McDonald's to use Swiff mPOS for Thailand home delivery

Swiff Friday launched a new mobile payment service with Thailand's AEON Thana Sinsap Public Company Ltd. and McDonald's for McDelivery 1711, according to a press release. Mobile provider Swiff said its new mobile point-of-sale product will enable customers using McDelivery...


Is China's QR-code ban about security or lost revenue?

China's central bank is rethinking some rules regarding mobile payments initiated by third parties.

Commentary: Empowering women with mobile money, the Papua New Guinea report

Part of a series of reports on Visa's work with the GSMA mWomen Programme and the Bankable Frontier Associates to expand women's acces to financial services worldwide.

Tales from the East

Look to Asia Pacific to see where the real action is in mobile payments.

MasterCard makes ordering popcorn easier with m-payment app

MC joins with Commonwealth Bank and Hoyt Corporation to launch new line-busting app at Australian cinemas.

Kaching! Australia's Commonwealth Bank unveils all-in-one mobile payment product

FI offers first mobile payment app that combines NFC, P2P and mobile banking features

Obopay tailors mobile payment solutions for the unbanked

More than just another market segment, services for the unbanked are central to Obopay's business strategy.

UN program uses mobile payments to fight hunger

Video: The UN World Food Programme is testing text messaging on phones to transfer cash.

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New Zealand group publishes mobile standards

Payments NZ, an independent, non-competitive organization in New Zealand that oversees payment systems, Wednesday released new mobile device rules and standards that will govern the mobile payments system in the country and protect businesses and consumers. The organization said in...

Bango opens Singapore hub for direct operator billing

Cambridge, U.K.-based Bango, a provider of direct operator billing technology, has opened an office in Singapore to act as its regional operating hub. Bango said the new office will support its activities across Asia Pacific. Bango integrates with mobile network...

Chinese Central Bank bans banks from Bitcoin transactions

The People's Bank of China has ruled that Bitcoin is not a proper currency and has barred Chinese banks from handling it, Finextra reports. According to the site, the People's Bank of China said Bitcoin is a virtual good, not...

DOB startup Coda Payments expanding in Asia

Direct carrier biller Coda Payments has raised $2.3 million in Series A funding and plans to expand to Malaysia and Singapore, according to Since launching in March, the Singapore-based startup has partnered with more than 30 digital content providers...

Citibank rolls out NFC-based mobile wallet in Hong Kong

Smartphone users in Hong Kong now have another mobile wallet option with the introduction of 3 Citi Wallet. The NFC-enabled solution is a collaboration between 3 Hong Kong, the mobile arm of Hutchison Telecommunications Holdings Ltd., and Citibank Hong Kong. The solution enables contactless payments for amounts up to HK$1,000 per transaction.

Australian schools piloting mobile payment lunch plan

Eight schools in the Australian suburb of Bacchus Marsh are part of what's being called the world's first pilot program to pay for school lunches with mobile phones. The Herald-Sun reports that the QkR system lets parents pay for their...

Chinese ATM network to build NFC-based mobile payment platform

Jetco, the largest automated teller machine network in Hong Kong and Macau, is joining the mobile payments scrum. The South China Morning Post reports that the network will team up with its 30 member banks to build a mobile payment...

Carrier biller Boku opens three offices in Asia Pacific region

The carrier billing and cross-platform mobile payments provider Boku Inc. has opened new offices in Singapore, Sydney and Tokyo, the company announced today, with plans for more offices in the Asia-Pacific region in the coming years. Direct carrier billing allows...

MasterCard will launch NFC mobile wallet in Japan

MasterCard is set to introduce a white-label near field communication mobile wallet service in Japan. The service will integrate C-SAM's MasterCard PayPass contactless payment solution and DNP's flexible and scalable mobile wallet, according to a news release. Beyond contactless payment...

MasterCard chief payments officer discusses overseas opportunities (Video)

In Indonesia and Thailand, more than half of e-commerce transactions are now executed from a mobile device. In South Africa, more than 10 million consumers receive government benefits on a mobile device. Such factoids are hardly breaking news anymore —...

China sees huge spike in mobile device payments during Q2

Year-over-year mobile device payments in China increased nearly threefold in the second quarter, according to China Daily, citing a central bank report.

EBay CEO Donahoe weighs in on future of mobile payments, e-commerce

Imagine you're out for a stroll after dinner and you happen upon a Kate Spade store. A lovely item in the front window catches your eye, but the store is closed.

Report: Advanced mobile payment services can drive revenue for large operators

Operators that invest in advanced mobile payment services, particularly those targeting customers in the developed world, can derive significant revenue over the long run, according to a new report from Pyramid Research. According to Afrique Jet, the report, "From Digital...

Report: China's mobile payments will exceed $1.45T by 2015

Citing a new study by the Internet Society of China, People's Daily Online reports that online payment transactions handled by Chinese mobile payment service providers will exceed 9 trillion yuan, or $1.45 trillion U.S. currency, by 2015. According to the...

Indian electric utility customers can pay with mobile wallet

Beginning Aug. 7, electric consumers in the Indian city of Mumbai will be able to pay their bills through mobile wallets, according to Indian Express.

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