Mobile payments: Can they really be invisible?

John Shapiro, the director of product management for payments for Intuit, discusses how the proliferation of technology and emergence of connected devices have created an opportunity for companies not previously associated with payments to expand their product offering.


The global ascension of direct carrier billing (Part 1)

John BaRoss, who has a long history in the e-commerce industry, discusses how this often overlooked payment method is still a hot commodity for telcos worldwide.

Restaurant industry tentatively embraces emerging mobile technology

Mobile Payments Today Editor Will Hernandez went to the National Restaurant Association Show for the first time to get a look at how restaurants are connecting with the connected consumer.

3 quick takeaways from WWDC regarding Apple Pay

While Apple didn't revamp Apple Pay like some expected, it officially announced its long-rumored entry into the online checkout world.

How device intelligence tech can help FIs comply with key FFIEC mobile security guidelines

In April, the Federal Financial Institutions Examination Council released updated security guidelines for mobile banking and payments. Michael Lynch, the chief strategy officer for InAuth, highlights some important parts of the new document that banks need to keep in mind going forward.

Why omnichannel is a misunderstood buzzword

Marc Castrechini, vice president of product management at Cayan, discusses how the industry should be talking about multichannel instead.

Talking With: Visa digital executive about brand awareness, Pay with Amazon, and the IoT

Mobile Payments Today sat down with Vish Shastry at the Shoptalk conference to discuss Visa Checkout and where the card network plans to take it in the coming year.

Week-old Chick-fil-A app hits No. 1 for iTunes downloads

In case you haven't heard the news, Chick-fil-A has managed to become the No. 1 most downloaded free app on iTunes, not only by announcing the introduction of the new technology last Wednesday, but also by enticing downloads with an...

Spanning the globe with mobile payments

Oren Levy, CEO of Zooz, gives us an overview of what's going on with mobile payments and consumers worldwide.

May 5 for 5: Mobile wallets still finding their way

It's time for a look back at May's most-read articles on Mobile Payments Today.

Talking With: Amazon payments exec on connected experiences, Alexa and the IoT (Part 2)

In part two of our chat with Patrick Gauthier, Mobile Payments Today speaks with him about cart abandonment, Amazon's role in mobile commerce and how the way we pay is changing.

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Vritti The Mobile Payments Guide Edition 4 Mahindra Comviva

We bring you the latest and the freshest developments from the world of telecom and payments, whether it is block-chain technology or internet of things & payments.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Mahindra Comviva

It’s about people: Putting Relationships Back Into Banking

We believe that banks need to see technology as a way of enabling enhanced personal relationships. New technology is not a means of eradicating people, but as a way of enabling and empowering bank staff to do more, and serve customers better. The bank of the future will succeed because it has the very best technology and the very best people.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Auriga

MagneSafe™ Security Architecture

Better protection for cardholders and their personal data

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: MagTek

Magensa Payment Protection Gateway (MPPG)

Makes PCI compliance easier, safer and faster with a flexible and safe way to conduct payment transactions

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: MagTek

Why Haters are Wrong about Loyalty Programs

I talk to a lot of merchants about loyalty programs. I’ve read numerous opinion pieces on the subject as well. Most seem to hit the same talking points: loyalty programs do not create loyalty, they only subsidize the most loyal customers, and any incremental gains will be fleeting as competitors roll out similar programs.

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Mobile Money and Mobile Financial Services @ ATM Networks: The Role of ATM Networks in the “Mobile First” World

This white paper examines the opportunities for financial institutions (FIs) and mobile network operators (MNOs) to generate new revenue streams in the “mobile first” environment, which is becoming a reality in developed and emerging markets.

Type: White Paper

Sponsor: Wincor Nixdorf International

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