[WEBINAR] Your in-store customer experience starts and ends with your store network

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March 16, 2017
With today’s mobile consumers tapping their devices before they hit a brick-and-mortar or hop online to shop, and while in the shopping environment – whether to search products or price comparison – retailers need to ensure their apps are performing well and that the store network can support the expected in-store digital experience.
The key element to all that is knowing how to allocate and resource bandwidth and making sure the store network is not only providing the experience but providing it in an effective strategy.
“In the end, it comes down to how your applications perform across that store network whether they are customer facing or associate facing,” explains Ricardo Belmar, senior director, worldwide enterprise product marketing at InfoVista.
During this one-hour presentation Belmar offers tips and advice, including: 


·        How today’s retailer must deliver an in-store experience as good as or better than online


·        How retailer scan ensure store networks and system can support emerging mobile technologies (including tablets for customer service and mobile pay) as well as everything from video display marketing to Internet of Things applications


·        Tips to help today’s retailers implement and support the needed connectivity and application performance management needed to deliver the experience their customers, and associates, want.



Meet the panelists

Ricardo Belmar
Senior Director for WorldWide Enterprise Product Marketing

Ricardo is the Senior Director for Worldwide Enterprise Product Marketing at InfoVista. In this role, Belmar develops market positioning and strategy for InfoVista's enterprise solutions globally leveraging his more than 20 years or IT industry experience. 

Judy Mottl
Editor, RetailCustomerExperience.com
Networld Media Group

Judy Mottl is an experienced editor, reporter and blogger who has worked for top media including AOL, InformationWeek and InternetNews. She’s written everything from breaking news to in-depth trends.

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