Webinar: How operators can seize the carrier billing opportunity

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As the app economy continues its explosive growth, the world’s mobile network operators (MNOs) are fighting tenaciously to secure their share of the revenue that’s flowing across their networks. As this battle rages, carrier billing is emerging as the most powerful weapon in the MNO armory. 
By leveraging their trusted billing relationship with smartphone users, and offering a frictionless one-click payment experience, MNOs who embrace operator billing are not just connecting to a world of commercial opportunity, they’re enhancing the user experience, driving up conversion rates and providing a boost to the entire app economy. 
Since 2010, app store giants including Amazon, BlackBerry World, Facebook, Firefox Marketplace, Google Play and Windows Phone Store have integrated into the Bango Payments Platform, enabling charge to bill payment into more than 100 MNOs, and growing. 
On Thursday 23rd October 2014 we invite global MNOs to join Bango and du to explore:
  • The fastest way to grow carrier billing revenues across Google Play and other leading app stores
  • How Bango harnesses unique technology and commercial partnerships to deliver conversion rates in excess of 80%  
  • How du is maximizing digital content revenues in the world’s most penetrated smartphone market

Webinar Details

Richard Leyland
VP – Marketing

Richard is an entrepreneur, writer and marketer. In addition to working with Bango, Richard founded WorkSnug and has written for the BBC, PwC, Nokia and others.

Trevor Goldberg
VP Mobile Operator Business Development

Trevor works strategically with Mobile Operators to enable them to maximize their revenue from the explosive growth of the app store and mobile content sales.

Prince Thomas
Lead Digital Services Development du (Emirates Integrated Telecommunications Company)

Prince is a Harvard graduate and highly experienced in telecoms. He is focused on maximizing digital revenue streams and has held a variety of key management positions with du.

Will Hernandez
Editor - MobilePaymentsToday.com
Networld Media Group

Will has 14 years of experience ranging from newspapers to wire services and trade publications. Before joining Mobile Payments Today, he spent two years as the content manager for PaymentsJournal.com.

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