Square jumps on the bitcoin bandwagon

Square is dipping its toe into the bitcoin waters and testing support by enabling some Cash app users to buy and sell the cryptocurrency, according to multiple media reports. "We believe cryptocurrency can greatly impact the ability of individuals to...

Square brings contactless reader to Canadian merchants

Square’s contactless and chip reader is now available to local businesses across Canada, according to a press release. The device accepts contactless cards and Interac Flash, as well mobile wallets such as Apple Pay and Android Pay. "Businesses of all...

TouchBistro extends Square integration to the UK

TouchBistro announced that it has extended its integration with Square to restaurants in the U.K., according to a press release. Restaurants of all sizes in the U.K. using the TouchBistro iPad mobile point-of-sale product will now be able to process payments using Square. "The integration with Square U.K.

Square brings Virtual Terminal to the UK

Square late last month has launched its Virtual Terminal service in the U.K., which enables merchants to accepts payments directly on their computers. "Virtual Terminal is something our sellers have been asking us for and has already proved hugely popular...

Square buys OrderAhead to add takeout feature to Caviar

Square Wednesday announced that it has acquired the OrderAhead pickup business, a mobile service that enables consumers to order takeout food from restaurants. Square subsequently added the takeout option to its Caviar on-demand food delivery solution. Caviar users in San...

Visa reveals Square investment details

The card network announced its initial investment in 2011 when the mobile POS provider was still a private company.

Square reaches $100 million single-day sales milestone

Square also announced over 40 percent of its payment volume comes from sellers who process over $125,000 a year.

Square begins pre-orders for EMV products

Company will release a standalone chip card reader for $29 and a Square Stand accessory for $39.

Square intros Square App Marketplace

The business applications are meant to sync with any Square account.

Square adds BLE support to Cash iOS app

Square today added the ability for its Cash iOS user to send or request funds from anyone nearby using Bluetooth technlogy, according to a press release The new feature, which is part of an update for iOS 8, lets customers...

SumAll to provide additional analytics to Square users

Square sellers can now view their sales data alongside additional analytics from dozens of other platforms such as social media services and other payment providers.

Square intends to make tax prep easier

Mobile POS provider partners with TaxJar, an online service that manages sales tax filing for e-commerce merchants.

Square updates Cash app; seeks more funding

Users can now send funds via text or email as company redesigns service with better transaction notifications.

Square bolsters Register service with Analytics

Square Analytics integrates the full suite of Square Register products as the company continues to add utility to its products.

Square expands capital program

Victory Park Capital invests in Square so that mPOS provider can target more small businesses with lending opportunities.

Amazon enters the mPOS fray

Amazon enters the mPOS fray

The online retailer Wednesday introduced Amazon Local Register with a better transaction rate than Square.

Square rounds into form with an EMV mPOS reader

Square rounds into form with an EMV mPOS reader

The company will make a new chip-and-signature-enabled dongle available before the October 2015 U.S. merchant liability deadline.

Amazon set to launch Square-like mPOS device

Amazon is reportedly about to launch its own mobile point-of-sale device, similar to Square and PayPal, according to a report from 9to5 Mac. The publication got its hands on an internal Staples document that showed an "Amazon Card Reader" that...

Square offers cash advances to businesses

Square today launched Square Capital, a program intended to help businesses grow by giving them quick access to funds in a way the company said is easy for merchants to understand. Square Capital has no application process, and businesses get...

Merchants can communicate with customers using digital receipts from Square Feedback

Square today introduced Square Feedback, a new product that turns digital receipts into a communication channel between buyers and sellers, according to a press release. Square Feedback prompts customers to send feedback on their experience directly to the business owner through their digital receipt.

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