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With the prepaid business growing rapidly across all markets, service providers require innovative, scalable, and functional solutions to address the needs of this important revenue segment.  PreTUPS™ pushes the immensely popular prepaid model to its full potential. PreTUPS™ is a scalable and evolved prepaid account management solution, which enables prepaid service providers such as telecom, payTV and broadband achieve growing business targets, managing diverse prepaid customers and creating value for each customer. 

PreTUPS™ enables prepaid service providers to leap beyond traditional airtime transactions with automated workflows that anticipate demand and align it with supply. This helps to create a demand-driven, lean and responsive organization, facilitate higher sales, enhance customer satisfaction and lower the inventory and distribution costs. Automating operational workflows in sales, distribution, inventory and pricing allows complete control over the prepaid business. From defining commissioning and loyalty programs for agents to configuring transfer rules and thresholds, the solution enables prepaid service providers to efficiently structure multiple hierarchies suited to business needs. PreTUPS™ significantly reduces the go-to-market time for new recharge pack introductions and propel customer demand.

Whether it is an assisted electronic recharge via a retailer or a self recharge via channels such as SMS/USSD, Web, ATM, kiosk - PreTUPS™ delivers a reliable and consistent customer experience. The platform allows prepaid service providers to create new revenue streams through value added services such as P2P Airtime Transfer, SOS Credit, Top-Me-Up, Gift Recharge and Carrier Billing. PreTUPS™ extends service reach beyond electronic formats with robust mechanisms for managing physical vouchers, including activation, distribution, tracking and reporting.

PreTUPS™ highlights:

  • Powers electronic recharge for over 50 operators globally
  • Facilitates mobile recharge for over 740 million mobile users worldwide
  • 10% of the world population’s mobile recharge is done through PreTUPS™ 
  • Processes over 21 billion recharge transactions annually
  • Handles recharge for over 155 million subscribers in a single network

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