Greg Coogan / Greg Coogan is the Field Marketing Lead for Morpho Cards USA, and premier provider of secure identity solutions. He has been working on mobile payments since 2005.
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Mobile payments and the identity revolution

At the heart of mobile payments is identity. In a cash based society, identity isn’t a very big concern as everyone’s cash is the same.

MCX takes payments back to the future

When MCX (Merchant Customer Exchange) announced that they were going to launch their own mobile payments platform in 2012, that news reverberated in the American payments market like a shot. Prior mobile payment efforts were impressive thanks to heavyweights like...

Swipe out?

If NFC isn't dead, it's fair to describe it as not feeling very well. The mobile payments industry floats on oceans of hype and buoyed expectations as any industry in its infancy must.

May I see your smartphone and registration please?

If we want mobile wallets, what do we do with our driver's licenses?

BlackBerry World 2012

BlackBerry World 2012 was a surprisingly robust and upbeat affair given the travails of Research in Motion as of late. 2011 was such a disastrous year for the company that it was tempting to speculate that the choice of Waterloo...

Could Apple bring the end of handset subsidies?

Will mobile payments mean no more subsidies and long-term contracts?

Apple iWallet - The giant awakes?

Is Apple getting in the mobile payment game?

Will telcos avoid the dumb pipe trap with mobile payments?

Every February, the mobile industry puts on its finest display of new tech and services at the Mobile World Congress, which took place this year in Barcelona. If you are addicted to all things mobile, this show is a your...

Apple Payments, or How I stopped worrying and learned to love the uncertainty

When Steve Jobs died in 2011, it was a media event of huge proportions. People and pundits flooded the internet, airwaves and print with testimonials and appreciations of his accomplishments, evoking comparisons to titans of industry like Thomas Edison and...

My issue with issuers

A story about one man's concern for issuers in the mobile payment future.

Policy and Charging Control and Mobile Payments

A primer on PCC and how it works to make mobile payments more reliable on a wireless network.

Is Isis in crisis?

Despite long odds, Isis still has some cards to play.

Mobile Payments Opportunity: The Coupon Coupe

You may have missed an interesting anniversary in 2009: 100 years since the widespread introduction of the coupon. Since then, coupons have been a useful tool for manufacturers who want you to give their products a try, and are willing to give you incentives to do so.

Mobile payments: It's all in the promotion

I have been writing about why I believe mobile payments will eclipse the card-based payment system that dominates the U.S. today.

Drivers for mobile payments part II: Loyalty

If you have been watching the recent press releases from Amazon, Sprint, Microsoft and others, you probably have come to the conclusion that there is a great deal of activity in mobile payments, but precious little clarity as to what...

Consumers ready for their mobile close-up

94% of North Americans are ready for Mobile Payments? Yes, with a big caveat.  You may have read recently that Mobio commissioned a survey of 1085 North Americans to solicit their views on mobile payments. Mobio was interested in learning why, despite nearly ten years of hype, growth in mobile payments was not exactly through the roof.

Prognosis terminal? Will mobile payments kill the credit card terminal?

Are credit card terminals headed for history's dustbin?

Polishing the Apple: Apple waits on NFC

What new rumors about Apple's NFC plans may mean

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