Mobile Payments Today releases new Mobile Wallet Comparison Guide

Choosing the right mobile wallet can be tricky and time consuming, but we've done the research for you! The 2016 Mobile Wallet Comparison Guide gathers in one spot a compendium of the industry's top mobile wallets, compiling their differing capabilities...

Plutus raises more than $1M for contactless bitcoin payments

Plutus Tap & Pay has officially raised more than $1 million in a crowdfunding campaign for bitcoin and Ethereum contactless payments. The company plans to launch an Android app that will make these NFC payments a reality, according to a...

Bitcoin wallet enables payments via Twitter

The bitcoin wallet iPayYou has launched its "Pay-by-Twitter" feature. With this tool, users can make peer-to-peer payments on Twitter, according to a press release. The company already enables users to send bitcoin through email.

North Carolina passes bitcoin bill

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory recently signed into law a new bill that expands the Money Transmitters Act to include virtual currency. The law defines virtual currency as a "medium of exchange," but not as currency, according to a report by Econo Times. The legislation, H.B.

Brexit leads to bitcoin surge

Bitcoin's value hit $650 this weekend in the aftermath of the U.K.'s decision to leave the EU, known as Brexit. Following the decision, the pound plummeted in value, and many Brits turned to bitcoin, according to numerous news reports. Bitcoin...

Coinbase founder declares Ethereum more advanced than bitcoin

Coinbase co-founder Fred Ehrsam recently declared that the virtual currency Ethereum is ahead of bitcoin and represents the future of virtual currency. On his blog, he argued, "There is nothing that bitcoin can do which Ethereum can't." Ehrsam listed several reasons why he believes Ethereum is outperforming bitcoin.

Mt. Gox lawsuit dismissed by Canadian court

A class-action lawsuit against the defunct bitcoin exchange Mt. Gox has been dismissed in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice.

Blockchain and bitcoin conference coming to Prague

At the conference, experts will share their knowledge on the current state of blockchain and bitcoin in a variety of industries.

UK grants electronic money license to bitcoin company

Boston-based bitcoin company Circle has officially received an electronic money license from Britain. With this license, Circle will be able to work with big banks on money transfers.

Microsoft will accept bitcoin, correcting earlier reports

Earlier, Microsoft released a statement on its website that it would not accept bitcoin. It has now corrected that statement and claims it will continue to accept the virtual currency.

Japan considers making bitcoin legal currency

Japan's Liberal Democratic party is considering changing the laws to define virtual currency as legal currency. With this change, bitcoin and other virtual currencies could be regulated and taxed more closely.

Global payments hub goes boldly into blockchain territory

DH says it is the first industry provider to offer a secure, closed-loop distributed ledger system to connect bank networks, move money in real-time, and improve access to liquidity.

JPMorgan tests blockchain for loan streamlining

The banking giant has begun to experiment with the blockchain. It plans to utilize the technology for loan settlements.

Mobile Payments Today report shows consumers not ready to embrace change

This year's state-of-the-Industry report contains 50-plus pages of charts, comparison data and actionable advice.

Netflix executive considers bitcoin for payments

Recently, Netflix launched its streaming service to more than 130 new countries; however payments remain a challenge. During a Q&A session, Netflix CFO David Wells brought up bitcoin as a possible solution to this problem

London startup develops NFC-enabled bitcoin mobile app

Plutus has announced the development of a new app that will enable users to send bitcoin payments to more than 32 million merchants worldwide.

Mobile Payments Today seeks editorial contributors, bloggers

We're looking for high-level thought leadership pieces that are free of a marketing pitch.

Uphold adds more P2P funding options

This is the second phase of the company's global rollout, following the recent rollout of similar functionality in Europe announced in October.

Microsoft working on faster blockchain

Microsoft is launching its own version of the blockchain, which reports indicate is almost 40 times faster than the bitcoin blockchain.

Bitcoin founder nominated for Nobel Prize in Economics

A ULCA professor nominated the anonymous bitcoin founder known only as Satoshi Nakamoto and has offered to accept the prize on his behalf if he does not show up to claim it.

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