Celltick launches real time mobile coupon server

Feb. 26, 2013

Mobile-initiated commerce provider Celltick has launched a real time coupon server and access to its 140 million-user global coupon network. The announcement was made today at Mobile World Congress 2013.

Mobile operators can now leverage Celltick's mobile coupon engine to offer their customers the ability to add mobile couponing to their overall marketing mix.

Using Celltick's real time mobile coupon server and dashboard, merchants and brands can create, control and recalibrate mobile coupon campaigns. The solution allows the user to track performance through the entire lifecycle of a coupon — from validation to redemption.

This, in turn, allows the user to better tailor campaigns and offer value-added services such as loyalty programs to drive traffic.

Features of the real time mobile coupon server and network include the following: 

  • Ability to send mobile coupon campaigns in real time
  • Dashboard interface that lets merchants create, monitor and adjust campaigns
  • Analytics on campaign performance and mobile coupon redemption
  • Mobile coupons redeemed by a single-click-to-coupon through a seamless mobile payments engine
  • Ability to power transactions serving more than 140 million active consumers in more than 25 countries

Additionally, patented technology lets merchants and marketers target consumers with the right goods and services at the right time, the company said.

"Our reach, patented technology and expert targeting allow us to maximize the effectiveness of mobile coupons for far less than our competitors," said Celltick CEO Ronen Daniel. "Our goal is to enable our customers to better target their customers, while giving them the tools and information to deliver the goods and services they want, while establishing a long term relationship."

The Celltick Active lockscreen application also will be used as a vehicle to distribute targeted coupons. The company plans to release an SDK for developers to add mobile-initiated commerce capabilities through their own mobile applications.

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