Smart ATMs: Getting the Most from Your ATMs

Smart ATMs: Getting the Most from Your ATMsPublication Type:
White Paper

Published / Updated:
July 13, 2016

Are banks getting the most from their ATMs?

Many institutions fail to take full advantage of the existing ATM infrastructure, though ATMs will continue to be the primary interface between people and their banks. Ensuring that this “old-fashioned” channel provides better customer experience is vital and can be done through Smart ATMs.

Auriga, the Italian banking software company, has explained why the UK stands to reap the benefits of Smart ATMs. Not only will they deliver improved customer services but also drive greater customer loyalty whilst cutting costs for providers.

As bank branch numbers decline, banks are increasingly using Smart ATMs to make up for the loss of services from counter staff, such as cheque deposit and cash recycling. 

Download this white paper by Auriga to learn more.



Auriga is a software solutions company, specialized in end-to-end systems that integrate the various delivery channels used in retail banking.

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