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Mobile Payments - Billions of Phones, Billions of Customers

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White Paper

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Feb. 26, 2015

Enables online merchants and game developers to receive mobile (micro)payments and convert mobile phone users into paying customers.

  • High ease of use when buying digital items: gaming credits, social networking features and other micropayments.
  • Purchases are charged directly to a customers’ mobile bill, requiring no registration or software download.
  • Seamless integration, best flows for end users – web widget, Android and Windows phone libraries, In-app Plugins, Payment API.
  • Not only supports direct carrier billing but also other mobile payment options – mWallets, top up cards, ¥Coins virtual currency created for the Japan market.


Infobip / Centili

Centili is a direct carrier billing service provide for operators, online businesses, app developers and digital content merchants, offering most convenient user experience and the most advanced billing technology.

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