Webinar: There's more to mobile payments than payments: engaging your customers in the age of the new mobile wallet

Webinar: There's more to mobile payments than payments: engaging your customers in the age of the new mobile walletPublication Type:

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The shift to mobile payments is underway, especially now that Apple is encouraging customers to pull out their smartphones instead of their old leather wallets every time they pay. But the possibilities for brands to capitalize on the mobile wallet revolution extend far beyond payments. 
What do mobile payments actually mean for your business? And how can you go beyond the basic mobile wallet offerings to engage your customers and improve your business? Join us on Tuesday, November 4th, as LevelUp’s Michael Hagan and Hale and Hearty’s Ariel Page discuss why brands should look beyond the payment in mobile payments.
As an attendee, you can expect: A walk-through of Apple’s new mobile wallet and its basic offerings;
  • An overview of why you should encourage customers to look beyond their Visa, MasterCard and American Express when they open their mobile wallet;
  • A merchant perspective on the benefits of leveraging mobile payments and loyalty in this new shift to mobile;
  • A look at LevelUp’s integration into Apple's new mobile wallet and Android's Google Wallet.

Webinar Details

Michael J. Hagan
Chief Sales Officer

Michael Hagan is a leading expert in data-powered loyalty and mobile payments. As CSO at LevelUp, Michael has been responsible for growing LevelUp’s mobile payment network across the globe.

Ariel Page
Project Manager
Hale & Hearty Soups

Ariel is instrumental in the design, implementation and continued success of Hale and Hearty’s new payment and loyalty program powered by LevelUp.

James Bickers
Senior Editor
Networld Media Group

James Bickers is the senior editor of Retail Customer Experience. He has written about technology and related issues for 20 years, for a wide range of national and international publications.

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