Centili connectivity update spans the globe

March 2, 2017

During the last few months Centili has expanded in reach, bringing its carrier billing solutions closer to more than 960 million new mobile connections in 8 countries and by adding new payment flows in more than 20 countries. Through new and extended operator partnerships, they have introduced innovative payment flows, helping merchant to streamline their carrier billing rollout in Europe, North Asia, Asia Pacific, Middle East, Africa and South America. 

Expanding reach with new partnerships

Centili enables mobile payments with its direct carrier billing platform in more than 80 countries which gives their partners the opportunity to reach users all over the globe, but, as they like to point out, their mission goes beyond that. Expanding coverage by adding quality connections results in a more stable purchasing process, with significantly less transaction drop-offs. 

Numbers show that one of the countries with fastest smartphone penetration in the world are Pakistan, India and Bangladesh. It is expected that India and other emerging Asian countries will have smartphone adoption level of 50-70% by 2020 which creates a large ready-made base of internet users and mobile payments potential users. Centili added to India and Pakistan more than 890 million new connections. Additionally, in India, which is one of the markets with biggest potential, Centili’s partners Airtel and Vodafone are one step ahead for using features such as header enrichment and downscale billing.  

Centili has also boosted great potential of APAC market with new direct carrier billing partnerships with Optus and Telstra in Australia which means that Centili now has 19 million more connections, covering 80% of the total market share in the country. New Centili connections are added in Portugal, Moldova, Jordan and Argentina to. Due their long successful partnership with Orange group they have made a direct carrier billing connection with Orange Jordan and in November 2016 DCB connection with MEO in Portugal was also made. In time to come merchants can expect new Centili DCB connections on this market.  

Adding more technology for better monetization

"Improving the end user experience was, and still is, a major focus for us.", says Centili’s CEO Ante Ukalovic.  "Adding features such as MSISDN header enrichment is essential for successful monetization on mobile web. With that in mind, we have enabled new payment flows on more than 20 connections in ten countries and our subscription reach is expanded with 14 new operators in 11 countries including Malaysia, Russia, Egypt, Portugal, Poland, Germany and Thailand. This means that now we provide subscription payments in 30+ countries with more than 90 partner operators." 

Centili Subscription improves customer experience and enables merchants to charge users on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Features such as downscale and split billing carry user lifetime value forward.  

"Whenever we add a new partnership or new technology we are one step closer to our vision - enabling payment infrastructure to people without access to traditional financial services. Centili is constantly working in both directions and we are happy to inform you about it in the time to come." says Ukalovic. 

Topics: Direct Carrier Billing, Mobile Banking

Companies: Infobip / Centili

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