Auriga outline their vision for customer-centric banking

The banking software solutions Company Auriga has published a White Paper on how Smart ATMs can be used to put the customer back at the heart of banking.

As banks increasingly use technology to offer more and more traditional branch services it is important customers feel they have retained a connection to their bank. It is not enough to simply offer a quick transaction on a machine.

Auriga’s research has found that although people are comfortable with ATMs for a number of transactions, ATMs in the UK are lagging behind their European counterparts in terms of their capabilities, limiting their suitability as a replacement for bank branches.

Smart ATMs may be able to fill this gap as well as improving customer loyalty. By ensuring customers are able to get everything they want from a visit to their bank’s Smart ATM the incentive to go elsewhere is removed. Smart ATMs could be used to offer cheque deposit, cash deposit, cardless withdrawals, bill payments, change of personal details, international payments, payment of council bills and making an appointment with a personal adviser.

Auriga’s software is able to completely integrate a customer’s experience across all channels, whether online, mobile or at an ATM, and it is this which will fundamentally put the person back at the heart of the relationship between a customer and their bank.

The full White Paper can be found at this link.

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