Through the mobile maelstrom: What app makers owe their customers

Oren Kedem, the vice president of product at mobile app security company BioCatch, discusses the need for software developers to protect consumers' financial information on their smartphones.

How will banks address mobile wallets?

MasterCard's decision to enable banks to add an in-store payments element to their mobile banking app for NFC-ready Android smartphones has rekindled an industry debate about what works best for financial institutions and proximity mobile payments.

Apple Pay slices the mobile payments market, again

Robert McHugh, the co-founder of Paydunk, examines how Apple's recent announcement further fragments the industry.

Setting the record straight on contactless transactions and terminology

Jack Jania, senior vice president of strategic alliances for Gemalto, tries to clear the air about all the different acronyms in mobile payments.

Early bird gets the worm: Top 5 reasons to meet us in Cali for Fast Cas Exec Summit

Although our 11th annual Fast Casual Executive Summit isn't until Oct. 9-11, you can get in at $595 as opposed to the regular price of $795 if you register by Friday. If that's not enough incentive to join us in sunny California for the summit, below are top five reasons you need to put his amazing event on your calendar.

CONNECT Summit set to dive into mobile's impact on restaurants, retail

Baron Concors, Shashank Saxena among the keynote speakers for the third annual executive event.

Pizza Hut's digital guru talking all-things tech

Baron Concors, Pizza Hut's global chief digital officer, will share insights about the chain's digital strategy Aug. 17 at this year’s CONNECT Mobile Innovation Summit in Dallas.

The fragmentation of US mobile payments

Christopher Barnard, the president of Points, is the latest industry executive to urge mobile wallet providers to add loyalty programs to their schemes.

Banks get another ally in mobile payments with the new Masterpass

MasterCard has announced some new features to its digital wallet service, including the ability for banks to add contactless payments to their Android mobile banking apps.

What mobile wallet providers can learn from Pokémon Go

The free-to-play augmented reality mobile game has taken three nations by storm. Mobile wallet executives can learn a thing or two from the game's success.

June 5 for 5: Execs discuss the problem of cart abandonment

It's time for a look back at June's most-read articles on Mobile Payments Today.

Walmart Pay goes live nationwide as retailer sees early gains from system

As of today, Walmart Pay is available at the chain's 4,600 locations after months of staggered rollouts throughout the U.S.

Mobile wallets: Where do I keep my receipts?

David Salisbury, the vice president of sales and marketing Star Cloud Services, discusses a pressing issue in this industry: the lack of digital receipts in all mobile wallets.

Transaction laundering moves to mobile: Banks need to watch out

The increased opportunities for legitimate sellers, thanks to the many methods of reaching and selling to customers – via apps, text messages, even chat apps – also provide more opportunities for cybercriminals intent on corrupting the system for their own benefit.

Video: Retailers dive into technology at Interactive Customer Experience Summit

The Interactive Customer Experience (ICX) Summit featured almost three days of education, networking and tours.

Direct carrier billing makes the transition from digital content to physical goods (Part 2)

In the second part of our focus on direct carrier billing, John BaRoss examines how the payment method is being used more to purchase physical goods.

The global ascension of direct carrier billing (Part 1)

John BaRoss, who has a long history in the e-commerce industry, discusses how this often overlooked payment method is still a hot commodity for telcos worldwide.

Mobile payments: Can they really be invisible?

John Shapiro, the director of product management for payments for Intuit, discusses how the proliferation of technology and emergence of connected devices have created an opportunity for companies not previously associated with payments to expand their product offering.

Merchants chase Uber for a better mobile customer experience

It's no surprise the ride-sharing service comes up a lot during discussions about personalization and customer interaction. That was a topic of conversation during multiple panels at two trade conferences in May.

Banking's dilemma: Staying ahead of fintech competition in real-time

Mike Hamlin of Fiserv discusses how our mobile society puts pressure on financial institutions to keep pace with increasing threats from fintech.

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