Turkish digital-only FI adds card control, contactless ATM access to mobile app

Turkish digital bank Yapı Kredi, has revamped its mobile app to add three new features: password-free Eyeprint ID, MobilNakit (MobileCash), which allows contactless ATM cash withdrawals, and direct access to the call center.

These the new capabilities make banking transactions both branchless and password-free, according to a press release.

Additionally, Yapı Kredi Mobile users now have the option to use several other new features:

  • "branch busyness" map imaging and appointment-making — lets customers set an appointment with a banker at the date, time and branch of their choice;
  • a banking keyboard — enables quick money transfers from a smartphone messaging app without the need for any other kind of screen or application; and
  • a "don’t panic button" — lets customers who have lost a card temporarily lock the card account. They can also report a lost or stolen card and request a replacement.

Yapı Kredi Assistant General Manager Yakup Dogan said that every technology the bank produces strives to touch and significantly add value to human lives.

"We are now face to face with a banking experience that doesn't require branches or passwords," he said. "As the digital bank of Turkey, we were not satisfied with just generating an idea; we implemented our idea, turned it into production and have been acknowledged by our customers by earning a five-star commendation for the application, the highest rating possible. We continue to work on it. Yapı Kredi Mobile will be the customer's [banking] remote control from now on. This also serves our main strategy."

NCR Corp. conducted its contactless Mobile ATM pilot project at Yapı Kredi, a first in Europe, the release said. MobilMatik ATMs can be used card-free with only a mobile phone. The feature will roll out soon, the release said.

MobilMatiks will be placed in offices, cafés, fast-food restaurants and other locations without ATMs, especially places that are patronized by young people and require quick access to cash. Soon, MobilMatiks will be available with a deposit function as well.

Topics: ATMs, Mobile Banking

Companies: NCR Financial Services

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