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Mobile Payment Strategies and Utility Companies

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White Paper

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Sept. 12, 2013

TIO Networks recently surveyed a number of their Utility and Service Companies to understand their thoughts on and plans for launching a mobile bill payment application.

  • The e-billing and remittance industry is moving faster and becoming more innovative each day. Previously, financial institutions,retailers, billers, payment processors and technology providers have heavily invested in online bill payment options.
  • More recently however, while the numbe rof people that own home computers is on a steady decline, the number of peoplewith mobile phones is on the rise. Therefore, people are increasingly turning to their phone to do more things traditionally done on a personal computer.


In order to better serve our utility company customers and partners, it is necessary to continually understand their needs and expectations and hesitations when it comes to mobile bill payments specifically.

TIO Networks Corp.

TIO Networks is the leading multi-channel expedited bill payment processor serving the largest Telecom, Wireless, Cable and Utility bill issuers in North America.

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