MIT COOP now accepts Bitcoin

BitPay will process bitcoin transactions at the school's bookstore.

GoCoin to process digital currency transactions for Apriva

Strategic technology partnership allows Apriva resellers to offer merchants Bitcoin, Litecoin and Dogecoin acceptance.

Big Apple, Big D get Bitcoin ATMs

Manhattan got its first Bitcoin ATM this week, as did Dallas. But surprisingly, neither of these mega metro areas is the first in its state to stick a pin in a United States Bitcoin ATM locator map.

GoCoin enables SMS billing

Virtual currency company helps merchants accept bitcoin and alternative coing such as litecoin and dogecoin.

Braintree might accept bitcoin transactions soon

The Wall Street Journal reported eBay executives are in discussion with companies such as Coinbase to enable cryptocurrency acceptance.

Changecoin expands digital tipping across social media products

ChangeTip is now available for YouTube, Google Plus and Tumblr as a bitcoin tipping product.

Dish Network officially accepts its first Bitcoin payment

Austin and Beccy Craig, who star in a new documentary about Bitcoin, were the first customers to pay with the digital currency.

Canada claims Bitcoin throne

Canada can claim first place for number of Bitcoin ATMs, or BTMs, according to BTM provider CAVIRTEX, which launched six new machines in Toronto and has plans for four more in Vancouver, Niagara, Ottawa and Halifax. Canada now has more...

CFPB issues advisory on digital currency risk, invites consumer complaints

The CFPB has previously shown an inclination toward rule-making in response to consumer complaints; now it has Bitcoin and other digital currencies in its sights.

Bitcoin Foundation puts New York on the spot over BitLicense proposal

The foundation proposes an exhaustive cycle of drafts, comment periods, re-drafts, and more comment periods in order to thoroughly vet the proposed regulations.

Global Payments to offer bitcoin acceptance

Payment solution provider Global Payments Inc. announced that it has signed a referral agreement with BitPay that will allow Global Payments to incorporate cryptocurrency into its product suite and to offer bitcoin payment acceptance to its worldwide merchants.

Coveted Bitcoin domain sold for $1.1 million

The owner of a cryptocurrency mining equipment seller has purchased the coveted domain, according to multiple reports. Josh Garza, CEO of Conn.-based GAWMiners, bought the domain for $1.1 million from Domain Guardians, which advertises itself as a boutique domain...

BitPay offers merchants free, basic payment processing

Bitcoin processor BitPay this week announced it is offering merchants free, basic payment processing, the company wrote in its blog. "Our free processing allows merchants to use any plugin, API or app from BitPay's library and grants them access to...

German Bitcoin ATM-maker will go big in the US with 1,000 deployments

By bringing its product into the U.S. market, BitXatm hopes to demonstrate stability of the Bitcoin system and stimulate mass adoption of cryptocurrency.

Risk management company expands coverage of AML product for cryptocurrencies

IdentityMind Global, a provider of risk management and payments products, announced today in a press release the international expansion of its anti-money laundering solution for Bitcoin and altcoins, including their low-cost Ignite program for Bitcoin startup companies. With its newly...

BritCoin the latest virtual currency to make its debut

There's a new virtual currency on the market and it's called BritCoin. William Thomas, who is BritCoin's creator, told the International Business Times in an interview that this new virtual currency is meant to correct some inherent flaws with Bitcoin...

Coinbase makes it easier to refill bitcoin wallet

Bitcoin digital wallet provider Coinbase over the weekend introduced a way for users to refill their account after a purchase, according to a blog post on the company's website. Users can immediately restock their bitcoin wallet from the checkout page when they click the "Repurchase" button after completing an order.

Dell to test bitcoin acceptance

Yet another computer hardware provider is accepting bitcoin as payment. Dell Friday announced on its community blog that it has partnered with Coinbase to accept the virutal currency on its website for both consumer and business purchases. Dell calls this...

New York releases proposed BitLicense regulatory framework for virtual currency firms

Benjamin M. Lawsky, superintendent of financial services, today announced that the New York State Department of Financial Services has issued for public comment a proposed "BitLicense" regulatory framework for New York virtual currency businesses.

French regulators to limit Bitcoin anonymity

French regulators will enforce rules that require entities distributing the popular crypto-currency to confirm the identity of accountholders.

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