[WEBINAR] Faster, Smarter, Cheaper: Top 7 Customer Experience Hacks for Retail

In this webinar, learn the top retail hacks to unlocking delightful experiences that bring shoppers back for more. Download now!

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Carrier Billing to 2020 – Looking to the Future of Carrier Billing

Carrier Billing has massive potential as a revenue stream for both Mobile Operators and content providers. Carrier Billing is a huge growth market, set to be worth over $25bn by 2020 with no signs of levelling off according to a report by Ovum.

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cGate - Direct Mobile Billing Platform

cGate is a highly scalable and flexible payments gateway, integrating with any MNO system to provide a complete technical and business package covering all dimensions of direct carrier billing.

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Grow your business with Direct Carrier Billing

Centili direct carrier billing platform helps you monetize by designing top converting payments flows that enable developers and mobile network operators a seamless introduction of multiple carrier billing flows across 80 countries. Integration of direct carrier billing helps companies monetize over web, mobile web and in-app payments

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Infographic: Think Mobile First

The impact of mobile on the retail and restaurant industries continues to grow. This infographic gives the key data points to explain why mobile is an investment worth making.

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Connecting Customers with Customers

Need a step change or just a step forward? Capture your audience and unlock your existing network assets to the API Economy.

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Direct Carrier Billing: The world’s most popular mobile payment

There’s a certain assumption about mobile payments, namely that it’s not really happening yet. But that overlooks direct carrier billing.

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Infographic: The High Stakes World of Mobile Payments

Many companies are going "all-in" for a share of the global mobile payments market. This infographic illustrates the players in the game and what's at stake.

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Market Overview of Authentication Solutions

Get the latest Forrester Market Overview on today's authentication solutions. Included in this assessment is Jumio's Netverify solution as the sole “3rd generation” solution suitable for enrollment and verification.

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Social Commerce: The New Internet Frontier

People have been recommending products to friends through social media for years, but social commerce will give users the opportunity to make direct, one-click purchases of recommended items.

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Absa Bank brings mobile banking to the masses

Building on its BASE24-eps® payments platform, Absa Bank has added mobile phone banking to its portfolio of retail banking services and has dramatically extended the reach of its banking services in South Africa. CashSend™ makes it easier to send cash...

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Take market share and create new revenue with ACI

ACI Universal Online Banker™ is powered by rich and flexible integration with financial institutions’ systems and operations. By leveraging ACI’s Universal Payments™ approach to deliver integration between feature-rich channel solutions and the payments and banking systems they interact with, financial...

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