Cellum gives boost to all-electric Green Taxi with app payment functionality

Budapest, August 16, 2016 – Leading European mobile wallet provider Cellum is deepening its long-running involvement in the transport sector via a new partnership with Green Taxi, an environmentally-friendly taxi company based in the Hungarian capital of Budapest that runs a fleet made up entirely of electric vehicles.

With the addition of Cellum’s Plug&Pay technology, Green Taxi’s existing app, which lets passengers order rides and monitor fares, will allow users to securely register their bank cards in the company’s mobile app and use it to pay fares and tip drivers. Cellum’s solution also allows Green Taxi’s corporate partners to register the same card for multiple employees, offering better controls on employee spending as well as savings on cash and company bank card-related administration. Meanwhile, the Green Taxi app will use an “opt-in” model giving passengers the power to confirm transactions, which stands in contrast to the model used by Uber and many other ridesharing services.

Green Taxi is enhancing its operations following a decision by Uber last month to exit the Hungarian market in the face of opposition from existing operators and heightened regulation of the sector.

“Green Taxi was the only Hungarian taxi company that did not protest but instead welcomed Uber in Budapest,” said Cellum Global CEO János Kóka. “They have now decided to introduce a payment experience in their application similar to that of the recently shut-down ridesharing service, and they chose Cellum for this end,” added Kóka.

“Green Taxi, like Uber, has defined innovation as a community principle among its core values when launching the venture,” said Green Taxi CEO Örs Lévay. “Green Taxi is more than just a transport company; we are a business driven by community values. Our goal is to introduce quality services, such as the mobile payment of fares, that go beyond traditional passenger services.”

The partnership with Green Taxi is just the latest in a series of solutions Cellum has provided to firms in the transport sector since its founding more than a decade ago, including remote payment for on-street parking and highway tolls.

Using the Split Secret technology embedded in the Plug&Pay SDK, payments are processed via a banking-grade security system, with card data encrypted and fragmented, effectively reducing the chance for fraud in the payments chain to zero.

“Today’s consumers are very conscious, they not only expect convenience, but also security and the ability to control their spending, and we are committed to meeting these needs,” said Kóka.

About Cellum

Cellum is a leading multinational mobile wallet provider based in Europe. Its innovations make transactions via smartphones easy and secure. The company’s banking-grade security solutions cover all areas of m-commerce, including mobile commerce and payments as well as NFC (contactless) technologies. Cellum is PCI DSS 3.1 Level 1 compliant, being one of the first mobile payment service providers in the world to comply with the most important security standard of the top global card companies.

Systems operated by Cellum currently manage nearly two million secure mobile transactions per month, and the company counts among its customers and partners MasterCard, Vodafone, Magyar Telekom, Telenor, Erste Bank, OTP Bank, PaysBuy, fastacash, MyPay, Kalixa and Credorax. It has signed a deal with leading Indonesian handset manufacturer Evercoss, bringing its preinstalled m-wallet to over 5 million Evercross branded handsets.

Established in 2000, the company began a major international expansion in 2011, establishing subsidiaries in several European, North American and Asian markets.

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About Green Taxi

Green Taxi has been operating since late 2015 under the majority ownership of internet service provider Externet. The entire fleet – currently standing 65 cars – consists of 100% electric cars. The goal of the company is to promote environmentally conscious mobility, and is the only taxi company in Hungary that operates environmentally friendly vehicles. Green Taxi is committed to innovation and social responsibility, and hopes to create value for both consumers and corporate customers.

For further information, contact:
Ádám Katona

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