IDology aims to enhance security in mobile commerce

IDology, a company that specializes in multilayered identity verification and fraud prevention, has announced the addition of two digital authentication products, ExpectID Mobile Authentication and ExpectID Secure SMS, to its fully integrated platform, according to a press release.

The company said in the announcement that the new products are designed to help companies increase customer success in the digital environment and securely authenticate new and existing customers, while eliminating factors that negatively impact the customer experience.

"The use of unsafe and vulnerable one-time passcodes is no longer viable," IDology CEO John Dancu said in a statement. "It's time for businesses to reimagine digital authentication so they can serve a growing base of mobile customers with an experience that is simple, fast and frictionless, while also deterring digital fraud."

IDology's new digital authentication products monitor and account for all types of digital fraud and high-frequency mobile change events such as SIM cloning, SIM swapping and recycled phone numbers, according to the announcement.

Information is captured and provided automatically in real time, enabling businesses to determine the safety of an interaction and make an educated decision whether to escalate it to another authentication method.

Topics: Handsets / Devices, Security

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