Idemia and JCP partner to launch Google Pay in Japan

Idemia, an augmented identity company, has partnered with JCB, an international payments provider, to launch Google Pay in Japan. The partnership will allow JCB credit, debit and prepaid cardholders to make contactless mobile payments with their Google Pay mobile wallet,...

Helios Investment Partners acquires majority stake in TPay direct carrier billing firm

Helios Investment Partners, which claims to be the leading Africa-focused private investment firm, has acquired a 76 percent stake in TPay, a direct carrier billing provider in the Middle East and North Africa region, according to a press release. Helios...

Rivetz preps new blockchain mobile security

Rivetz, a company that specializes in decentralized cybersecurity, will demonstrate its latest blockchain-based mobile security product at Mobile World Congress Americas this week in San Francisco, according to a press release. The product, called Dual Roots of Trust, leverages protections...

Fortumo expands direct carrier billing partnership with Spotify

Direct carrier billing company Fortumo is expanding its partnership with Spotify in southeast Asia, with an emphasis in Indonesia and Thailand. Fortumo is working with the telco company Telkomsel in Indonesia while its partnerships in Thailand include AIS and DTAC,...

Marvel Media partners with SLA Digital to expand international reach with carrier billing

Marvel Media is partnering with SLA Digital to extend their carrier billing coverage across the Middle East and Asia, according to a press release. Established in 2010, Marvel Media is focused on providing mobile entertainment services to their customers with...

Fortumo launches direct carrier billing with four Swedish telcos

Fortumo has launched direct carrier billing and SMS messaging in Sweden, according to a press release. More than 9 million subscribers of Telia, Tele2, Telenor and Tre can now make payments for digital content including app stores, streaming services and...

Colombian farmers set to pilot mobile wallet

Three companies are coming together in Columbia to test a mobile wallet project in the country, according to a press release. The project will focus on leveraging the ubiquity of mobile phones in Colombia to extend digital financial services to...

Safaricom opposes proposed tax hike on mobile money transfers in Kenya

Safaricom CFO Sateesh Kamath said Monday that the company firmly opposes a proposed tax hike on mobile phone transfers that the Kenyan government wants to impose to help raise revenues, according to a Reuters report. "Increased excise duty on mobile...

3 companies team up to deliver real-time mobile digital payments between Botswana and Zimbabwe

Orange Money Botswana and EcoCash earlier this year launched a partnership to enable better and more affordable access to digital money transfers between Zimbabwe and Botswana. The service now enables Zimbabwean diaspora, living in Botswana, to use their Orange Money...

Smart bike sharing company enables Fortumo's messaging platform

China-based Mobike, which describes itself as a smart bike sharing company, announced it is now using Fortumo's messaging platform to authenticate users and share service-related messages through SMS in more than 15 countries, according to a press release. Mobike said...

Bango launches direct carrier billing with Entel in Chile

Bango has announced that millions of Entel subscribers in Chile are now able to pay using their phone bill for the massive array of content and services sold in Google Play, including Minecraft, Tinder and Google Play Music, according to...

Fortumo connects with Norway MNO for direct carrier billing

Mobile operator Telia Norway (part of Telia Group) and mobile technology company Fortumo have launched direct carrier billing for Google Play. More than 2 million Telia Norway subscribers can now pay for content from the app store by charging purchases...

Playwing signs with SLA Digital for direct carrier billing

Independent game developer and publisher Playwing is teaming up with SLA Digital to enable direct carrier billing payments for their gaming platform across the Middle East and Asia, according to a press release. Playwing launched its service with SLA Digital...

SLA Digital inks pact with Telenor Group for direct carrier billing

Direct carrier biller SLA Digital and Telenor Group, one of the world's largest mobile telecommunications service providers, have signed a global framework agreement making SLA Digital a delivery agent for digital content to a number of Telenor subsidiaries across Europe...

SLA Digital partners with Vuclip to enable carrier billing across emerging markets

SLA Digital has partnered with Vuclip, a premium video-on-demand service provider for emerging markets, to make Vuclip's Viu service available to more customers via carrier billing, according to a press release. "This exciting partnership with Vuclip enables us to expand...

Fortumo partners with Apigate to launch content services in Cambodia

Fortumo and Apigate, a subsidiary of Axiata Digital, have partnered to launch content services in Cambodia via Smart Axiata's direct carrier billing API, according to a press release. This collaboration will enable Smart subscribers to purchase digital content and games...

RGK Mobile signs direct carrier billing agreement with Axiata Digital in Asia

Axiata Digital, through its API gateway service called APIGate, is partnering with RGK Mobile to help integrate two of its major carriers in the region, according to a press release. RGK Mobile will work with Axiata Digital to launch new...

Docomo Digital partners with Safaricom to launch Google Play purchases via M-Pesa

Docomo Digital has partnered with Safaricom to give customers the option to pay for content on the Google Play Store using M-Pesa, according to a press release. The integration, which is powered by Docomo Digital's mobile commerce enabling platform using...

PayKey brings mobile experience tool to mobile operators

PayKey, which calls itself a social banking product provider, has launched its Social Telco product and Mobile Smart Keyboard, which will be demoed during next week's Mobile World Congress 2018, according to a press release. At the core of PayKey's...

Fortumo launches carrier billing with Deutsche Telekom in Slovakia

The mobile operator group Deutsche Telekom and mobile technology company Fortumo have announced the launch of direct carrier billing in Slovakia, according to a press release. Some 2 million Telekom Slovakia subscribers can now make payments in app stores, games...

Bango partners with Netflix for direct carrier billing in Mexico

Bango has partnered with Netflix to launch carrier billing for Netflix subscriptions in Mexico, according to a press release. Customers who sign up to Netflix can now pay using their pre- or post-paid mobile phone bill. Enabled by Bango, carrier...

Myanmar MNO signs carrier billing deal with Fortumo

Ooredoo Myanmar, a telecom provider in Myanmar, has announced a direct carrier billing partnership with Fortumo, according to a press release. All Ooredoo customers can now make payments for digital content including app stores, streaming services and games by charging...

Bango expands carrier billing for Windows Store and Xbox One across Europe, US

Bango has expanded the availability of direct carrier billing for Windows Store and Xbox One to over 200 million subscribers across Europe and the U.S., according to a press release. European launches for Windows 10 carrier billing through the Bango Platform include EE in the UK, Base in Belgium and 3 in Italy.

Fortumo launches messaging platform to strengthen direct carrier billing services

Direct carrier billing company Fortumo has launched a global messaging platform to enhance the company's products, according to a press release. The platform will give merchants the ability to reach consumers through messaging in more than 100 countries. "Fortumo has...

Bango links with Nigeria MNO for direct carrier billing on Google Play

Bango announced it has launched direct carrier billing for Google Play users with mobile operator 9mobile in Nigeria, according to a press release. Through the 9mobile 9pay wallet, customers in Nigeria can pay media, games, apps and digital content in...

Bango extends carrier billing for Amazon customers in Japan

Bango is expanding direct carrier billing availability to Japanese customers of Amazon Prime and Prime Student membership programs following the launch of direct carrier billing for Amazon retail customers in Japan earlier this year. Amazon customers with an NTT DOCOMO...

Bango brings direct carrier billing to Egypt

Bango is expanding its operations in Africa via a partnership with Victory Link in Egypt.

Onebip partners with SLA Digital for direct carrier billing in the Middle East

Onebip is partnering with SLA Digital to extend direct carrier billing coverage in the Middle East for their portfolio of content partners, according to a press release. The partnership is now live in the UAE, with plans to further leverage...

Fortumo links with Austrian MNO for carrier billing

Mobile payments company Fortumo and the mobile operator A1 Telekom Austria AG have announced a direct carrier billing partnership, according to a press release. A1 Telekom Austria AG subscribers can now make payments for digital goods, inside games and with...

Safaricom expands availability of M-Pesa NFC product

Safaricom has announced the availability of M-Pesa 1Tap in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret and Nyeri after what the company calls a successful four-month trial, according to a press release. M-Pesa 1Tap is supposed to be faster way to pay with...

Fortumo, Orange extend direct carrier billing to Egypt

Mobile payments company Fortumo and mobile operator group Orange have announced the launch of direct carrier billing in Egypt, according to a press release. More than 30 million Orange subscribers in the country can now make payments on app stores,...

Middle Eastern video provider links with Fortumo for direct carrier billing

Video-on-demand platform Telly and mobile payments company Fortumo have announced a partnership for direct carrier billing that gives consumers that subscribe to the service the ability to charge payments directly to their monthly phone bill or deduct payments from their...

Telcoms test Softbank's blockchain tech for payments

Japan-based SoftBank Corp., U.S.-based Sprint Corp., Taiwan-based Far EasTone Telecommunications Co. Ltd.

Fortumo brings another Vietnamese carrier online with carrier billing

Mobile operator Vinaphone and Fortumo have launched direct carrier billing on Google Play in Vietnam, according to a press release. Twenty million Vinaphone subscribers in Vietnam can pay for apps and in-app content in the Google Play store using their...

Apple continues to quietly roll out direct carrier billing option for digital content

Apple is continuing to quietly roll out a direct carrier billing for Apple Music, iTunes and other Apple purchases outside the U.S. and recently added the payment option in three more countries, according to a report from Apple Insider. Carrier...

Study: Sub-Sahara Africa driving global market for mobile money

Sub-Saharan Africa accounts for more than half of all mobile money deployments worldwide and is pioneering a range of new mobile money use cases, according to new GSMA data. The latest State of Mobile Money in Sub-Saharan Africa presentation, made...

Safaricom combats M-Pesa fraud with photo IDs

Safaricom is attempting to overcome some recent fraud issues with its popular mobile money service, M-Pesa, the old-fashioned way: checking photo IDs. Safaricom has told local news publications that it recently distributed some 25,000 pre-programmed smartphones to mobile money agents...

Tola Mobile to provide direct carrier billing for Xbox, PlayStation in UK

U.K.-based direct carrier biller Tola Mobile has announced a collaboration with Phonovation, an interactive SMS and voice services company, that enables gamers to instantly purchase Xbox and PlayStation games, season passes and gift cards via their mobile phone account. Gamers...

Huawei partners with WorldRemit to boost mobile money in Africa

Digital money transfer service WorldRemit and Huawei have announced a partnership to make WorldRemit's international money transfer service available to all partners of Huawei's mobile money service platform across Africa. The partnership, which was announced at the GSMA Mobile 360...

Boku expands Microsoft direct carrier billing connections

Boku and Microsoft are set to introduce three new markets in their ever-expanding direct carrier billing relationship. Starting today, Orange mobile subscribers in Romania and Spain will be able to use direct carrier billing as a payment option on Windows...

Safaricom plans upgrade to M-Pesa

Safaricom announced that over the next three weeks it will conduct a major upgrade of the popular M-Pesa platform, according to a press release from the company. This will be the third major upgrade since M-Pesa's launch 10 years ago,...

Polish digital games marketplace launches direct carrier billing with Fortumo

Digital games marketplace Kinguin, mobile operator Orange and mobile payments company Fortumo have announced the launch of hosted direct carrier billing in Poland. Kinguin can now collect payments from customers using the most advanced features of carrier billing — including...

Bango enables direct carrier billing for Amazon customers in Japan

Bango announced that it has enabled a new payment method for Amazon customers in Japan. Amazon customers with a KDDI or NTT Docomo mobile phone account can now pay for physical goods from by charging the cost to their...

Centili subscription-based direct carrier billing live in Indonesia

Centili recently announced partnerships with three Indonesian telecom companies to enable direct carrier billing for subscription-based services, according to a press release. Centili said in the announcement that Indonesia has one of the fastest growing digital populations in Asia with...

Vodafone transfers 35 percent interest in Safaricom to Vodacom

Vodafone Group PLC announced earlier this month that its wholly owned subsidiary, Vodafone International Holdings B.V., has agreed to transfer part of its indirect shareholding in Safaricom Ltd. to Vodacom Group Ltd., its sub-Saharan African subsidiary. Based on the agreed...

Malaysian MNO launches Google Play carrier billing with Fortumo

Mobile payments company Fortumo and Webe, a Malaysian digital mobility services provider and subsidiary of Telekom Malaysia Berhad, have announced the launch of direct carrier billing on the Google Play app store, according to a press release. The partnership will...

Boku brings carrier billing to Windows 10 with Canadian MNO

Telus, one of Canada's largest mobile carriers, has launched a new integration with Microsoft to bring carrier billing to Windows 10 users throughout Canada thanks to a partnership with Boku, according to a company announcement. As part of the integration...

Fortumo launches new hosted direct carrier billing service for digital content providers

Fortumo has announced the launch of hosted direct carrier billing, a new payment product that enables any digital content merchant to use the most advanced features of direct carrier billing, including dynamic pricing, two-step and token-based charging, and recurring payments...

Fortumo debuts carrier billing in 3 African nations

Fortumo has expanded its carrier billing services to three new African markets, according to a press release. More than 79 million mobile phone owners in Algeria, Ghana and Tanzania now have the ability to make payments for digital services. "Africa's...

TerraPay continues global expansion with mobile remittances to Tanzania

TerraPay, a mobile-first international payment network, has obtained regulatory approval from the Bank of Tanzania to launch international money transfer services to mobile wallets in Tanzania. This means that TerraPay partners all over the world can send funds directly to...

Smartfren and Bango launch Google Play carrier billing

Direct carrier billing company Bango has announced that Smartfren, an Indonesian mobile network operator, has used the Bango platform to launch one-click carrier billing payment for Google Play customers. This launch is the 15th app store carrier billing activation through...

TNS launches multi-carrier wireless roaming solution for payment devices in North America

Transaction Network Services, a payments processing provider, has expanded its global wireless access product across North America for processors, ISOs and device manufacturers, according to a press release. GWA utilizes a PCI DSS certified infrastructure to deliver a multi-carrier, roaming...

Mobifone, Fortumo launch carrier billing on Google Play

Vietnamese mobile operator Mobifone and mobile payments company Fortumo have launched carrier billing on Google Play, according to a press release. More than 25 million Mobifone subscribers can now purchase apps and in-app content from the app store and charge...

Study: Cellular IoT device growth will hit 530M by 2022

New Berg Insight research predicts cellular Internet of Things device shipments will hit 530.1 million by 2022, with an annual growth rate of 22.7 percent. That's a healthy jump from 155.6 million units shipped in 2016, noted a press release...

Centili expands direct carrier billing partnerships in Australia

Direct carrier billing company Centili recently expanded its reach worldwide, thanks to new and extended operator partnerships, according to a press release. Centili's recent partnerships with Optus and Telstra in Australia give the company access to some 19 million potential...

Docomo Digital links with Spainish mobile parking app for carrier billing

Docomo Digital has partnered with the popular Spanish mobile ticket app e-Park to enable customers of the country's three largest mobile carriers to buy parking tickets via direct carrier billing, a first for Europe, according to a press release. The...

Pakistani video service launches direct carrier billing with Fortumo

Direct carrier billing company Fortumo and streaming platform Spellfix have announced the launch of a carrier billing partnership in Pakistan. Fortumo said in a press release that Spellfix is the only movie streaming service in Pakistan offering pay-per-view for the...

MasterCard mimics direct carrier billing model with new Veon pact

MasterCard has announced a new business relationship with Veon, a communications provider, that will bring Masterpass to the new Veon platform. Veon provides voice, fixed broadband, data and digital service to approximately 235 million customers in 12 markets. As part...

Mobile Payments Today seeks editorial contributors, bloggers

Mobile Payments Today is seeking editorial content in 2017 from industry thought leaders in the form of contributed articles and blog posts. We're looking for high-level thought leadership pieces that are free of a marketing pitch. Submissions should be between...

Mobile Payments Today publishes new mobile app guide

One of the bigger trends to emerge in 2016 was how payments became a larger focus for retailers as they attempt to keep customers within their app for the entire shopping experience. To that end, Mobile Payments Today is proud...

Malaysian MNO adds direct carrier billing with Docomo partnership

Malaysia mobile operator U Mobile has partnered with Docomo Digital to give customers the option of purchasing Google Play Store content using direct carrier billing, according to a press release. U Mobile will use Docomo's full payment enabler platform to add the new feature.

Fortumo provides Google Play direct carrier billing to Vietnamese MNO

Vietnamese mobile operator Vietnamobile (part of Hutchison Asia Telecom Group) and direct carrier billing company Fortumo have announced the launch of direct carrier billing in the Google Play app store. Thanks to the partnership, more than 10 million Vietnamobile subscribers...

Boku expands carrier billing to Windows 10 devices on Orange France

Boku has extended an agreement with Microsoft to bring direct carrier billing to all Windows 10 devices on Orange France, including Windows phones, Surface tablets, PCs and laptops, according to a press release. As part of the expanded integration with...

Info2cell expands direct carrier billing connections in partnership with SLA Digital

SLA Digital and Info2cell have partnered to bring direct carrier billing to more of their customers, according to a press release. Info2cell is one of the largest mobile application developers in the Middle East and North Africa with connections to...

Boku provides direct carrier billing in Japan for Spotify

Boku has announced that direct carrier billing subscriptions for music streaming service Spotify, which launched in Japan in September, are now available across the country's three largest carriers, according to a press release. In partnership with KDDI, Softbank and NTT...

Telenor, Fortumo extend direct carrier billing partnership to Hungary and Bulgaria

Fortumo and mobile operator Telenor have launched a direct carrier billing partnership in Hungary and Bulgaria, according to a press release. Starting today, more than 6 million subscribers of Telenor in the two markets will be able to make payments...

WorldRemit links with MTN mobile money accounts in Cameroon

Digital money transfer service WorldRemit has launched instant overseas remittances to MTN mobile money accounts in Cameroon, according to a press release. With the WorldRemit app or website, the Cameroon diaspora can send secure money transfers directly to the phones...

Spotify expands carrier billing in Asia with Fortumo

Spotify has expanded direct carrier billing availability in Asia thanks to a partnership with Fortumo. As part of this partnership, Fortumo has introduced a carrier billing program specifically for Spotify users in Indonesia and Philippines. "Asia leads the growth of...

Ericsson, Vodafone M-Pesa partner on water payments in Africa

Ericsson announced that it has partnered with Vodafone's M-Pesa in an effort to simplify mobile money payments and cash collection between M-Pesa and businesses, according to a press release. The first deployment under the deal will connect M-Pesa with the...

SLA Digital brings direct carrier billing to Middle Eastern video streaming service

ICFLIX, an internet streaming service serving the Middle East and North Africa, is partnering with SLA Digital to deliver direct carrier billing to more customers in the Middle East, according to a press release. Founded in 2013, ICFLIX is a...

Bango brings direct carrier billing to Microsoft Windows Store

Bango announced that it has expanded the availability of direct carrier billing for Microsoft Windows Store. For the first time, users in Finland, Norway and Hungary can make purchases from any Windows 10 device, including their Xbox One consoles, using...

Boku raises $13.75M in new funding to bolster direct carrier billing services

Boku last week announced it secured $13.75 million in venture funding to expand carrier billing across numerous carrier connections in developed and emerging markets worldwide, according to a press release. Several of Boku's existing venture investors from Silicon Valley have...

Boku extends direct carrier billing for Windows Store to UK, Italy

Boku has announced an expansion of its service that will bring direct carrier billing to Windows Store customers in the U.K. and Italy, according to a company press reelase. As part of a Microsoft integration with Boku, Windows 10 customers...

Mobile Payments Today releases new Mobile Wallet Comparison Guide

Choosing the right mobile wallet can be tricky and time consuming, but we've done the research for you! The 2016 Mobile Wallet Comparison Guide gathers in one spot a compendium of the industry's top mobile wallets, compiling their differing capabilities...

Fortumo brings direct carrier billing to Indonesia

Fortumo and Indonesia's leading digital telco, Indosat Ooredoo, today announced the launch of direct carrier billing. The partnership will enable 69.8 million Indosat Ooredoo subscribers to make online payments by charging purchases to their mobile account without the need to...

Mobile Embrace expands direct carrier billing into Norway

Mobile commerce company Mobile Embrace has expanded its international direct carrier billing operations into Norway through a new agreement with Telenor Digital, according to a Mobile Embrace press release. "[Mobile Embrace's] direct carrier billing operations continue to expand rapidly," Chris...

Direct carrier biller Dimoco acquires Hungarian SMS service

Dimoco, a direct carrier billing services provider, has announced the acquisition of the premium SMS business of Telekom New Media, a subsidiary of Magyar Telekom, a leading Hungarian telecommunications service provider. "With our recent acquisitions of businesses in France, Greece...

Deutsche Telekom connects Fortumo for direct carrier billing

Fortumo has launched direct carrier billing with the European mobile operator group Deutsche Telekom. The Czech Republic, with 6 million subscribers of T-Mobile, is the first market Fortumo will connect to its platform, according to a company press release. Overall,...

Fortumo, Orange direct carrier billing pact launches first in Poland

Fortumo and the mobile operator group Orange have announced a direct carrier billing partnership that covers 29 markets in which Orange operates, according to a press release. Poland is the first country that will see the benefits of the new...

UK consumers can use mobile numbers to buy concessions at entertainment venues

Verteda, a U.K.-based company that provides IT products to sports and entertainment venues, has announced that consumers using its Qjacker mobile mobile app to oder food and beverages at stadiums and arenas can charge purchases to their phone bill thanks...

Fortumo expands reach in Asia with Indonesia partnership

Fortumo and PT Hutchison 3 Indonesia, owner of the GSM provider 3 ("Tri"), have announced the launch of direct carrier billing in Indonesia. The partnership will allow 55.5 million Tri subscribers to make online purchases and have them charged to...

DIMOCO buys Onebip for direct carrier billing services

Direct carrier billing company DIMOCO has announced it has acquired Onebip SpA, a mobile payment company specializing in direct carrier billing services, to enhance its services and European market position, according to a press release. "The combination of Onebip's position...

Bango acquires BilltoMobile's assets from Danal

Bango, a U.K.-based direct carrier biller, announced Monday it has acquired the BilltoMobile carrier billing service and associated contracts from Danal Inc., according to a press release. As a result of the acquisition, Bango is the only processor of carrier...

Fortumo launches direct carrier billing in India with Reliance Communications

Indian mobile operator, Reliance Communications, and mobile payment platform provider Fortumo today announced the launch of direct carrier billing in India. All Reliance Communications customers will be able to make purchases for digital content and games by charging the payments...

Bango launches direct carrier billing in India with Google Play, Idea Cellular

Mobile payments company Bango PLC has implemented direct carrier billing for Google Play on behalf of Idea Cellular in India. For the first time, Android users in India will be able to charge Google Play purchases to their phone bill, a Bango press release said. Idea is the sixth largest mobile operator in the world.

Mobile operators could win $142 billion or lose big by 2020

If mobile operators are able to overcome certain barriers, they could look at a $142 billion spike in revenue by 2020, according to a new report from DOCOMO Digital and Ovum Research, entitled "Mindset changes and stakeholder collaboration are needed...

Fortumo makes push in Africa

The mobile payments company Fortumo today announced it has launched direct carrier billing in three new African markets, according to a company press release. More than 52 million people in Cote d'Ivoire, Ethiopia and Senegal can now make digital payments and have the purchases charged to their mobile phone bill.

SLA Digital makes first Google Play connection for carrier billing

The company said the unnamed operator is using its proprietary Digital Services Platform to launch the service.

Mobile Embrace expands carrier billing in Asia

Mobile Embrace said it will bring StarHub customers mobile-optimized digital products and services, and the ability to pay with direct carrier billing.

Fortumo brings direct carrier billing to Malaysia

Some 12 million subscribers of Digi will be able to make online payments by charging the purchases to their mobile phone bill.

Centili expands direct carrier billing partnerships

The company announced it has been working to bring its 3G/4G one-click billing flow coverage to India, Russia, Thailand and Egypt.

DOCOMO Digital partners with Swisscom for direct carrier billing

MediaShop Group, a TV and online merchant based in Austria, is the first retailer to use DOCOMO Digital direct billing product.

Fortumo partners with Vietnamese carrier for direct billing

Viettel is the first mobile operator in Vietnam to launch mobile payments on Google Play.

Mobile Embrace expands direct carrier billing to UAE

The company has an agreement in place with an unnamed mobile operator in the country.

Hungary-based MNO adds MasterPass to mobile app

Telenor said its mobile app is installed on over 250,000 smartphones.

Direct carrier biller Boku launches new service

Boku Direct enables qualified merchants to integrate carrier billing functionality directly into their billing system.

Danal works with GSMA on mobile identity services

Danal said it is assisting mobile network operators that are currently using indigenous authentication technology to transition to the GSMA's Mobile Connect product.

TeleSign to provide Orange with mobile identity services

The companies said the new partnership brings together TeleSign's portfolio of authentication and mobile identity products with Orange's unique insights about its network and subscribers.

Dutch MNO, bank partner for NFC mobile payments

RoboWallet is compatible with any smartphone that runs on Android version 4.4 or higher.

Mobile Payments Today report shows consumers not ready to embrace change

This year's state-of-the-Industry report contains 50-plus pages of charts, comparison data and actionable advice.

GoSwiff lands mPOS deal with telecom provider

The partnership will cover nine markets including Algeria, Indonesia, Iraq, Kuwait, Myanmar, Maldives, Oman, Qatar and Tunisia.

M-Pesa expands coverage to Uganda

Uganda becomes the third East African country where Safaricom has introduced services through MNO deals.

Mobile Payments Today seeks editorial contributors, bloggers

We're looking for high-level thought leadership pieces that are free of a marketing pitch.

Ghana becomes a force in mobile money

Some 17 percent of Ghana's 27.3 million citizens now have a mobile money account.

Mobile Embrace expands direct carrier billing relationships in Asia

Some 260 million mobile subscribers fall under Axiata's umbrella.

Bango moves forward with direct carrier billing initiative

Bango Boost is intended to help mobile network operators and app stores entice consumers to buy more digital goods.

Apple makes direct carrier billing a reality in Russia

San Francisco-based direct carrier billing company Boku is working with Apple and Beeline in Russia to provide the necessary backend support for the purchases.

Mozido brings NFC mobile wallet services to Indonesia

The company will power Telkomsel's NFC-based TWallet application for its 140 million subscribers, enabling them to tap and pay with their mobile device at participating merchant locations.

Study: India surpasses 500 million unique mobile subscribers

The new report, ‘The Mobile Economy: India 2015’, finds that 13 percent of the world's mobile subscribers reside in India and that subscriber growth is forecast to outperform the regional and global averages over the coming years.

IMImobile, Airtel launch mobile billing merchant service in Africa

The new Airtel Tap2Bill service will enable content providers and merchants to utilize Airtel’s billing infrastructure to charge and bill their customers.

Qatar Airways takes off with M-Pesa

Travellers can book flights either online or at travel agents and use M-Pesa as a payment option.

Direct carrier biller DIMOCO forms new company

DIMOCO Messaging now is an independent, global, telecom carrier-grade A2P (application-to-person) mobile messaging provider with a mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) license.

Fortumo expands Asian carrier billing reach

More than 55 million Vietnamese will soon be able to purchase digital content online and charge payments to their mobile phone bill thanks to a partnership between Fortumo and Viettel.

Mozido powers Deutsche Telekom's new mobile wallet

MyWallet 2.0 enables consumers to pay merchants using their NFC smartphones with credit and debit cards registered in the app.

GSMA: North America leads new mobile tech adoption

A new report highlights that the region has been an early adopter of 4G networks, which are driving considerable growth in mobile data traffic.

Verifone Mobile Money brings NFC mobile payments to Indonesia

Merchants in Indonesia including 7 Eleven, McDonald's, and Wendy's will be equipped to accept NFC mobile payments from the TCash mobile wallet.

Local MNOs contribute more than $100B to Sub-Saharan African economy

The $102 billion economic contribution in 2014 was equivalent to 5.7 per cent of the region's GDP

Philippine MNOs launch carrier billing for Windows Phone Store

More than 70 million customers of Smart and DMPI’s Sun can now charge purchases of apps and games from the Windows Phone Store to their phone bill.

Centili launches browser-based direct carrier billing in South Africa

The service enables consumers to buy online and digital items from mobile Web browsers and charge those purchases to their mobile phone bill.

Japanese coffee chain to allow direct carrier billing for gift card reloads

Ueshima Coffee Co. is partnering with Boku to add the capability.

TransferTo launches mobile remittance hub to connect banks and MNOs for services

TransferTo said the Mobile Money hub launch means that consumers will be able to send funds in real time to mobile money accounts in Africa, Asia and Latin America.

Urban FT announces support for Sprint's Money Express digital wallet

The service will enable Sprint customers to sign up for a Sprint-branded prepaid MasterCard and store it in a digital wallet.

Net mobile AG to power direct carrier billing for Italian MNO

3 Italia is now offering its 10 million subscribers the opportunity to pay for purchases in Google Play as well as Windows Phone Store with direct carrier billing.

Google Play carrier billing comes to Africa

Bango and Telkom South Africa have partnered to launch carrier billing in Google Play, a first for Africa.

Survey participants wanted for 2016 Mobile Payments State of the Industry Report

Mobile Payments Today has released its latest survey for the upcoming 2016 Mobile Payments State of the Industry Report.

Fortumo expands global carrier billing reach with new partnership

A deal with Huawei gives the mobile payments company more coverage, especially in emerging markets.

Boku acquires Italian mobile payment provider

Mobileview Italia was sold by its German parent company, dtms.

Centili signs direct carrier billing deal with major MNOs in Pakistan

The company will work with Mobilink, Telenor, Zong, Ufone, and Warid, which have a combined 136 million subscribers.

Western Union expands services to Rwanda and Ivory Coast

The new service enables MTN customers in both countries to receive a Western Union money transfer transaction in their mobile wallet.

MeaWallet preps mobile payments in the Philippines

ValueCard and MeaWallet have agreed to a strategic partnership to deliver open and closed loop mobile payment services to bank, retailers and MNOs.

Report: Africa leads the way for mobile money services

Several African mobile operators — such as Vodacom Tanzania and MTN Uganda — are now generating more than 10 percent of their revenues from mobile money.

Singapore telco launches mPOS product with CIMB, MasterCard

The M1 mPOS also enables the merchant to track and view all transactions through the mobile app and online Web portal.

Orange chooses Danal for mobile ID services

Danal will provide services such as auto form-filling/checkout and registration, ID check and localization services.

Centili signs agreement with Algerian MNO for carrier billing

Ooredoo Group is a leading international communications company with a customer base of more than 93 million worldwide.

Amsterdam loyalty company links with Onebip for carrier billing

Onebip users can earn kooma looma loyalty points on purchases made through its payment system.

NTT Docomo joins FIDO Alliance

Company is the world's first mobile network operator to deploy FIDO authentication throughout its network.

Boku launches direct carrier billing on Google Play in the Middle East

The partnership gives Zain mobile carrier subscribers the ability to use one-tap mobile payments to purchase games and apps.

Report: Global carrier billing revenue expected to hit $24.7 billion in 2019

The report also reveals that, although the OS app stores will represent the biggest slice of carrier billing revenues by 2019, they accounted for only 14 percent in 2014.

Fortumo signs pact with India-based OEM for carrier billing

Through the agreement, Mitashi can start collecting payments made by users of its smartphones in 88 countries through carrier billing.

Boku launches direct carrier billing with major Taiwanese MNOs

The partnerships offer cross-platform carrier billing capabilities to more than 32 million mobile subscribers in Taiwan.

Western Union enables Skype credit top-up at agent locations

Western Union said in a press release the strategic alliance advances its market leadership in enabling digital age participation by using a walk-in payment product for consumers.

Fortumo adds new carrier billing option for one-day access

Hybrid subscriptions enable merchants to provide access to content on a limited time basis in low-income markets.

CardMobili helps Italian telecom launch new mobile digital service

Telecom Italia said it will conduct an initial pilot trial intended to provide a new digital platform across marketing, loyalty and engagement, and promotions.

Content paid via carrier billing expected to hit $14 billion by 2020

Juniper Research asserts that growth will be fueled by a dramatic rise in carrier billed payments made on devices such as tablets, consoles and smart TVs.

Video Internet provider UPC Hungary chooses DIMOCO for carrier billing

The company will handle UPC Hungary's premium SMS transaction volume whenever consumers use premium SMS to buy their digital content.

Centili reduces size of Android in-app payments library SDK

Centili said in the announcement the SDK size is important because lower-end smartphones don't offer massive storage space.

Visa, Airtel bring mobile payments to 7 African nations

Companies will build on the existing capabilities of Airtel's Mobile Money service, enabling subscribers to use their Airtel Money account to pay in stores and online wherever Visa is accepted.

Emagine enhances real-time mobile marketing

Company offers mobile operators the ability to send marketing messages in real time.

Gemalto, Tapit team to being mobile payments to outdoor media

Companies will give U.K. consumers the ability to to buy digital content by tapping their smartphone on an advertisement that features either an NFC tag, QR code or beacon technology.

Bango intros new direct carrier billing integration

Bango Grid is meant to reduce the time to launch carrier billing routes.

Report: GSMA finds mobile money customers continue to grow

Mobile money is now available in 61 percent of developing markets.

Boku intros new product for streamlined DCB checkout

Phone-on-File is a new cross-platform product that lets consumers store their mobile phone number as a preferred payment method for one-time and subscription purchases.

Fortumo reveals emerging markets payment index

The tool is intended to be used by Web, game and app developers to benchmark their revenue in markets with high smartphone growth and low credit card penetration.

Centili strives to make in-app purchases easier with new offering

Web widget has a new identification feature to streamline future payments on a merchant's website or app.

Budget-friendly smartphone maker chooses Fortumo for DCB

Alcatel OneTouch users in 88 countries can make one-click payments in the App Center app store.

Hong Kong MNO partners with Boku for direct carrier billing services

Subscribers will be able to make purchases on their mobile devices using their mobile phone numbers.

Calpian sees increasing use for mobile money service in India

Money-On-Mobile is a mobile payments service provider that enables Indian consumers to use a mobile phone to pay for goods and services, or transfer funds from one cell phone to another using SMS text.

WorldRemit signs pact with African telecom for mobile transfer services

Partnership enables WorldRemit customers to send remittances instantly to MTN’s Mobile Money customers.

SLA Mobile adds DCB partnership with Rubikomm

Rubikomm, a subsidiary of the well-known European vendor Evisteland, has products installed in more than 15 countries, and works with 25 operators globally, serving over 450 million subscribers.

CallUp releases new SIM management system for MNOs

The product enables cellular operators to manage files and applets on subscribers' SIM cards.

Fortumo debuts in Kenya

Direct carrier biller enables online payments and in-app purchases for more than 18 million Safaricom customers.

Banks, MNO show support for Taiwanese mobile commerce

Some 30,000 retail locations will accept NFC-based system.

Chinese mobile game publisher partners with Fortumo

Developers publishing games on 9Game now have the opportunity to collect additional revenue from up to 83 countries through direct carrier billing.

Bango brings direct carrier billing to Telkom Samsung mobile users

South African MNO customers can purchase applications from Samsung's Galaxy Apps store and charge it directly to their mobile phone bill or airtime.

Fortumo snags billing pact in China

Company will work with Changyou, a digital entertainment company that operates the Mobogenie app store.

Fortumo signs partnership with two smartphone makers

Company's direct carrier billing product will be implemented for payments in the manufacturers' app stores and Fortumo's app catalog will become available for device preloads.

NFC, in-app purchases expected to drive mobile commerce transactions

Apple Pay is expected to drive NFC purchases together with a host of anticipated deployments by banks using solutions based on HCE technology.

Danish telecom JV sells mobile payments division to banks

Swipp said it will launch a new app in 2015 and combine the best technology features from both companies.

Mobile operator costs rise as margins decrease

In an analysis of 12 international operators, Juniper Research found that margins had fallen by an average of 6.4 percent over a three-year period.

Australian telco reveals SIM-based mobile payments

SingTel-Optus has partnered with Visa and Heritage Bank for the new mobile wallet that's funded with a prepaid card.

Trade association set to host mobile payments session in DC

The Merchants Payments Coalition wants to educate Congress members and their staffs about upcoming innovations in payments.

Mahindra Comviva links two Tanzanian MNOs through mobile money

The service enables customers to send and receive money directly between the mobile money accounts of Airtel Money and Tigo Pesa.

GSMA publishes Code of Conduct for MNOs

The trade group has outlined common practices for companies who serve as mobile money providers.

Infobip touts data protection certification

Company used recent investments to enhance its security efforts.

Samsung signs with Bango for direct carrier billing

Bango will provide carrier billing, collection and settlement for digital content such as games, e-books, music and videos purchased through the Samsung Galaxy Apps store.

DIMOCO lands in Turkey for DCB

Company will work with AVEA, Turkcell and Vodafone.

Fortumo flies into physical goods with Angry Birds plush toys

Company is the latest direct carrier company to dabble beyond the digital content realm.

The direct carrier billing opportunity

Join Bango, du and Mobile Payments Today in a webinar that explores how MNOs can take advantage of this payment method.

Mobile Payments Today publishes State of the Industry report surveyed consumers in the U.S., U.K., India and Brazil to discover how they are adapting to the growing mobile payments industry. Our fourth edition is available in five versions.

China Mobile selects Gemalto for mobile transit payments

Gemalto will preload China Mobile smartphones with transit application commuters can use to pay fares in Beijing.

FIME secures MasterCard accreditation in Japan

FIME's Japanese operation has been accredited as a MasterCard test laboratory for mobile handsets, according to a press release. The testing focuses on confirming the compliance and interoperability with the EMVCo contactless approval process.

Fortumo entices Windows mobile app makers with $5K ad credit

Company has launched a program to help developers drive downloads for their apps in emerging markets.

Boku works with Corethree on mobile ticketing

Partnership will enable consumers to charge their bus tickets to their mobile bill using a smartphone app.

Orange Money offers mobile transfers with Bank of Africa

Service is live in Madagascar and will be available in more countries in the coming months.

Vodafone partners with Visa on UK mobile wallet

System will be for Android users and will use a special SIM card with NFC tech.

Smartphone shipments continue upward worldwide trend

More than 1.25 billion smartphones will be shipped worldwide in 2014.

Magazine subscriptions a text away

Boku and IPC Media partnership lets consumers subscribe to periodicals such as woman&home, Marie Claire, InStyle and Ideal Home.

Filipino lawmaker wants consumer protections for prepaid minutes

The bill would forbid wireless operators from adding expiration dates to prepaid cards.

Airtel Africa expands mobile payments through VeriFone partnership

Consumers can use VeriFone Mobile Money's Tap n' Pay applications to pay, buy, bank, bill and remit funds with their mobile phone at the point of sale.

Infobip extends coverage to 40 countries

Mobile messaging company expands SMS messaging service to U.S., Brazil, China, India, Russia, South Africa and Mexico, among others.

Norway's Telenor Group embraces direct carrier billing

Mobile Embrace Limited signs agreement with major telecom that boasts 176 million subscribers.

Singapore mPOS company reveals new global strategy

SCCP Group becomes goSwiff as company also focuses on marketing services for its clients.

Bango partners with Deutsche Telekom for DOB

Mobile payments company Bango and Deutsche Telekom today announced a partnership to widen access to direct operator billing for app store purchases, according to a press release. The partnership enables Deutsche Telekom to accelerate direct operator billing deployment, bringing one-click...

Israeli telecom selects new SIM OTA provider

CALLUP, a provider of value added services and mobile device management products for the telecom industry, today announced in a press release that Israel's Hot Mobile cellular telecommunications operator selected its SIM OTA platform for remote management, over the air,...

Indonesian telecom adds mobile remittances

Some 60 million Indosat subscribers now have access to HomeSend, a joint venture between MasterCard, eServGlobal, and BICS.

Vietnamese regulators want improved SMS rates

A Vietnamese goverment agency this week passed legislation that requires mobile network operators to boost the success rate of text messages, according to multiple reports. The Ministry of Information and Communications ruled that the operators must ensure a 92-percent success...

Safaricom forms strategic pact with Kenyan financial group

KCB Group and Safaricom Limited this week announced a far-reaching strategic partnership that the companies say is expected to reshape how tens of millions of consumers in Kenya access financial and telecommunication services, according to a join press release from...

China Telecom to include Gemalto NFC SIM card in commercial rollout

Gemalto today announced it is one of the suppliers selected by China Telecom for its UpTeq Multi-Tenant NFC SIM to support their commercial rollout of mobile contactless services, according to a press release. China Telecom is a leading operator in...

Bango partners with Etisalat to take direct operator billing to EMEA

Mobile payments provider Bango and telco Etisalat Group are partnering to deploy direct operator billing across Etisalat Group’s markets in Asia, the Middle East and Africa, according to an announcement. Etisalat said in the announcement it will be the first...

India MNOs add in-app purchase capability with mopay partnership

Mopay announced its entry into the Indian market with an HTML5 in-app billing solution, the company said in a press release on Monday. Mopay is launching the HTML5-for-mobile version of its direct carrier billing platform on all large Indian carriers....

Bango expands direct carrier billing to more countries

Bango announced in a press release earlier this week that since the beginning of the year it has enabled direct carrier billing capabilities for mobile app store partners with Saudi Telecom and Mobily in Saudi Arabia, Mobinil in Egypt, Telkom...

Safaricom enables faster transactions for M-PESA

Safaricom revealed last week M-PESA users can now make instant mobile banking transactions thanks to a system upgrade to the service's API, the telecom said in a press release. The upgrade resulted in a transaction time reduction from an average...

Qatar mobile operator joins GSMA's initiative

Ooredoo, a mobile operator in Qatar, today announced it has committed to the GSMA's Mobile Money Interoperability program to accelerate the implementation of interoperable mobile money services across Africa and the Middle East, according to a press release. Ooredoo joins...

Deal grants T-Mobile customers fee-free access to Allpoint ATMs

Through an agreement with the Allpoint Network, T-Mobile customers who use their carrier's Mobile Money app and prepaid card will now have surcharge-free access to more than 43,000 Allpoint-branded ATMs across the United States. The Mobile Money program unites a...

Vietnamese MNO to enable carrier billing through mopay partnership

Viettel Telecom, a mobile network operator in Vietnam, and mopay have signed a strategic carrier billing partnership, according to a press release. The companies said the pact will enable mopay's international merchant portfolio to allow Viettel's 58 million customers to...

Prepaid data SIM card kiosk arrives at Osaka airport

Osaka's Kansai International Airport has become the first Japanese airport to introduce a prepaid data SIM card vending machine. Tourists visiting Japan can buy So-net LTE SIM cards from the kiosk, insert them into their mobile devices and access the...

Ireland merchants can add mobile billing via txtNation

Mobile billing provider txtNation has launched its mobile billing for the mobile Web, called Single-Click payments, in Ireland. The new service enables customers to pay with one click on mobile websites with purchases charged to their phone bill or deducted...

Sony adds mobile carrier billing in Canada for PlayStation gamers

Sony Network Entertainment International LLC and Sony Computer Entertainment America LLC today announced Canadian PlayStation users can top up their account wallet for the console's digital store using participating mobile networks thanks to its partnership with mobile carrier billing company...

New Zealand group publishes mobile standards

Payments NZ, an independent, non-competitive organization in New Zealand that oversees payment systems, Wednesday released new mobile device rules and standards that will govern the mobile payments system in the country and protect businesses and consumers. The organization said in...

Philippines telcos sign up iSend for mobile top-up

Middlebury, Conn.-based iSend, a global electronic payment service for people who support family members in other countries, has entered into a direct agreement to provide mobile top-ups to the networks of Smart Communications Inc. and Digitel Mobile Philippines Inc.

Deutsche Telekom inks carrier billing agreement with mopay

Munich-based mopay, a provider of cellphone and landline account billing solutions for online merchants, has announced a carrier billing partnership with Deutsche Telekom. The agreement will allow mopay to connect directly to Deutsche Telekom's international payment hub, the Service Delivery...

Isis offers Amex cardholders NYC taxi promotion

Isis, the mobile commerce joint venture between AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless, has announced a moving promotion for American Express card members. From now through June 1, 2014, Amex cardholders who tap to pay with a registered card...

MWC14:Asian telcos form Asia NFC alliance

Four Asian telcos, Taiwan's Chunghwa Telecom, Hong Kong's HKT, Japan's KDDI and South Korea's SK Planet announced the formation of the Asia NFC Alliance at the Mobile World Congress 2014. The Alliance, which is support by the GSMA, aims to...

UK telcos dial up Proxama for mobile loyalty

Weve, the mobile wallet joint venture between three U.K. mobile network operators, Vodafone, O2 and EE, has selected Proxama to provide technology for its Pouch mobile marketing and loyalty app, according to an announcement from Proxama.

China drives economic growth with national NFC platform

China has set up a national NFC-based mobile payment platform to unify communications between financial institutions and mobile network operators, China Daily reports. The platform "provides a solid infrastructure foundation to help China boost domestic information consumption and make the...

Orange launches mobile NFC service in Strasbourg and Caen

Orange and Visa Europe have launched a commercial NFC-based mobile payment service, Orange Cash, in Strasbourg and Caen. According to Orange, the two cities are France’s highest users of contactless payments. Orange is the first mobile network operator to offer...

Mopay signs carrier billing deal with SingTel

Mopay, a provider of cellphone and landline carrier billing payment services for online merchants, has signed an agreement with SingTel, one of Asia's largest telcos. The deal will allow SingTel customers to make purchases with Munich-based mopay's carrier billing technology...

Weve telco JV joins MasterCard for UK contactless mobile payments

Weve, the joint venture between the U.K.'s three largest mobile network operators, is partnering with MasterCard to create a platform for contactless mobile payments in the U.K. The joint venture shareholders, EE, Telefonica U.K. (O2) and Vodafone U.K., represent more than 80 percent of the U.K.'s mobile customesr, Weve said.

CIBC and Telus in Canadian mobile payment app launch

Canada's CIBC has launched a mobile payments app for customers of Canadian telecoms company Telus who have NFC-enabled mobile devices. Telus customers can use the CIBC app and a CIBC credit card account to make mobile payments at Canadian retail locations. The app can be downloaded from Google Play for use with Samsung Galaxy and HTC One devices.

MTN Nigeria, Computer Warehouse Group plan Nigerian mobile money platform

MTN Nigeria and Computer Warehouse Group have announced a mobile commerce platform for the Nigerian market, reports Punch Nigeria. MTN Nigeria is a subsidiary of the South Africa-based mobile services provider MTN, and CWG is a Nigerian IT company. The...

Multi-function contactless payment service launched in Sri Lanka

Bharti Airtel Lanka, Hatton National Bank, Sony Felica and the Matara Passenger Transport Co. Ltd have commercially launched Sri Lanka's first contactless-enabled multi-function payment service, Colombo Gazette reports. The payment service works with the HNB One Card, a contactless multi-function...

Omanye Money launches international mobile remittances to Ghana

U.K.-based Omanye Money has launched an international remittance service enabling customers to transfer funds directly from their mobile phones to recipients' Airtel Money mobile wallets in Ghana. Airtel Money is a mobile money service operated by the multinational mobile operator...

T-Mobile's prepaid Visa card driven by Blackhawk Network

T-Mobile's new Mobile Money account and its associated reloadable prepaid Visa card, which were announced last week, are powered by technology and service provided by Blackhawk Network California. Based in Pleasanton, Calif., Blackhawk Network California is an affiliate of Blackhawk...

AT&T, Incipio release NFC mobile wallet case for iPhones

AT&T has partnered with Irvine, Calif.-based phone accessory provider Incipio to produce the NFC-enabled Cashwrap Mobile Wallet Case for iPhones. The Cashwrap Mobile Wallet Case enables iPhone users to make point-of-sale payments with the Isis Mobile Wallet, which is operated...

Alfa-Bank, Kyivstar, Gemalto pilot Ukraine NFC mobile payments

Alfa-Bank Ukraine and mobile operator Kyivstar are to pilot Ukraine's first mobile contactless payment service, with technology from Gemalto. When the service is launched, customers will be able to use their NFC-enabled phones at the country's 22,000 contactless payment terminals....

T-Mobile offers low cost banking with prepaid Visa card

T-Mobile U.S. is offering a raft of cheap banking services with its new reloadable T-Mobile Visa prepaid card, issued by The Bancorp Bank. The T-Mobile prepaid card comes with the Mobile Money by T-Mobile smartphone app, and has no charges for card activation, monthly maintenance, in-network ATM withdrawals or for replacing lost or stolen cards.

Bango opens Singapore hub for direct operator billing

Cambridge, U.K.-based Bango, a provider of direct operator billing technology, has opened an office in Singapore to act as its regional operating hub. Bango said the new office will support its activities across Asia Pacific. Bango integrates with mobile network...

GlobalPlatform publishes contactless payments framework

GlobalPlatform has published a framework for end-to-end secure mobile services, focusing initially on contactless payments. GlobalPlatform is a cross-industry, not-for-profit association that develops and publishes specifications for secure chip technology. Members include card schemes as well as telecoms and technology...

Central Bank of Jordan plans mobile wallets

The Central Bank of Jordan plans to allow Jordanian banks and telcos to launch mobile wallets as part of its Jordan Mobile Payment project in March, according to The Jordan Times. Jordanians will be able to use mobile wallets for...

Reserve Bank of India sees slower than expected mobile banking take-up

The Reserve Bank of India said in its latest Financial Stability Report that take-up of mobile banking in India has been encouraging but slower than expected over the last three years. Only banks that are licensed and supervised in India...

Three credit unions select CheckAlt, iParse, CU Wireless for mobile deposit

FAA Federal Credit Union, the University of Nebraska Federal Credit Union and Valley Credit Union are to offer a remote check deposit service from technology partners CU Wireless, CheckAlt and iParse. Salem, Ore.-based CU Wireless is a credit union-owned CUSO...

'Airtel Money' reaches 1.8 million Zambian customers, now offers mobile insurance

Mobile operator Bharti Airtel is expanding the range of services that can be paid for with Airtel Money mobile money accounts in Africa. Bharti Airtel provides mobile communications services in 20 African and Asian countries. Its Airtel Money accounts can...

Canadians expect mobile payments growth

Expectations are running high among Canadian consumers for the future of mobile payments, according to a consumer survey from Canadian telecoms company Rogers Communications. According to the survey, "Rogers Innovation Report: Tech Trends 2013," 52 percent of Canadians own a...

Telecomm Telégrafos to launch rural Mexican m-payment services

The Mexican state-owned rural telecoms company Telecomunicaciones de México (Telecomm Telégrafos) plans to roll out mobile payment services to thousands of rural Mexican communities over the next few years, Business News Americas reports. According to Telecomm Telégrafos estimates, there are...

SingTel, Boku in direct carrier billing alliance

The Asian telecoms group SingTel has announced a partnership with Boku to launch direct carrier billing in Singapore. The new service will enable SingTel's postpaid subscribers in Singapore to pay for mobile purchases directly from participating merchants via their mobile...

MasterCard in mobile remittance joint venture

MasterCard has expanded its role in mobile money remittances with the creation of HomeSend, a joint venture in which it has a controlling stake. MasterCard's partners in HomeSend are eServGlobal, a Paris-based provider of mobile money technology for telcos, and...

HSBC in Hong Kong NFC wallet initiative

HSBC is to launch NFC-based mobile wallets with four Hong Kong-based mobile carriers in 2014, according to The Standard. Those carriers are HKT, CSL, SmarTone Telecommunications Holdings and China Mobile Hong Kong. The wallets will enable HSBC customers to store...

SingTel partners with Mobile Embrace for direct carrier billing

SingTel will offer direct carrier billing to its post-paid customers in Singapore via a partnership with Mobile Embrace, an Australian supplier of mobile marketing, advertising and m-payments technology. Mobile Embrace said its technology will let SingTel post-paid customers buy mobile-optimized...

Spanish bank La Caixa partners with Telefónica, Vodafone, Orange, Visa for NFC

La Caixa has teamed up with Telefónica, Vodafone, Orange and Visa Europe to launch what the Spanish bank claims is Europe's largest NFC mobile payments service. The three mobile operators together have an 80 percent share of the Spanish mobile...

What is privacy worth to mobile users?

How much would you pay for privacy when it comes to mobile phone usage? A recent study by two University of Colorado economists found that users were willing, on a per-app basis, to make one-time payments of $2.28 to conceal...

Brazil's Vivo starts selling mPOS payments devices

Vivo, the Brazilian mobile telecoms subsidiary of Spain's Telefónica, has started selling the Vivo Mobile Rede mPOS card acceptance device in its stores in São Paulo and Rio de Janeiro, Computerworld reports. (Note: The story is written in Portuguese.) According...

Wells Fargo finds a spot in Isis Mobile Wallet

Wells Fargo has become the third bank to sign up for Isis, the U.S. mobile commerce joint venture between AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless.

Onebip wins European Games Group mobile payments deal

The mobile payments company Onebip has been selected by European Games Group as the exclusive provider of mobile payments for its games in key European countries, including the U.K., France, Greece and Poland. Owned by Rome-based Neomobile, Onebip provides mobile...

Processor, telco launch mPOS solution in Hong Kong

Hong Kong has a new mPOS option. Global Payments Asia-Pacific Ltd., a regional card payment processor in Asia, and Hong Kong mobile operator 1010 have launched the solution that enables Visa, MasterCard and JCB cards to be swiped through an...

DOB startup Coda Payments expanding in Asia

Direct carrier biller Coda Payments has raised $2.3 million in Series A funding and plans to expand to Malaysia and Singapore, according to Since launching in March, the Singapore-based startup has partnered with more than 30 digital content providers...

Monitise launches mobile top-up service in Hong Kong

Monitise announced it has launched its Mobile Money technology platform in Hong Kong through a partnership with Hong Kong mobile operator PCCW-HKT and local ATM network provider Joint Electronic Teller Service. The three companies are rolling out the Easy TopUp...

China Telecom launches mobile wallet

China Telecom, the country's third largest mobile operator, has launched a mobile wallet in partnership with more than 10 Chinese banks. The partners for its "E-Surfing Mobile Wallet" include Bank of China, The Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank...

With new funds, SimplyTapp CEO talks about the impact on HCE

It's been an eventful month for SimplyTapp Inc. The startup, which says it created host card emulation, just saw the technology be deployed in the new Android 4.4 KitKat OS. Today, the company announced it has raised its Series A...

Hong Kong bank adds another telco to mobile payments roster

Hong Kong's Hang Seng Bank has rolled out its NFC-based mobile payments service with the telco SmarTone, meaning the bank now partners with most of Hong Kong's major carriers. The service will go live in the first quarter of 2014,...

Thai telco will roll out mobile payments service

TOT Plc, Thailand's state-run telco, is getting into the mobile payments game, according to the Bangkok Post.

Vodafone NFC mobile wallet launches in Europe

Vodafone has launched a mobile wallet in Spain, with Germany, Italy and the U.K. to follow.

Mobile payments help off-grid Africans tap solar energy

In the developed world, mobile payments can be viewed as largely an extension of services that are already readily available in other forms. In the developing world, the technology can help transform daily life. Take the case of sub-Saharan Africa, where a number of startup companies are selling pay-as-you-go solar energy kits.

Boku buys Qubecell, breaks into Indian carrier billing market

The mobile payments provider Boku is set to enter the Indian market with its acquisition of Qubecell, one of that country's leading direct carrier billers. The deal was announced today.

Gemalto brings NFC solution to Norway

The digital security firm Gemalto will provide mobile contactless technology to TSM Nordic, a company owned by Norwegian telco Telenor and financial services provider DNB, for what's billed as Norway's first mobile NFC payment service. Gemalto's solution includes the multicustomer,...

Online music service Deezer adds Boku carrier billing option

The streaming music service Deezer will partner with direct carrier biller Boku to let German users pay for subscription services through their mobile phones. The billing option is available through all of the country's mobile operators. Deezer provides unlimited access...

Isis opens its mobile wallet to the rest of the US

It's official: Isis is going nationwide. After fits and starts, including pilot programs in Austin, Texas, and Salt Lake City, the carrier-led consortium is making the latest version of its mobile wallet available for download today in the Google Play...

Mobile payments impacting Philippine typhoon relief

Numerous aid efforts are underway to help the Philippines after it was ravaged by Typhoon Haiyan, and mobile payments are playing a key role. According to Quartz, a team from the non-profit Télécoms Sans Frontières was on the ground before...

Vodafone cuts carrier billing option for Google Play

The European carrier Vodafone has apparently dropped direct carrier billing in the Google Play Store for customers in the U.K., German, Italy and Spain, according to Android Police. Vodafone has disappeared from a list of carrier billing partners on the...

P2P payment provider M-Pesa expands in India

Vodafone India and ICICI Bank have launched M-Pesa in Assam and other northeastern Indian states, The Times of India reported. The mobile money transfer and payment service has been lauded for providing access to financial services for unbanked and under-banked...

French telco pilots prepaid card on NFC-based mobile devices

The French mobile network operator Orange is testing Orange Cash, a contactless prepaid card, on mobile devices in Strasbourg and Caen, with plans to go nationwide in the second quarter of 2014. Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd., a member of Visa...

Sprint, Vantiv release tablet-based mPOS system

Sprint and Vantiv have launched a tablet-based, cloud-connected point-of-sale system.

Trial puts GE credit card in NZ telco's mobile wallet

The New Zealand telco 2Degrees and GE Capital have launched an NFC-based mobile payments trial. Participants will be able to load a GE Capital credit card on their 2degrees Samsung Galaxy S III smartphones and tap to make payments. More...

New Android OS lets Google Wallet work around NFC block

Confirming rumors, the new Android operating system that was released on Thursday supports Host Card Emulation, which will let Google work around carrier restrictions on its mobile wallet. Previously, the wallet needed access to the Secure Element, which is controlled...

Is Google pulling end run around carrier blockage of NFC secure element?

When the new Android 4.4 KitKat OS is rolled out, possibly today, it may include a substantial change related to NFC, according to Android Police. Thus far, Google Wallet has been added to very few phones because it uses the...

Zain taps SLA carrier billing solution for Africa, ME

The telco Zain Group, active in eight markets across the Middle East and Africa, will add services to let customers pay for digital goods through their monthly bill. Zain said the solution, provided by carrier biller SLA Mobile, is among...

New transaction fees haven't slowed mobile payments in Kenya

Although the Kenyan government raised mobile money transaction fees earlier this year, the most recent figures show that mobile payments have increased nearly 22 percent year-on-year, according to Ventures, citing a report by the Central Bank of Kenya. The 10-percent...

Startup rocks mobile payments wristband at music festival

When you attend a multiday music festival, there's plenty to keep up with. Food, toiletries, sleeping gear, clothes and a few things we probably shouldn't discuss. Who wants to fuss over a wallet? A South African startup feels your pain...

Rio de Janeiro pilots NFC ticketing for public transit

A pilot program is under way in Rio de Janeiro to let bus, train and ferry riders pay with NFC-enabled smartphones. The three-month initiative, expected to run through December, is a partnership between RioCard Tecnologia da InfRioCard Tecnologia da Informação,...

Jamba Juice, Isis team up for mobile payment promotion

Jamba Juice Co. and Isis, the mobile commerce joint venture created by AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile US Inc.

Fortumo, MNO partner to enable mobile payments for Ukrainian gamers

The mobile payments company Fortumo has formed a partnership with Kyivstar, the second-largest mobile operator in Central and Eastern Europe, to allow 25 million Kyivstar customers to make payments in games and applications in the MNO's App Club app store...

Proposed regulations may end MPesa dominance in Kenya

New draft regulations published by the Central Bank of Kenya include recommendations that E-money issuers use open systems that allow interoperability with other payment systems in Kenya and globally. According to The Star, the proposals, if enacted, could end the...

Dubai telcos go live with NFC-enabled SIM cards

Dubai commuters can now make public transport payments through near field communication-enabled SIM cards. According to Gulf Times, the NFC payment system has gone live and is available for a range of smartphones from telcos etisalat and Du. The NFC...

SIMalliance publishes Open Mobile API specs for public comment

SIMalliance, the global non-profit industry association that works to simplify secure element implementation, has published the first release of its Open Mobile API Test Specification for public consultation. Mobile industry stakeholders with an interest in the Open Mobile API are...

Kenyan telco sets up mobile payment system for public transportation

The Kenyan telco Safaricom will soon roll out a service that lets public transportation customers pay through the M-Pesa mobile money system. IT News Africa reports that the new mobile-based fare payment service, which will roll out under the Lipa...

Telco aims to bring mobile payments to Azerbaijan

The Azerbaijani mobile operator Azercell Telekom plans to launch a mobile payment service for subscribers, according to Trend, which reports that the announcement came Friday during a news conference. The service, which is set for rollout by mid-2014, will handle...

Streaming-on-demand music provider Rhapsody taps BilltoMobile for mobile payments solution

Direct carrier billing has typically offered a certain appeal to brands like Facebook and Zynga that sell high-margin virtual currency. More recently, however, firms with tighter-margin but high-value products — think streaming media — are also feeling the need to...

Redesigned AT&T stores will include mPOS terminals

As the lines between the physical and digital retail worlds blur and consumers turn to their mobile devices and apps to enhance their mobile lifestyles, AT&T said it is transforming its retail stores in Kentucky and Ohio to enhance the...

Chinese banks strike deals with telecoms to create NFC-enabled payment systems

Chinese news outlets are reporting on two separate announcements involving banks and telecoms. According to Global Times, Shanghai Pudong Development Bank and China Mobile have launched a near field communication service that allows customers to use their smartphones to make...

Bango goes live with Firefox Marketplace

Bango, a mobile payment and analytics company, has made its integration with Mozilla's Firefox Marketplace live, the company announced. Bango will provide operator billing and other billing options in the first Firefox OS launch markets, meaning Firefox Marketplace users can...

Illinois bank will allow Diebold ATM withdrawals via mobile wallet

An Illinois bank has rolled out a service that will enable customers to use their cellphones to withdraw cash from Diebold ATMs. Mobile Cash Access, from Wintrust Financial Corp., will use the Paydiant and FIS mobile wallet solution. Diebold said...

Report: Advanced mobile payment services can drive revenue for large operators

Operators that invest in advanced mobile payment services, particularly those targeting customers in the developed world, can derive significant revenue over the long run, according to a new report from Pyramid Research. According to Afrique Jet, the report, "From Digital...

Isis woos users with $100 pitch

Isis is upping the ante in its bid for new users. The mobile payment joint venture between AT&T, Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile is now offering active Isis mobile wallet users a $100 Amazon gift card if they enable a credit card in the mobile wallet.

Partners Mobile-XL and payvia offer mobile payment option for feature phones in developing markets

Carrier biller provider payvia has announced a partnership with Mobile-XL, a browsing platform for feature phones that offers access to digital services such as Facebook, Twitter and email. Mobile-XL targets markets in Africa and India, using SMS as a data channel.

Boku expands reach of carrier billing to the PlayStation

To this point, direct carrier billing, where consumers place their digital purchases on their monthly phone bill, has been a tool for buying mobile content and providing app developers a convenient, seamless payment experience for consumers using smartphones and tablets....

Taiwan carrier delays its mobile payment plans

Taiwanese Chunghwa Telecom Co. has said it won't be launching the QR-code based mobile payment system it promised back in April.

Commuters in Russian city of Kazan can use NFC to pay

Who says carriers can't work together to make mobile payments work. A group of Russian mobile network operators are doing just that, bringing NFC to transport in the Russian city of Kazan. According to NFC World, carriers MTS, MegaFon, Vimpelcom...

Gemalto providing prepaid cards to Brazilian mobile payment service

Digital security provider Gemalto will supply prepaid EMV payment cards to Mobile Financial Services, the new joint venture formed by Telefónica and MasterCard Worldwide. The news comes as a part of the launch a new payment service called Zuum offered...

Amdocs links 50M Indonesian wireless customers to carrier billing

Amdocs, a provider of customer service and billing software, announced a deal with Indonesian mobile provider XL Axiata to provide direct carrier billing for app stores to the carrier's 50 million subscribers. The partnership means XL Axiata is the first...

Visa sues Walmart to prevent another anti-trust action

The back-and-forth battle between the card associations and retailers who accuse them of rate-fixing is beginning to look like a tennis match — with a score that's anything but "love all." Last summer, it appeared that card companies and retailers...

Deutsche Telekom testing NFC payments for business travelers

According to NFC World, Deutsche Telekom is working with corporate payment provider AirPlus International to pilot an NFC mobile payment program aimed at business travelers. DT's employees in Germany can use the T-Mobile MyWallet app on their mobile devicves to...

Far EasTone to pilot NFC mobile payments in Taiwan

Taiwanese carrier Far EasTone Telecommunications Co. said it will trial an NFC mobile payment project beginning later this year.

Bell ID's new solution moves secure element to the cloud

Security provider Bell ID has launched a new product aimed at simplifying the provisioning of services that use NFC. The product, called Secure Element in the Cloud, manages the provisioning process in a secure remote environment instead of on the mobile device itself.

Carrier biller txtNation expanding its European presence

Direct carrier biller txtNation is expanding into Belgium. The company announced that it has officially switched on direct connectivity across all mobile operators in Belgium. "Being a Tier 1 mobile aggregator in any market provides us with far more options for growth, and Belgium is no exception," txtNation Director Michael Whelan said.

MasterCard, Chungwa Telecom to bring NFC payments to Taiwan

Chungwa Telecom, a Taiwanese mobile network operator, and card brand MasterCard are launching a new NFC mobile payment service. According to Focus Taiwan, the new service will let subscribers to Chungwa store their debit and credit cards from four banks...

New Spanish m-payment JV joins CaixaBank, Santander and Telefónica

Given the somewhat muted success of massive mobile payment joint ventures, it may come as a surprise that Spanish banks Santander and CaixaBank, along with wireless carrier Telefónica, have announced a new JV that will "develop new business opportunities." Among...

Morpho supplying NFC SIM cards to Portuguese consortium

SIM chip maker Morpho, part of Safran, announced it will be supplying NFC cards to the Portuguese MobiPag project. MobiPag is the combined effort of several companies in Portugal, including the country's three major wireless carriers, aimed at creating a...

Fortumo to provide carrier billing to Telefónica, Telenor subscribers

Fortumo, a provider of direct carrier billing, has signed a deal that will bring its services to the subscribers of wireless carriers Telefónica and Telenor using Bluevia payment API from Telefónica Digital. Between those two carriers, Fortumo will now provide...

Boost Mobile, Wipit offer mobile wallet to prepaid subscribers

Prepaid wireless provider Boost Mobile, a subsidiary of mobile network operator Sprint, has announced a new mobile wallet for its customers. The Boost Mobile Wallet powered by Wipit, a mobile payment provider whose services target the unbanked. The mobile wallet...

Samsung, Telefónica Digital sign direct carrier billing pact

Telefónica Digital, the business division of wireless carrier Telefónica, is teaming with Samsung Electronics to make direct carrier billing easier. Direct carrier billing allows users to purchase virtual goods and place the cost of that purchase on their monthly phone...

More Google Wallet-ready phones announced

Amidst the hoopla over new e-commerce and P2P features enabled on Google Wallet, it was easy to miss today's announcement that the Google Wallet for offline shopping was expanded to include new handsets. The "old" Google Wallet — meaning the...

Chinese carriers unite on standard for in-app payments

The Chinese appetite for smartphones — and the applications they run — is becoming ever bigger. In response, two of the country's major carriers are partnering on a new standardized mobile payment plug-in to be used by app developers for in-app payments.

Isis CEO says efforts moving forward, touts industry partnerships

In the supposedly disruptive world of mobile payments, the status quo reigns — at least as far as Isis is concerned. Delivering the keynote at the Electronic Transaction Association's annual meeting in New Orleans this week, Isis CEO Michael Abbot...

Dortmunder Volksbank's mobile payment product evolves with new virtual card

German bank Dortmunder Volksbank has announced the release of a new mobile virtual credit card based on MasterCard contactless PayPass technology, using the Giesecke & Devrient trusted service manager solution, and with the cooperation of systems integrator DG Verlag. DG...

USA Technologies dispenses loyalty from vending machines

USA Technologies Inc. bills itself as a service provider for "small-ticket, self-serve retailing industries." That means vending machines.

Turkcell adds ticketing to its mobile wallet

Turkish mobile network operator Turkcell has announced the launch of a new mobile payment system for transportation with the integration of its Turkcell Wallet and the Urfakart public transportation card. "We, as Turkcell, are leading the way in terms of...

Taiwanese carrer Chungwa to debut mobile payments with QR codes this summer

Taiwan's central news agency has reported that Taiwan's largest mobile network operator, Chunghwa Telecom Co., plans to launch a mobile payment service using QR codes. Consumers will scan the codes using their smartphones to make payments, the report said. The...

G&D supporting mobile wallet from Telefónica Germany

Giesecke & Devrient has announced another key partnership, this time with Telefónica Germany. The digital security company said it is providing NFC SIM cards and trusted service manager services for new O2 Wallet from Telefónica Germany. This announcement comes a...

Canadian carrier Mobilicity releases mobile bill payment app with TIO

Bill payment company TIO Networks Corp. has announced that its partnership with Canadian carrier Mobilicity has yielded a native smartphone-based account payment app for Mobilicity customers.

Alaric, Mistral Mobile partner to offer carrier, device-agnostic mobile payment solution

Alaric, a provider of fraud prevention and payments solutions, is partnering with mobile money provider Mistral Mobile to offer a white label mobile payment solution for global financial institutions. The new product will integrate the Mistral Mobile Money Mobility Suite...

MasterCard, VimpelCom collaborate on mobile payments

MasterCard and telco provider VimpelCom have formed a strategic partnership that will combine MasterCard mobile payments technology and solutions with globally integrated telecommunications services from VimpelCom. The partnership, which was announced at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, will provide payment...

GSMA to offer MWC delegates a mobile wallet

A group of delegates to the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona will be offered the opportunity to pay with their phones. CaixaBank, Gemalto, Telefónica and Visa Europe have announced they will be offering 3,500 delegates at the conference a smartphone complete with a mobile wallet pre-loaded with €15 ($20).

Square now available through Verizon Wireless stores

Fresh off its deal with Angie's List, Square will now be available through Verizon Wireless retail stores. The company's distinctive card reading dongles will be sold for $9.97 and will include a $10 credit to a merchant's Square account. Square readers are already available in a number of retail locations from Starbucks to Walmart to Radio Shack.

Neomobile brings one-click carrier billing to Opera mobile browser

Direct carrier billier Neomobile is linking with Opera Software to make it easier for users of the Opera Mini mobile browser to use Neomobile billing services. Opera Commerce, a subsidiary of Opera Software, will integrate Neomobile's mobile payment system into...

Taiwan's carriers get approval for a mobile payment JV

A new joint venture between Taiwan's wireless carriers has been approved by that nation's regulators. According to Taiwan's Central News Agency, the country's Fair Trade Commission approved the application by Taiwan's five carriers and Taiwanese payment company EasyCard Corp.

BOKU connects to U.S. Cellular

U.S. Cellular has nabbed a second direct carrier billing partner.

Bango, Telefónica Digital sign mobile payment pact

U.K. carrier biller Bango and Telefónica Digital, the new business division of wireless carrier Telefónica, are looking to make it even easier for consumers to buy from mobile app stores.

RIM gets Visa approval for secure element management tool

Are mobile payments key to a resurgent Research In Motion? Could be. The maker of BlackBerry devices announced its Secure Element Manager solution for NFC mobile payments has been given the official Visa stamp of approval.

Kenya's mobile banking scheme M-Shwari hits early milestone

Kenya's mobile payment market seems to be leading the way once again. The country that gave us mobile money scheme M-PESA recently saw the launch of M-Shwari, a more "traditional" banking product aimed at the unbanked. With M-Shwari, users can...

ZTE and China UnionPay to collaborate on mobile payments

Another partnership is looking to introduce a mobile payment service in the Chinese market. This time it's handset-maker ZTE Corp.

Vodafone chief says Weve will launch this year

Vodafone's chief exec Vittoria Colao is bullish on mobile payments in the U.K. and promised that Weve, the company's joint venture with British mobile carriers, will launch this year. In a post at the Daily Telegraph, Colao said Weve, the...

Aussie telcos prep for mobile payments

Australian telcos Telstra and Vodafone are predicting that 2013 will be the year when mobile payments gain a real foothold down under. The reason: a rising number of NFC-enabled mobile phones that will bring contactless payment capability to a broader consumer base. In a report by The Australian, Telstra chief technology officer Dr.

China to see mobile wallet, standards soon

NFC Times reports that state-owned China Mobile, the world's largest mobile provider, has officially unveiled its NFC mobile wallet roadmap. A China Mobile exec, speaking at the company's developers conference, confirmed that China Mobile will be offering an NFC SIM...

AT&T intros location-based AT&T Alerts for use by retailers

AT&T today launched AT&T Alerts, an opt-in, geo-location text messaging alerts service that will enable consumers to receive offers such as discounts, rewards and promotions from nearby retailers. Offered free to consumers, the AT&T Alerts is available without the need...

Forget about spare change: USA Technologies, Isis bring m-payments to vending machines

If the best test cases for NFC payments are small, frequent transactions such as parking and transit, a new deal announced today between USA Technologies Inc. and Isis may be the beginning of something big. USAT is a provider of cashless payments for self-serve retailing (think vending machines).

MasterCard, Telefonica form JV in Brazil to offer mobile money services

Grupo Telefonica and MasterCard International have announced the formation of MFS, a joint venture that will focus on developing mobile payment solutions in Brazil. The new JV will launch its first product, a MasterCard branded prepaid account that can be...

BlackBerry App World now offering carrier billing through 50 operators worldwide

BlackBerry device maker Research In Motion announced that more than 50 carriers have implemented a direct carrier billing solution for customers through the BlackBerry App World storefront. RIM said the announcement marks a milestone for the company and represents a...

Telecom Italia selects Gemalto solutions to power mobile wallet

Digital security provider Gemalto announced today that it will provide Telecom Italia with its complete mobile financial services suite. Telecom Italia, Italy's largest wireless provider with more than 30 million subscribers, will use Gemalto's TSM and mobile payment platform to...

Mobile payments get Shangahaied

Chinese mobile operator China Unicom is working with China Merchants Bank on an NFC-powered mobile wallet service. This according to a post from ZDNet.

First Vodafone, Visa mobile wallet to launch in Australia in 2013

Wireless provider Vodafone and payment brand Visa announced a partnership earlier this year aimed at rolling out a mobile wallet tool to a number of countries. Today, Vodafone Australia and Visa said they plan to launch an app for NFC-enabled...

FIs and merchants partner with Visa on digital wallet

Card giant Visa Inc. is expanding its by Visa digital wallet from its beta stage, announcing that more than 50 financial institutions, as well as nearly two dozen merchants, will be offering their customers access to the product. is Visa's entry into the increasingly crowded digital wallet space.

Canada joins the mobile payment world

Rogers Communications and Canadian bank CIBC ushered in a new world of payments today. At an event at a Tim Hortons restaurant in Toronto, the companies formally introduced their new mobile payment scheme by having Canadian Olympian Simon Whitfield complete...

Event touting Canada's first mobile payment to be held tomorrow

Everything changes for Canada's payment market tomorrow at 10:00 a.m. EDT.

China Mobile to offer NFC, payments in 2013

State-owned China Mobile will launch NFC services to its nearly 700 million subscribers beginning in February 2013, according to a report on NFC World. The services will be available in 12 Chinese provinces, reaching 50 cities. NFC World reported that...

Dutch banks prep for m-payments, issue MasterCard contactless cards

Two Dutch banks, ABN AMRO and ING, will soon launch contactless debit cards through MasterCard's Maestro brand next year in preparation for a wider rollout of mobile payments in the Netherlands in 2013. The cards will be enabled by MasterCard's...

T-Mobile, Gemalto to offer NFC payments, services in Poland

Gemalto is having a big news week. Two days ago the digital security company announced an agreement with Vodafone to support that carrier's new mobile wallet.

Senator Durbin defends his amendment against Parkmobile's claims

Senator Dick Durbin, D-Ill., is taking issue with mobile payment provider Parkmobile. A week after Parkmobile announced higher fees for some of its customers, Durbin fired back that Parkmobile misrepresented the amendment to the Dodd-Frank Wall Street Reform Act that...

Report: Vodafone, Gemalto to sign mobile payment deal

Several sources are reporting U.K.-based telecommunications giant Vodafone is set to sign a five-year deal with security provider Gemalto. The deal calls for Gemalto to provide necessary technology to help Vodafone launch a mobile payment service. The deal is supposed...

BBVA to bring Visa's digital wallet to Spanish market

Visa Europe announced that Spanish bank BBVA will be the first financial institution to launch its digital wallet in Spain. A trial for the product will begin next month with a rollout sometime in 2013. is Visa's entry...

MasterCard partners on NFC payments in Poland with Orange, T-Mobile

Payment giant MasterCard is following its strategy of partnering with global wireless carriers to bring NFC payments to market. The company announced two such partnerships in Poland with two of that country's mobile network operators, Orange and T-Mobile. "2012 has...

Manitobans will get a mobile payment product through EnStream

Maybe EnStream isn't dead yet, at least not in Manitoba. MTS, a telecommunications provider in the Canadian province of Manitoba, announced it is joining with EnStream to introduce secure mobile payment technology to that province in 2013.

Canadian payment JV sells mobile wallet, changes focus

While Isis (finally) goes live, its Canadian cousin EnStream, the mobile payment joint venture between carriers Bell, Rogers and TELUS, has quietly sold off its mobile wallet and will be refocusing its efforts. The JV sold its Zoompass mobile wallet...

Isis: OK, so now it's really official

After months of speculation and weeks of rumor, it's now officially official: Isis launches pilot programs in Salt Lake City, Utah and Austin, Texas on Oct. 22.

Telenor, Telefónica offering mobile payments through BlueVia platform

Wireless carriers Telenor and Telefónica are cooperating in an effort to make Telenor APIs available on Telefónica's BlueVia platform. BlueVia is a "shared API platform for building and marketing applications," that gives app developers the ability to create apps and get them to 311 million Telefónica subscribers worldwide.

Rogers Communications shipping mobile payment chips next week

It looks like Canada's getting an NFC-enabled mobile payment product next week. An internal memo from Rogers Communications sent to Mobile Syrup indicates SIM chips for its suretap mobile payment product will be sent to stores beginning Monday, October 15. Suretap is the mobile payment partnership between Rogers and Canadian bank CIBC.

Isis gets a start date

We have a date: October 22. That's the date pilot programs for Isis will go live in Salt Lake City, Utah, and Austin, Texas, according to a new document received by tech site Android Central from an anonymous source. The document is an internal Isis memo sent to stores.

Telefonica Deutschland rolls out mpass contactless payment

Telefónica Deutschland has today launched the mobile payment system mpass in Germany, starting with star filling stations in Hamburg. Star customers can now pay contactlessly by mobile phone — all they need is an mpass account and an NFC chip-embedded...

UK carriers sign with MACH for carrier billing services

MACH, a direct carrier billing provider based in Luxembourg, announced it had signed deals with the U.K.'s largest wireless carriers to implement its carrier billing services. The company said it has agreements with Vodafone, Everything Everywhere and Three, and is...

Rogers to offer Canadians a mobile credit card soon

The Canadian mobile payment market, which has lagged behind the U.S. market, will be getting a mobile wallet soon — complete with an NFC-enabled virtual credit card to put in it —thanks to Rogers Communications. Rogers Communications, Canada's largest wireless...

New MasterCard SDK makes developing NFC payment apps easier

Amidst the ruckus caused by Apple's exclusion of NFC from its new iPhone, payment providers are moving forward with the technology as an enabler for mobile transactions. Today, payment brand MasterCard released a new software development kit making it easier...

MasterCard assisting WFP on mobile voucher program

Global payment brand MasterCard is joining with the World Food Programme to do something about hunger. MasterCard and WFP said the partnership will combine the card giant's expertise in electronic payments with WFP's global reach to help the world's hungriest...

Neiman Marcus and Visa offer real-time mobile offers to shoppers

High-end retailer Neiman Marcus Inc. is partnering with card brand Visa Inc.

Skype to let users place charges on carrier bills

In an interesting mash-up of disruptive technologies, Skype, the Microsoft-owned telephone service that lets users route calls over the Internet, has selected MACH as a direct carrier billing provider. Through MACH's services, Skype users will be able to purchase Skype...

Report: Stability in the credit card industry boosts customer satisfaction

Who knew? Consumer research indicates that Americans are happier with their credit cards since banks quit ratcheting up fees and changing terms — due in part to the enactment of Dodd-Frank regulations. Now in its sixth year, the J.D. Power and Associates U.S.

Pilot offers a mobile payment alternative to Czechs

Czech Republic bank Komercni banka is joining with wireless carrier Telefónica, Visa Europe and handset-maker Samsung to offer a new pilot mobile payment program. The FI will offer 2,000 owners of Samsung's Galaxy SIII the ability to trade in their current SIM cards for a special payment SIM card offered by KB.

Google Wallet to add P2P?

Android Community listened in on a Q&A with Google Wallet's product manager Robin Dua earlier today. Dua shared information about carrier and retailer support for the product and hinted that person-to-person payments may be in Google Wallet's near future.

OpenMarket throws support to UK mobile billing standard

OpenMarket, a provider of mobile messaging and mobile payment solutions, said it is throwing its weight behind the new Payforit 4 mobile payment standard in the U.K. The company said that digital merchants in the U.K.

Discover first to stick their card in Google's rebooted wallet

Following the release of its rebooted, cloud-based Google Wallet app, Google announced it is working with credit and debit card issuers to make it easy to add credit cards to the mobile wallet app. The first partner in the effort...

Wirecard releases mobile payment tools, signs partnership with Deutsche Telekom

German payment processer and mobile payment provider Wirecard has announced its newest white-label mobile payment solution. The new product includes a card reader, mobile wallet and open APIs for developers to integrate the solutions into their apps. The company's card...

Trunkbow expanding mobile payments presence in growing Chinese market

Trunkbow International Holdings Ltd., a Chinese provider of mobile payments, is expanding its activities and investment in China. The company announced it's investing RMB 72 million ($11.3 million) and partnering with telecom China Communications Services Corporation Ltd.

PayPal, Vivo launch Brazilian mobile payment service

PayPal has taken its partnership with Brazilian telecommunication company Vivo to the next level. The companies announced a partnership aimed at creating a mobile payment solution last year, and now that plan has come to fruition. On the PayPal blog,...

Payment trade association forms mobile payment committee

The trade association of the payments industry is launching a new committee aimed at addressing the policy and business issues accompanying the growth of mobile payments. The Electronic Transactions Association announced that its Mobile Payments Committee will be an industry-wide...

Vesta expands its global mobile top-up services

In many parts of the world, especially developing economies, the most valuable thing a consumer can carry on his or her phone is airtime itself. Vesta Corporation, a provider of electronic payment solutions, announced the addition of 78 mobile network operators to its recharge portal.

Report: Amex never agreed to its cards going in Google Wallet

TechCrunch reports that soon after Google unveiled a new feature on Google Wallet that lets users link any brand of payment card to their accounts, at least one card brand took issue with the new feature. American Express' social media...

First Data TSM solution receives qualification from Discover

First Data Corporation, a provider of electronic commerce and payment processing services, today announced it has achieved Discover qualification for its First Data Trusted Service Management solution. This qualification enables First Data to support financial institutions in the deployment of...

Mopay expands carrier billing platform to Middle East, North Africa

Direct carrier biller mopay announced it has successfully completed a large scale network extension initiative in the Middle East and North Africa region. The initiative covers 15 countries, the company said, including Egypt, Jordan, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the...

Visa showcasing mobile payments at Olympics

Visa will be using its status as a worldwide partner of the London 2012 Olympic Games to show off its latest payment innovations. The company announced it will showcase payments via mobile phone and chip-enabled payment cards at thousands of...

Onebip offers single-click payment for mobile purchases

Mobile commerce company Neomobile announced its Onebip unit is offering a "single-click" purchase feature for its Onebip Mobile Browser. The features gives mobile consumers a quicker, more intuitive method for purchasing digital content and services such as music and video...

Dutch mobile payment joint venture splits

Dutch partners in a Netherlands' NFC mobile payments joint venture have decided to go, well, Dutch.

China Mobile develops NFC device for mobile payments

China's state-owned wireless provider, China Mobile Ltd., announced it has developed its first mobile phone supporting NFC, according to China Daily. The device is to be used to help China Mobile promote its mobile payment services, the article said. China Mobile is the world's largest wireless provider, measured by subscribers.

UK mobile payment JV may get regulatory go-ahead

The Financial Times is reporting that Project Oscar, the codename for the mobile payment joint venture between rival mobile operators in the U.K., is likely to receive regulatory approval – maybe as early as this summer. The joint venture between...

Visa Europe and Telefónica Digital ink partnership deal on mobile payments

Earlier this week it was MasterCard and Deutsche Telekom announcing a partnership to drive mobile payments and commerce in Europe. Now it's Visa's turn.

MasterCard, Deutsche Telekom to partner on European mobile payment products

Payment giant MasterCard and mobile network operator Deutsche Telekom announced their new European partnership at press conference in Berlin. The two companies will be working together to introduce mobile payment programs in Germany and Poland. "This is a huge step...

AmEx announces its own U.S. EMV roadmap

In a press announcement last week, American Express laid out the terms for its transition to EMV credit, debit and ATM transactions in the United States. The company's program is similar to that previously announced by Visa and MasterCard but...

NFC s'il vous plait: Orange to deploy NFC in France

Orange, France's largest mobile network operator, will be rolling out an NFC solution. The company said its new solution, a partnership between the carrier and digital security provider Gemalto, will open up NFC services to 27 million Orange subscribers. Orange...

China UnionPay, China Mobile partner on NFC payment venture

Chinese bank card provider China UnionPay, the only bank card available in China, is teaming with China Mobile Ltd, the state-owned telecommunications company, to create a mobile payment business using NFC technologies. Given the scale of the Chinese market, and...

HTC, MasterCard to partner on NFC payments in Taiwan

Taiwan handset-maker HTC Corp. revealed its newest smartphone and announced Taiwan's entry into the world of NFC payments with its partnership with Cathay United Bank, card issuer EasyCard Corp.

Sprint working on its own NFC wallet?

Dan Balaban at NFC Times has dropped a bit of a bombshell: Sprint is apparently working on an NFC mobile wallet of its own. And Balaban is reporting that the announcement could be as close as this summer. That's a...

MasterCard, C-SAM to provide white label mobile wallet

C-SAM Inc. and MasterCard Worldwide Inc.

Canadians get a mobile wallet of their own

The mobile payment space is heating up in Canada. A day after Canadian banks released voluntary guidelines for mobile payment technologies, CIBC and Rogers Communications announced an agreement to launch Canada's first joint mobile payment solution.

Isis names its merchant partners

And here come the merchants. Isis, the mobile payment joint venture between AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless, has already announced agreements and partnerships with card brands, POS manufacturers, card issuers and various other members of the payment food...

MasterCard certifies new NFC devices

MasterCard Worldwide announced that several near field communications-enabled smartphones have been certified on its MasterCard PayPass technology. The phones are cleared by MasterCard to meet its standards for providing secure contactless payments. The new MasterCard-certified devices include phones from BlackBerry,...

Boku exec to Amex

Showing yet again that mobile payments is experiencing a talent shortage, American Express announced it has snagged David Yoo, direct carrier biller Boku's VP of Strategy, Product and Marketing. He'll be leading Amex's Commerce Innovation team looking at new products for American Express cardholders.

EU regulators hear concerns from Google, PayPal over UK m-payment JV

The Financial Times is reporting Google and PayPal are expressing reservations about the NFC mobile payment joint venture between the U.K.'s three largest wireless carriers. The JV is currently being evaluated by EU regulators.

Visa Europe to roll out digital wallet this fall

Visa Europe said its by Visa mobile wallet will be launching this fall, making online payments easier regardless of how a customer chooses to make a purchase, either at home or on a mobile device. Consumers in the U.K.,...

Google offers unlocked Nexus loaded with Google Wallet

Google is taking its Google Wallet sales pitch directly to consumers, offering an unlocked Galaxy Nexus from Samsung on Google Play for $399. The phone will be featured in a new section of Google Play that offers Android devices. According...

Visa exec: plastic's not dying soon

Despite opinions to the contrary, Elizabeth Buse, Visa Inc.'s group president for Asia Pacific, Central Europe, Middle East and Africa, said there's still plenty of life left in plastic cards. Buse told Dow Jones Newswires the old school plastic card...

Austrian McDonalds, supermarket test NFC in the cloud.

In the world of mobile payments, one of the more contentious debates is over NFC-enabled vs. cloud-based solutions.

MasterCard to do daily deals

Payment giant MasterCard is moving into the "daily deal" space. The company said daily deal content it offers will initially be powered by a collaboration with Local Offer Network, a deal aggregator.

INSIDE Secure powers Nokia phone's NFC capabilitites

Semiconductor company INSIDE Secure announced its technology is behind the NFC capabilities available in the new Nokia Lumia 610 NFC phone released last week. The Lumia 610 NFC is the first NFC-enabled phone running Windows Phone 7 mobile operating system.

UK mobile payment partnership faces regulatory roadblock

Bloomberg is reporting that the U.K. mobile payment partnership is facing increased scrutiny from EU regulators. The joint venture by wireless carriers Vodafone Group Plc, O2 and Everything Everywhere Ltd.

Amex exec predicts 4 to 6 years for m-payment adoption

Most (but certainly not all) payment analysts and insiders consider mobile payments in some form to be a matter of when, not. But even among those who believe mobile payments are a foregone conclusion, the question of when we'll see...

Portugal Telecom pilots m-payment program

Portugal Telecom announced a new mobile wallet program open to all of its 11,000 employees. The pilot is interesting in that it features a range of mobile payments technologies at the point of sale, including NFC, QR codes and text messages.

Google looking to revamp wallet strategy?

Some major strategy changes may be coming to Google Wallet. This is according to a report by Bloomberg.

Visa Europe to invest in Mobile Money Network

The Mobile Money Network Ltd. received a boost from Visa Europe.

Google in discussions to expand Google Wallet internationally

Following on the news that Google Wallet will expand to 10 handsets through Sprint by year's end, NFC World is reporting Google Wallet is expanding in other ways too: Google is in talks to take the mobile payment platform abroad. According to a post on NFC World, Google Wallet will "definitely arrive in the U.K.

Google Wallet to be on 10 devices by year's end

Fierce Mobile Content reported Osama Bedier, VP of Google Wallet and Payments, said partner Sprint Nextel will have at least 10 phones by year's end that will support Google Wallet. The first new smartphone will be the new LG phone available this spring.

Orange offers Visa mobile accounts in Middle East, Africa

France Telecom-Orange announced that Orange Money users will have access to Visa mobile prepaid account features inside their Orange Money accounts, a significant step in bringing payments to consumers in developing markets. Orange Money is Orange's mobile phone-based payment service...

Ericsson, Western Union partner to push mobile financial services

Partnerships between mobile tech companies and financial services providers are all the rage at this year's Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, Spain. Handset manufacturer Ericsson and money transfer service Western Union joined in and announced they have entered into a...

Amdocs offers MNOs new mobile payment gateway

Amdocs, better known for providing billing and operations support to major wireless carriers, announced a new mobile payment gateway for mobile operators. The company has launched its new Amdocs Mobile Payments solution, saying the new solution is a cloud-based gateway...

Intel joins Visa in NFC, m-commerce partnership

Visa has been busy on the first day of the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona. Along with its Vodafone and Oberthur Technologies partnerships, the company is a part of a new strategic alliance with Intel Corp.

Visa offers m-payment providers slick new provisioning service

Visa Inc. is making a lot of news during the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona this week. Along with news of its partnership with Vodafone, Visa announced a new product developed in conjunction with trusted service management (TSM) company Oberthur Technologies.

Isis adds card issuers Chase, Cap One and BarclayCard as partners

Isis is adding more pieces to its mobile payment puzzle. The joint venture between AT&T Mobility, T-Mobile USA and Verizon Wireless announced three major card issuers – Chase, Capital One and Barclaycard – have agreed to enable their credit, debit and prepaid cards on the Isis Mobile Wallet.

Samsung, Visa unveil Olympic payment app

In preparation for the London 2012 Olympic and Paralympic games later this year, Visa Europe and Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd. announced the launch date of the official mobile payments application today.

MasterCard launches mobile money program to reach world's unbanked

Payment network MasterCard is launching a new program aimed at helping the more than 2.5 billion consumers worldwide who are unbanked and underbanked. The effort, called the MasterCard Mobile Money Partnership Program, will include Indian mobile services provider Comviva, mobile...

UK mobile payment JV may miss the Olympics

An article from the U.K. Telegraph reported this weekend that plans for a mobile payment joint venture between the U.K.'s largest wireless carriers, Vodafone, O2 and Everything Everywhere, are running into regulatory hurdles that may delay its plans until after...

Visa's product chief criticizes PayPal's new offline offering

As the mobile payment competition heats up, so does the rhetoric. According to the Wall Street Journal, Jim McCarthy, Visa's global head of product, criticized PayPal's new offline strategy.

Sybase partners with Telefonica on its mobile wallet

Sybase 365 will help Telefonica Digital with its soon-to-be-released digital wallet. The company, a subsidiary of Sybase Inc., said it has entered into a global, strategic partnership with Telefonica to help develop Telefonica's mWallet. The mWallet Sybase 365 will collaborate...

AT&T turns on Google Wallet

Droid Life is reporting that Google just doubled the number of wireless carriers supporting Google Wallet — from one to two. According to the report, AT&T subscribers carrying a Galaxy Nexus phone can now access and install Google Wallet through...

T-Mobile offering Square readers in stores

Wireless carrier T-Mobile USA announced it will offer Square's credit card readers in select retail stores. "The success of our small business customers is important to us," said Matt Millen, vice president of small and medium business sales at T-Mobile,...

Visa Europe sees strong m-payment growth, says digital wallet to launch in 2012

Visa Europe announced results for 2011 as well as its outlook for 2012, including its assessment of the mobile payment market for the new year. Overall, the company, which is owned and operated by its 3,700 member banks and is independent of Visa Inc., said it expects to see double digit growth this year.

Amex to license Serve platform to Chinese m-payment company

American Express is looking to expand its Serve digital wallet into global markets. The company announced a new agreement that will let Lianlian Group, a Chinese payment company, license the Serve mobile platform.

Verizon's 4G helps 3-D kiosks personalize shopping experience

A new breed of mobile commerce applications from TelePresence Tech, a 3D telepresence innovator, Verizon Wireless and Alcatel-Lucent is on display this week at the International Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas. As part of the Retail Zone section...

Visa approves mobile devices on its NFC POS technology

Visa Inc. and Visa Europe announced that NFC-enabled smartphones from Samsung Electronics, LG Electronics and Research In Motion (RIM) have been certified for use with Visa payWave, its mobile application for payments at the point of sale. "This is an...

MOBIbucks joins MEPS to offer mobile payments in Levant region

Middle East Payment Services (MEPS) and MOBIbucks announced they are partnering on the first cardless and cashless payment service in the Levant region of the Middle East. MEPS, a consortium of seven Arab Banks, provides payment processing services across the...

Turkcell adds Akbank to its mobile wallet

Turkey's largest cell provider Turkcell announced it has expanded its mobile wallet platform to include customers of Turkish bank Akbank. According to the company's announcement, holders of Akbank's Axess card will now be able to use their accounts through Turkcell's...

AT&T officially drops plans to acquire T-Mobile

It wasn't just a mobile payment story, but the purchase of T-Mobile USA by AT&T was certain to have big implications in the growing mobile payment market, most likely impacting the development of the Isis network. But that's not an issue anymore.

Three in talks to join UK payment JV?

Financial Times is reporting that U.K. carrier Three is in talks with its larger rivals about joining their mobile payment scheme.

MFoundry lands $18M investment led by MasterCard

Less than a week after announcing a new partnership with MasterCard Inc. to offer mobile payments through its mobile banking product, mFoundry announced it has received an $18 million capital investment.

MasterCard and Telefónica form Brazilian mobile wallet JV

Payment brand MasterCard and global telecom giant Telefónica announced a new joint venture aimed at offering mobile financial solutions to 65 million Vivo customers in Brazil. Vivo is Brazil's largest wireless operator and is owned by Telefónica. According to the...

Visa lets shoppers link accounts to Shopkick for bigger rewards

Visa Inc. has announced that its mobile app, Shopkick, now allows mobile users to earn more redeemable "kicks" by linking their eligible Visa debit or credit card into its new Buy & Collect program and then making qualifying purchases at...

Swedish carriers go the JV route to promote a national mobile payment effort

Swedish wireless carriers are joining their counterparts around the world and forming a joint venture to support mobile payments. In an announcement, mobile operators Telia, Tele2, Telenor and 3 said they have formed the JV with the expectation that they...

GSMA announces worldwide support for SIM-based NFC

The GSMA, the international trade organization for the wireless industry, announced 45 mobile network operators (MNOs) from around the world have pledged support for SIM-based NFC solutions and services. Among the MNOs supporting the approach are China Mobile and China Unicom, Canada's Rogers Communications, Vodaphone Group and ISIS, the U.S.

American Express to invest $100M in payment start-ups

American Express is looking to nurture the future of payments. The company announced today that it is looking to invest $100 million in digital commerce start-ups.

Trunkbow inks partnership to market mobile payments to 28M China Telecom subscribers

Chinese mobile payment provider Trunkbow International Holdings Ltd. announced a new partnership agreement with Tianyi e-Commerce Limited.

Monitise receives £24.7M from Visa Europe, acquires full ownership of its US operations

Mobile banking technology company Monitise plc made two big announcements today. Monitise announced that Visa Europe is investing £24.7 million ($39.6 million) to acquire 70.5 million new shares of the company, an 8.8 percent stake. Along with the investment, Visa...

Two BlackBerry devices receive MasterCard PayPass certification

Research in Motion has announced that two of its smartphones, the BlackBerry Bold 9900 and BlackBerry Curve 9360, have been certified by MasterCard as PayPass-approved devices, the first SIM-based NFC smartphones to receive the certification. "NFC technology is making smartphones...

MasterCard Mobile is Hungary for mobile payments

MasterCard Europe is launching a new mobile payment tool, MasterCard Mobile, for the Hungarian market along with partners Telenor, Hungarian Telekom, FHB Bank and Cellum. The company announced the news yesterday.

Oberthur Technologies, Visa Europe and Valitor bringing NFC to Iceland

Security technology company Oberthur Technologies announced it has joined a partnership with Visa Europe and Icelandic acquirer Valitor to launch an NFC contactless payment network in Iceland. "At Oberthur Technologies, we are strongly promoting NFC technologies which incorporate both straightforward...

MasterCard and Etisalat push NFC payments in UAE

MasterCard Worldwide with Research in Motion and the Middle Eastern telecom company, Etisalat, have announced a partnership to launch an NFC payment program for the United Arab Emirates. The program is also being supported by Network International and Oberthur Technologies,...

Hungarian carriers express solidarity on mobile payments

According to the Budapest Business Journal, leaders of Hungarian mobile network operators held a joint press conference today to express their cooperation on promoting NFC technologies to facilitate mobile payments. Top executives from Magyar Telekom, Telenor Magyarország and Vodafone Magyarország,...

Visa exec confirms mobile wallet product for 2012

According to tech site Pocket Lint, Steve Perry, commercial director for Visa Europe, said Visa is bringing its own NFC mobile wallet to market sometime in August or September of next year. The comments came during Visa's European security summit...

Visa adds key exec in global mobile money role

Payment giant Visa Inc. has snagged a mobile payment veteran to lead its mobile money platform to the unbanked in developing markets. The company announced yesterday that Gavin Krugel, formerly with industry association GSMA, will head customer strategy and market...

Taiwan gets its own mobile payment JV

Wireless competitors joining forces to create an NFC mobile payment joint venture is becoming the common strategy around the world. Now Taiwan is getting its own Isis-type JV, according to Chinese Economic News Service.

Visa Europe launches new P2P service

Payment processor Visa Europe is taking another step toward making mobile payments mainstream. As a part of his keynote speech at the EFMA Cards and Payment Conference in Paris, France, Visa Europe Chief Executive Peter Ayliffe announced a new service, Visa Mobile Person-to-Person.

Report: Technical issues slow rollout of Google Wallet

Not everyone seems to be happy with the way the Google Wallet is being rolled out.

New survey shows consumers hold carriers responsible for mobile security

A study released by AdaptiveMobile today has some implications for mobile payments, especially the wireless carriers looking to get into the mobile payment space. AdaptiveMobile's survey finds that data security is more important to U.S. cellphone users than call quality.

Visa's Latin American, Caribbean growth strategy is working

Payment giant Visa Inc. released some numbers today showing its Latin America and Carribbean strategy is working well.

Korean telecom KT to make NFC payments available on iPhone

KT, the South Korean telecom company, announced it is launching a mobile wallet service for the Apple iPhone. According to the Korea Herald, KT, South Korea's second-largest mobile operator behind SK Telecom, will introduce a new case for the iPhone...

MasterCard does its own sneak peek

First it was PayPal giving a "sneak peek" of its new offline mobile payment strategy, and now MasterCard has done its own surreptitious reveal. At an analyst event on Thursday in New York City, MasterCard gave several tech sites a...

Bango provides billing services for Opera Mobile Store

The market for mobile payments is already beginning to fragment, leading to some interesting specialization. One such case is Bango Inc.

PaymentOne adds Telefónica Germany to roster of wireless partners

Direct carrier biller PaymentOne is getting on the Telefónica bandwagon. The company announced today it has entered into a direct carrier billing relationship with Telefónica Germany, a unit of global telecom giant Telefónica SA. Telefónica announced earlier this week its...

Isis reportedly a $100 million venture

Bloomberg is reporting that sources with knowledge of the inner workings of Isis, the mobile payment joint venture between Verizon Wireless, AT&T Inc. and T- Mobile USA, have estimated planned total investment by the three carriers at more than $100 million.

Telefónica and BlueVia select BOKU as billing partner

BlueVia, the global developer program of wireless giant Telefónica, today announced the release of a new billing API that lets developers and merchants link in-app payments to mobile operator bills without additional authentication. BlueVia also selected direct carrier biller BOKU Inc.

DIMOCO makes direct carrier billing available across Austria

DIMOCO, a provider of mobile transaction processing in Central and Eastern Europe, announced it is now offering direct carrier billing for all four mobile network operators in that country. According to the company's release, carrier billing has only been available...

BOKU reaches all of France with two new deals

Thirty-two million French cellphone subscribers now have an easier way to pay for content on their phones. Direct carrier biller BOKU announced today it has expanded its services to French carriers Bouygues Telecom and SFR.

Verizon Wireless teams with Intuit to offer GoPayment mobile POS

Verizon Wireless and Intuit Inc. announced today that Intuits's GoPayment mobile point-of-sale application and credit card reader will be available through Verizon Wireless' 2,300 retail stores and business-to-business sales channels. The GoPayment app lets small businesses process credit and debit card transactions on smartphones and tablets.

Report: Rogers Wireless to introduce NFC payments to Canada

NFC Times is reporting Canadian mobile network operator Rogers Wireless is set to launch an NFC payment method. According to NFC Times' sources, Rogers Wireless, Canada's largest MNO, is looking to collaborate with a bank and card brand, most likely...

Vodafone to offer direct carrier billing for European Android developers

The Vodafone developer blog announced the company is going to make it easier for Android developers to monetize their content. Vodafone said Vodafone UK and Vodafone Germany will roll out direct carrier billing for the Android Market so that consumers...

Zong snapped up by eBay, added to PayPal

Online auction company eBay Inc. announced it completed its acquisition of direct carrier biller Zong.

Isis signs C-SAM to partner on mobile wallet, SDK

Isis continues to sign new partners to help it bring its mobile payment network to life. The latest addition is C-SAM Inc., a provider of secure mobile transaction technology.

Amex and Verizon collaborate to offer Serve

American Express is expanding its Serve platform, this time to Verizon Wireless customers.

Nigerian telecom to launch mobile money service in August

A report from Nigeria's Business Day says that MTN, the largest telecom in Nigeria, will launch its mobile money services in that country in August. The program will cover MTN's more than 40 million subscribers, bringing them access to financial...

It's alive! Google Wallet gets turned on

According to the site SprintFeed, citing an internal memo from SprintNextel Corp., Google's Nexus S 4G smartphone on the Sprint wireless network is set to get a major software update on July 11. Among the enhancements listed on the memo, the new software "enables the NFC Secure Element." In other words, the Google Wallet is alive.

Zong acquired by eBay for $240M

UPDATED: Online auction company eBay Inc. announced it has agreed to acquire Zong, a direct carrier biller, for approximately $240 million in cash.

Isis selects Austin for second pilot program

Isis selects Austin for second pilot program

The Austin (Texas) American-Statesman is reporting Austin is joining Salt Lake City as a test location for the Isis Network, the NFC mobile payment joint venture between AT&T Inc. Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile USA.

UK wireless carriers form mobile payment JV

Everything Everywhere, Telefónica UK and Vodafone UK, the U.K.'s largest wireless carriers, today announced the creation of a new m-commerce joint venture (JV) between the companies to support the development and adoption of mobile payments in the U.K. The new...

Verizon working on non-Isis mobile payment option (UPDATED)

(UPDATED) According to the Wall Street Journal, Verizon Wireless will be offering another mobile payment option that isn't related to the ISIS Network, its joint venture with AT&T Inc. and T-Mobile USA. The article said Verizon is working with direct carrier biller Payfone Inc.

VeriFone reports on Q2, highlights mobile payments potential

Electronic payment provider VeriFone Systems Inc. announced strong results the quarter ending April 30.

PayPal says Google stole its Wallet (UPDATED)

(UPDATED) Claiming on its company blog that spending time in a courtroom isn't its thing, PayPal quickly followed Google's announcement of its new online payment method by filing a lawsuit against Google for stealing trade secrets and poaching employees. The...

Google to announce NFC payment program, partners include Sprint, MasterCard and Citi

(UPDATED) Sources familiar with plans say the much rumored Google mobile payment product using near field communication (NFC) technologies will finally be announced this week. Bloomberg is reporting that Google will announce on Thursday that it is partnering with wireless carrier Sprint Nextel Corp.

Mastercard study: Consumers eager to make mobile purchases

A study released by global payment giant MasterCard Worldwide found that consumers, especially younger consumers, are ready to trade their wallets for their phones. According to the survey, 62 percent of Americans with cell phones would be open to using...

CEO says Isis still on target

There has been plenty of chatter lately about the future of ISIS. The joint venture launched last year by AT&T Inc., Verizon Wireless and T-Mobile USA was expected to have a mobile payment method based on near field communications (NFC) by sometime this year.

AT&T exec says Durbin Amendment partially to blame for Isis' shift

According to a story from Reuters, AT&T’s head of business solutions, John Stankey, said the Dodd-Frank financial reform law passed last year played a role Isis’ recent change in direction. According to the report, Stankey said the law’s Durbin Amendment,...

Visa preparing to announce mobile payment strategy this month

The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Visa Inc. CEO Joseph Saunders said a "significant" announcement regarding the credit card processor's mobile payments plans could be made as early as next week.  According to the article, Saunders did not provide any additional details on the announcement.

MasterCard CEO says company is looking at all mobile payment scenarios

MasterCard CEO says company is looking at all mobile payment scenarios

On an earnings call with analysts today, MasterCard Inc. President and CEO Ajay Banga addressed mobile payments.

Visa launches mobile coupon program with Gap

Credit card brand Visa Inc. announced it is moving into mobile coupons and is working with retailer Gap to deliver real-time discounts and promotions to consumers via SMS text messages. The new mobile service is being enabled by Visa's global processing network, according to the announcement.

Amex announces partnership with Payfone

American Express Co. today announced a partnership with mobile payment start-up Payfone Inc.

AT&T announces Digby Mobile Commerce Solutions

AT&T today announced a new service, Digby Mobile Commerce from AT&T, created specifically for retailers to aid in design, deployment and management of mobile commerce websites and rich applications optimized for smartphones. Digby Mobile Commerce provides an interface for consumers...

Isis to pilot first program in Salt Lake City

Isis, the recently-formed mobile payment network, announced it will begin its first pilot program in early-to-mid 2012 in Salt Lake City, Utah. Network officials also said it will work with the Utah Transit Authority (UTA) to make contactless payments available...

Sprint reveals its NFC plans

According to a report by Bloomberg, Sprint Nextel Corp. is finally making its mobile payment plans public.

Visa, Samsung bring NFC to London '12 Olympic games

Samsung Electronics Co. Ltd and Visa Inc.

Amex enters P2P payment space

American Express today announced a new digital payment and commerce platform called Serve. The company said the platform gives consumers a new way to spend, send and receive money. According to the announcement, Serve lets consumers make purchases and send...

Google teams with MasterCard, Citigroup on NFC payments

Citing sources familiar with the program, the Wall Street Journal reports today that Google Inc. is teaming with MasterCard Inc.

Visa announces new P2P service

Credit card brand Visa Inc. announced a new person-to-person (P2P) money transfer service for U.S.

BilltoMobile inks deal with Sprint

Mobile payment provider BilltoMobile announced it has completed an agreement with wireless carrier Sprint Nextel Corp. The agreement allows Sprint subscribers to charge purchases of digital goods from BilltoMobile's online merchants directly to their wireless bills. Direct mobile billing methods...

Deutsche Telekom spoils Apple's NFC surprise?

Reports from Deutsche Telekom's press conference at the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona seem to confirm Apple's entry into the world of mobile payments. In a pre-conference press release, Deutsche Telekom AG, the parent company of wireless carrier T-Mobile, announced...

Visa adds to mobile commerce capabilities with acquisition of PaySpan

San Francisco-based credit card giant Visa Inc. announced it will be acquiring PlaySpan Inc., a mobile payment company that enables the purchase of digital goods in the online space.

Ericsson to launch mobile money service

Ericsson, the Swedish telecom equipment manufacturer, announced the launch of Ericsson Money Services, a new business line offering mobile financial services. According to the company, Ericsson Money Services and its Money Interconnect Service will give wireless carriers, banks and service...

New mobile payment network in France announced

The three largest telecom providers in France — Bouygues Telecom, Orange and SFR — today announced a new joint venture called Buyster. The telecom providers are being joined in the JV by the French financial and technical services company Atos Origin S.A.

O2 to enter UK NFC market soon

According to a Computer Weekly article, O2 UK, the U.K.’s second largest telecom provider, will be announcing its own near field communication (NFC) payment system in the second half of 2011. James Le Brocq, managing director of financial services at...

World's first virtual payment card program launches in Africa

airtel Africa, a division of India-based Bharti Airtel Ltd, has partnered with U.K. bank Standard Chartered and MasterCard Worldwide to launch the first "virtual card" payment method.

Visa and Wireless Dynamics test iPhone mobile payment solution in Europe

Visa and Wireless Dynamics test iPhone mobile payment solution in Europe

In yet more news on near field communication (NFC) technologies and payments, Visa Europe and Wireless Dynamics Inc. have announced the deployment of a mobile payment application for iPhones to customers in Turkey. The application requires an accessory from Wireless...

BOKU and BilltoMobile announce cooperative agreement

While stories regarding near field communication (NFC) technologies are grabbing considerable attention this week, developments in other forms of mobile payments continue. Earlier this week two direct mobile billing (DMB) companies, BOKU and BilltoMobile, announced a cooperative agreement to provide...

Telefónica and MasterCard announce mobile payment joint venture in Latin America

MasterCard Inc. and Spanish telecom giant Telefónica SA today announced the creation of a joint venture providing mobile financial solutions to customers in Latin America. According to the announcement, each partner will own 50 percent of the new venture.

Next gen iPhones, iPads to support NFC

According to Bloomberg, Apple Inc. will ship the next generation of its iPhones for AT&T Inc.

MasterCard confirms NFC expert to join company

In a statement released today, MasterCard WorldWide confirmed that NFC expert Mung-Ki Woo has been hired as Group Executive, Mobile. Woo's move from France Telecom-Orange Group to MasterCard was reported last week but neither Orange nor MasterCard would discuss the...

Intuit's GoPayment tries freemium offer

It looks like Intuit’s GoPayment is taking the gloves off. According to Fortune Magazine’s Michal Lev-Ram, Intuit began offering a freemium version of its mobile credit card service beginning last week.

MasterCard hires NFC exec Woo?

In another hiring move certain to fuel speculation, NFC Times reports that MasterCard has hired Mung-Ki Woo to run its mobile payment and m-commerce business. Woo will be reporting into the head of MasterCard's emerging payments group.  If true, the move would be a clear indication that MasterCard is ramping up its NFC efforts.

Carriers to announce mobile payments venture

Major telecom firms Verizon Wireless, AT&T Inc. and T-Mobile USA have joined with Discover Financial Services and Barclays Plc and are preparing to announce a joint plan to offer mobile payments in the United States, according to reports by Reuters,...

Researchers find security flaw in chip-and-PIN payment system

The United Kingdom's Retail Week reports that researchers at Cambridge University have tricked a chip-and-PIN payment system into authenticating a payment when no valid PIN is present. The exploit uses what is called a "man-in-the-middle" attack, which involves the thief...

German company releases cell-phone sticker for contactless MasterCard PayPass payments

Munich, Germany-based Giesecke & Devrient is providing a new form factor for debit cards in Europe.   According to a news release from Giesecke & Devrient, the Convego Air Mobile is a sticker that enables a user to conduct contactless payments with a mobile device.

MasterCard to launch mobile P-to-P payments, money transfer

American Banker: In the person-to-person transfer business, text messaging is so 2008. MasterCard Inc.

Nokia makes high-dollar investment in mobile payments startup

Yahoo! News: Nokia Corp., the world's largest maker of cell phones, is making a large investment in California-based Obopay Inc., a startup that's pushing person-to-person mobile-payments technology. The amount of the investment was not disclosed, but the startup made a...

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