South African bank expands mobile payment service to small businesses

Absa, South Africa’s largest consumer bank, announced it is expanding its CashSend mobile payment product to meet the needs of small business customers, according to South African news outlet The New Age. The new commercial service, called CashSend Plus, is...

Survey: integration with mobile phones is a top priority for ATM deployers

Banks and other ATM deployers view integration of ATMs with smartphones as key in the ongoing development of the ATM channel, said Ian Kerr, CEO of Level Four Software Ltd., a Dundee, Scotland-based software developer.The growing use of smartphones will...

Company develops more intelligent video surveillance software

According to a press release, BS/2, a developer of software solutions for the banking sector, has developed ATMeye.iQ, an application that gives self-service devices face-recognition functions, automatic detection of skimming devices and remote control by mobile devices. The face recognition...

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