[WEBINAR] ATM management and total cost of ownership: Insights and action plans

[WEBINAR] ATM management and total cost of ownership: Insights and action plansPublication Type:

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Managing an ATM network can be complex and costly, particularly when it comes to device monitoring, cash management, compliance and hardware maintenance. But here’s the bottom line: If your network isn’t consistently available at peak demand times, you ultimately need to include lost customers in your calculations.
So how do you balance cost efficiency with customer demand? Should you outsource network management or bring it in-house? How are other institutions doing it?

Download this webinar to gain essential insights into these and other issues from financial institutions and ATM deployers polled in Fiserv’s Global ATM Total Cost of Ownership survey. 

You'll learn:
  • Which operational challenges are most urgent to solve.
  • What metrics matter for vendor and network performance.
  • How to improve availability and meet customer service expectations.
  • How to identify and implement best practices in vendor, device and cash management.

Meet the panelists

David Johnson
Product Manager 

David Johnson has more than 18 years of international ATM solutions experience, including roles in IT management, operations, marketing and product management. He is currently responsible for Fiserv software solutions for ATM Management that are used by large banks, ATM operators and managed services providers globally. 

Suzanne Cluckey
Editor, ATM Marketplace
Networld Media Group

Suzanne Cluckey is an award-winning writer with an extensive background in publishing, advertising, and marketing, corporate communications, and radio and television production.

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