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cGate - Direct Mobile Billing Platform

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White Paper

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Jan. 23, 2015

cGate is a highly flexible and secure operator billing mechanism, built to meet the needs of MNOs, merchants and consumers, i.e. mobile subscribers that wish to pay for digital, virtual and physical goods with their mobile phones.

Digital content can be monetised via different tools and options exposed by the cGate platform, like web and mobile widgets, powerful APIs and in-app billing libraries.

cGate is designed to overcome the technical complexity of integration and onboarding, for both the merchants and MNOs. It addresses the key issues that all the participants in the value chain are facing. It includes the following features and capabilities:

• Billing flexibility

• Technical support and customer care

• Security, fraud prevention and traceability

• Content sourcing, mediation and onboarding

• Simplicity of integration

• High conversion tools (customer facing front-end)

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Infobip / Centili

Centili is a direct carrier billing service provide for operators, online businesses, app developers and digital content merchants, offering most convenient user experience and the most advanced billing technology.

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