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Carrier Billing in Latin America: 2017

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White Paper

Published / Updated:
May 17, 2017

With low bank account and payment cards ownership in all Latin American markets, carrier billing has grown to be among the top 3 payment methods for digital content across Latin America. Combined with a growing ownership of smartphones and disposable income (as witnessed also in significant growth of revenue per user), carrier billing is an excellent method of generating additional revenue from Latin America.

From this report, you will find a high-level overview of the digital ecosystem in each country. Additionally, we provide data on carrier billing in the country: money spent per user on digital services as well as pricing dynamics of the market which help you fine-tune your monetization strategy. Payments data is based on merchants using Fortumo’s Web SDK.


Fortumo is a mobile payments company that enables direct carrier billing with more than 350 mobile operators in 90+ countries to over 130,000 merchants. Fortumo's payment products work across a wide range of platforms including desktop devices, smartphones, feature phones, tablets and smart TV-s. 

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