[WEBINAR] Essential checkpoints for ATM testing in a DevOps world

[WEBINAR] Essential checkpoints for ATM testing in a DevOps worldPublication Type:

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DevOps — a collaborative approach to enterprise software delivery — introduces testing during the development phase rather than leaving it until the prerelease stage. This approach holds the proven potential to save time and expense in project implementation.

However, many companies in the payments sphere struggle to coordinate and integrate testing into their project progression plan from design through development and acceptance.

This webinar explains how a mature testing strategy can make your implementation process more agile and differentiate your offering from others in the market. 

Takeaways include:

  • How to build a best-of-breed environment that enables your team to apply modern engineering practices; and
  • How continuous testing can help reduce implementation costs, save time and increase the effectiveness of the ATM channel. 

Meet the panelists

Chris Milne
ATM Senior Consultant 

Chris Milne is an expert in the automation of payments testing and the advancement of efficient ATM channels. He has supported major financial institutions throughout the APAC region with their implementation of test automation. His passion for testing and payment technology drives his analysis of the region's payment market and his efforts to identify customers' needs and help them launch reliable, agile payment solutions.

Suzanne Cluckey
Editor, ATMmarketplace.com
Networld Media Group

Suzanne Cluckey is an award-winning writer with an extensive background in publishing, advertising and marketing, corporate communications, and radio and television production.

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