Mobile wallets: Moving from early adopters to followers

Kristen Gramigna, CMO for BluePay, examines the consumer mobile wallet adoption problem.

The Starbucks mobile wallet: Will fantasy become reality?

Mobile Payments Today Editor Will Hernandez believes robust rewards could help such an initiative take off.

App overload: mobile payments adding convenience or confusion?

Ron Herman, Founder & CEO of Sionic Mobile, urges mobile-payment app providers to focus on the customer experience first.

Apple in payments: Bluetooth edition

Cherian Abraham from Experian Global Consulting examines how Apple might enable payments at the point-of-sale in the next iPhone.

Mobile wallets: will value actually drive adoption?

Consumer adoption of mobile wallets continues to be held back by legacy point-of-sale systems and competing payment standards even though they provide an excellent payment experience for consumers.

Leave my physical wallet at home? No thanks

Mobile Payments Today Editor Will Hernandez addresses one particular marketing issue that is backfiring on mobile wallet providers.

Apple in payments: a disruptor's dilemma

Cherian Abraham, who is the mobile commerce and payments lead at Experian Global Consulting, dives into what we could see happen in the next iPhone.

Mobile is threatening to end POS terminals at restaurants

Noah Glass, Founder and CEO of Olo, believes mobile ordering will one day change this particular industry.

M-Pesa: big in Africa, bigger in Europe?

Tomasz Krajewski, head of commerce at eLeader, discusses the conditions needed in a country for Vodafone to find success with its mobile payment system.

Is real-time fast enough for banking information?

ACI Worldwide's Mark Ranta thinks FIs should take it to another level.

In mobile payments, iOS is king

Android might have the market share, but consumers spend more with Apple's system.

Bitcoin: The Future of Currency? [infographic]

Top bank industry executives are all talking about Bitcoin’s threat to legacy payments systems, once they understand how it works. Will Bitcoin be the future of currency?

Have the mobile wallet wars ended?

Remember the not-too-distant past when all of the talk in our industry was around who would win the mobile wallet war? Would it be the banks, the merchants or the third party providers? In the battle for supremacy, fast forward...

Out of Africa: Why NFC will fail and simplicity will be the winner

Despite the much publicized consumerization of IT and the growing domination of mobile in the online world, progress with mobile payments always seems pretty slow. Sure, we see high growth numbers but from a low user base.

Want to connect with customers? Think mobile first. [infographic]

Most Americans now own a smartphone and are using them to shop and eat out.

Credit Breaches Fueling EMV Fire

The high-profile information breaches that recently occurred have the consuming public in an uproar over fraud and identity protection – and not without good reason. While the potential for mayhem and damages emanating from these breaches may be incalculable at...

Apple will change consumers' behavior about contactless mobile payments

No matter what you think of Apple and its products, you cannot deny the fact the company changes consumers' behavior. And it will do the same for mobile payments one way or the other. A couple of weeks ago I spoke with Dr.

No widespread mobile ticketing a glaring omission

For as much energy as this industry spends on the mobile payments hype machine, we tend to forget the smartphone can solve minor issues that can result in better consumer experiences. Mobile ticketing is one area most companies choose not...

The Philippines is ripe for mobile remittances

Filipinos and mobile share a special relationship. With a mobile penetration of over 100 percent, almost everyone in the country has a mobile device.

Mobile payments should be fun

Ask yourself, what are the most popular mobile apps out there? Now let's have a little experiment. Ask your friends if you can have a look at the apps installed on their mobile devices.

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