for implementations of Digital Signage, Kiosks, Interactive Vending and IWB(UCC). As the IOTG subject matter expert for Visual Retail, Dane works to extend the reach of the Visual Retail Business Unit, directly engaging with end user customers and OEM & ISV customers to create project collaborations that drive sales growth for all concerned. 

David Dobson,
Global Senior Industry Advisor RHCG,
Intel Corporation

David works in the global Retail, Hospitality, and Consumer Goods sales organization at Intel with responsibility for strategy and business development. David’s current areas of research and engagement include the future of the store in this new digital age; how and where retailers use cloud computing and artificial intelligence to create competitive advantage; the role of technology within the new cross-channel shopper journey, and, the critical business and IT capabilities that industry success will demand going forward.

Bradley Cooper
Editor, DigitalSignageToday.com
Networld Media Group

Bradley Cooper is a Technology Editor for DigitalSignageToday.com. His background is in information technology, advertising, and writing. 


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