Einar Rosenberg / Einar Rosenberg is a recognized expert in mobile payments who has written multiple papers and spoken internationally on the topics of NFC, RFID, location-based services and Bluetooth. Mr. Rosenberg is currently the CTO of Narian Technologies.
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Mobile payments don't depend on Apple, but Apple will soon depend on mobile payments

As per the last count (and I keep track of this stuff) there are 47 misconceptions, misunderstandings, and myths about Apple when it comes to mobile payments. I’m not going to bore you with all 47, but we can hit the highlights on three which have recently been brought to the forefront.  1.

Should retailers really be concerned with who controls the mobile wallet?

MCX isn’t the first retailer(s) to try either controlling the mobile wallet or creating their own. The question at this point is should they even be concerned.

Why is Isis a big deal?

Contrary to what may be said, Isis is a big deal for mobile payments.

10 things you (and maybe Google!) didn't know Google Wallet can do

On a normal business day I probably have a meeting or call with at least half a dozen companies, and the first thing they think of when I mention NFC is mobile payments. More specifically, they always correlate Google Wallet with NFC.

Apple's victory over Samsung may yet be a win for NFC

Thanks to the recent judgment in Apple's lawsuit against Samsung, next month we could see a potential import ban placed on Samsung on top of the damages awarded to Apple. So how is this a good thing for mobile payments...

Switch to decaf. This isn't the end of NFC.

The partnership between Starbucks and Square won't stop NFC for mobile payments.

Is Apple tipping its NFC hand?

If you look at some of Apple's patents over the last year, you see NFC everywhere.

Apple using Bluetooth for payments: the worst idea

People really think Apple is going with Bluetooth for payments?

Mobile payments: some will succeed, some will fail

Not every use case for mobile payments is destined to be a winner.

Are retailers focusing on the wrong value for mobile in retail locations?

For retail, 2012 is all about mobile, mobile, mobile. But are they doing it all wrong by focusing on something that’s destined to fail? No, I’m not saying mobile phones in consumer's hands, and retailers pushing services onto those phones, will fail.

Mobile payments via SIM card: opportunity or failure right out of the gate?

Is it too late for mobile payments via contactless SIM cards?

Isis should be helping Google, for their benefit

Isis should cooperate with Google and let them do all the heavy lifting

The mobile wallet changes everything for FIs, but not so good for the wallet makers

Financial institutions have big opportunities in mobile wallets, but will the wallets themselves become a commodity?

iPhone on Sprint will make Google Wallet accelerate, even without NFC

Even if it doesn’t include NFC and mobile payments, Apple’s iPhone 5 may still spur mobile payment adoption.

Are Isis and Google really competitors in the mobile wallet biz? Not exactly.

The fight is on between Isis and Google for mobile wallet preeminence. Or is it?

PayPal preaches against NFC, but the devil is in the details

PayPal says it is looking at many technologies, including NFC, then days later its parent company comes out and says NFC is "not for commerce." What does it mean? The devil is in the details.

The economy needs jobs? There are lots of them if you're in mobile payments!

Turn on the news today and the stock market might be doing ok, but the topic on people’s minds is jobs, jobs, and "Hey, where are the jobs?"  I’ve recently learned through a few associates in the industry of something that seems to be a pattern. In May, we saw Google announce its Mobile Wallet.

Forget about the wallet wars; here come the IP wars

As competition heats up for mobile payment market share, the market for mobile payment IP may be heating up too.

There's no such thing as an "alternative mobile payment technology"

Alternative mobile payment technologies? There's only one, no alternatives.

When it comes to mobile payments, the next big bet isn't China or India

While China and India may seem like good markets for mobile payments, the real opportunity may be in Latin America.

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