Coinbase releases new wallet and merchant apps

Bitcoin wallet provider Coinbase has released a point-of-sale app enabling merchants to accept Bitcoin payments in-person on a mobile device, along with an updated Android 2.0 consumer app. The San Francisco-based company has so far raised $31 million in investment,...

Indian Bitcoin exchange closes amid regulatory warnings and tax inspections

India's largest Bitcoin trading platform,, closed on Dec. 26 as a result of regulatory warnings from the Reserve Bank of India, according to The Hindu. On Dec.

With virtual gift token patent, eBay signals PayPal currency plans

A patent for gift tokens filed by eBay at the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office could signal the creation of an alternative to Bitcoin for use with PayPal, according to PandoDaily. "Systems and methods are disclosed for giving gifts in the form of secure tokens," reads eBay's patent, which was published on Dec.

European Banking Authority issues virtual currency warning

The European Banking Authority has issued a warning about the unregulated nature of virtual currencies such as Bitcoin, and the risk to consumers of buying, holding or trading these currencies. The EBA, a regulatory agency of the European Union, said...

Coinbase passes 650,000 user threshold

U.S. Bitcoin wallet Coinbase said it now has more than 650,000 users.

Bitcoin price tumbles after China processing ban

This month has been neither merry nor bright for Bitcoin. Since Dec.

Bitcoin firm Coinbase raises $25 million

Bitcoin wallet and platform provider Coinbase has raised $25 million in Series B funding. The San Francisco-based company said it now has 600,000 consumer users of its Bitcoin wallet along with 16,000 merchants, and is averaging 10,000 new customer sign-ups...

JPMorgan patent application looks a lot like Bitcoin

Is Bitcoin vulnerable to similar products? JPMorgan Chase & Co. apparently thinks so. ValueWalk, citing a story in the Financial Times (which requires a subscription), reports that the banking giant has filed a patent for a system that sounds quite similar to Bitcoin.

Chinese Central Bank bans banks from Bitcoin transactions

The People's Bank of China has ruled that Bitcoin is not a proper currency and has barred Chinese banks from handling it, Finextra reports. According to the site, the People's Bank of China said Bitcoin is a virtual good, not...

China Telecom launches mobile wallet

China Telecom, the country's third largest mobile operator, has launched a mobile wallet in partnership with more than 10 Chinese banks. The partners for its "E-Surfing Mobile Wallet" include Bank of China, The Agricultural Bank of China, China Construction Bank...

Dutch police say phishers used Bitcoin to launder stolen funds

Cybercrime police in the Netherlands have arrested four men for allegedly stealing $1.4 million from banking customers and then using Bitcoin in an attempt to launder the funds. According to Information Week, the men are accused of employing the banking...

Norwegian man reaps Bitcoin bonanza

A young man man in Norway who bought Bitcoins as part of a research project is smiling after learning the investment could be worth up to $1 million. According to The Guardian, Kristoffer Koch spent about $27 for 5,000 Bitcoins...

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