Mobile technology and the end of the cash register

Feb. 20, 2013

Ever since Apple introduced roaming retail associates in its stores, all equipped with the tools to complete a transaction on the spot, retailers have foreseen the death of the traditional cash wrap. After all, why force customers to walk to a register if an associate can finish the sale immediately?

Mobile Payments Today's sister site Retail Customer Experience found plenty of companies that want to help polish off the cash wrap at this year's NRF "Big Show" in New York. That's the annual conference where merchants gather to look at the next big thing in retail technology. Based on the number of purveyors of tablet solutions presenting their products at the NRF show, the next big thing" appears to be tablet solutions.

Mobile Payments Today and Retail Customer Experience Contributing Editor Cherryh Butler spoke to a number of companies providing tablet solutions and offered some video highlights. Below are discussions she had with Microsoft, ShopKeep and Zebra.

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