mFUSION, txtNation's mobile marketing and advertising solution, allows service providers to setup in multiple countries the following type of mobile campaign and messaging services via an online Control Panel:

SMS Alerts & Subscriptions
SMS Billing
Bulk SMS
SMS Chat
SMS Competitions & Quizzes
SMS Data Lists
SMS LBS (Location Based)
SMS Newsletter
SMS Random Response
SMS Reverse Auction
SMS Shouts
SMS Tickets & Coupons
SMS Voting

MMS Alerts & Subscriptions
Bulk MMS
MMS Incoming Content

IVR AudioText
IVR Billing
IVR Chat
IVR Competitions & Quizzes

WAP Billing

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Products and Services

Direct Operator Billing (Direct-to-Bill)

Direct Operator Billing allows for customers to experience true one click mobile billing to make digital transactions. Learn more »

Premium SMS Billing (P-SMS) and Short-Codes

Premium SMS is the billing type associated with paying for content or services on a mobile phone using a Premium Rate SMS message (Reverse Billing) to complete the transaction. Premium SMS is typically achieved using an SMS Short-Code. Learn more »

WAP Billing and PayForIt

WAP Billing allows for the billing of a mobile users mobile phone while they are on a Mobile (WAP) Site and wish to transact. Also known as PayForIt in the UK and several other markets. Learn more »

Transactional SMS (T-SMS)

Transactional SMS enables businesses with fixed product costs, who previously ruled out Premium SMS, to sell to consumers via SMS with revenue share being similar to credit card. T-SMS uses a SMS short-code like Premium SMS. Learn more »

IVR Billing

IVR Billing, also referred to as Premium Rate Phone, is the ability to charge a phone on calling a Premium Rate Phone number. Learn more »

In-App Billing

In-App billing allows for the purchase of digital content while mobile customers are 'inside' the application. A popular method of payment in games and other mobile applications where the customer can buy the digital content seamlessly. Learn more »

JunglePay - Mobile Payment and Online Billing Solution

JunglePay is an Award-Winning Mobile Payment and Online Billing Solution for Web Sites, Mobile Sites and Applications that require a payment solution to monetize their content or services. Mobile Billing, IVR Billing and Credit Card payments are part of JunglePay. Learn more »

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