Steven Gurley / Steve Gurley is broadly recognized as an industry expert and thought-leader in mobile and mobile content management solutions. He is a widely published author of numerous papers, articles and blogs on mobility and serves on numerous mobile advisory boards and committees, including serving as the current chairman of the Digital Screenmedia Association's committee on mobile. Steve is currently the President and CEO of Pyrim Technologies, a mobile business and new market development company.
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The mobile commerce revolution: Are you prepared?

Steve Gurley, CEO and Chief Consultant for Pyrim Technologies, offers 10 questions to help one determine their level of understanding and preparedness for the coming mobile storm.

Mobile Wallets: What does Linda think?

Many years of observation have revealed that my wife, Linda, is fairly representative of the average consumer when it pertains to the adoption of new technologies. If she likes something, it’s fairly predictable that masses will as well.

Mobile Wallet: What's your value prop?

Mobile wallet offerings need to give consumers what they really want.

Oh no! Here we go again

Mobile Payments Today recently had an article entitled: "Wal-Mart Exec Says ‘No’ to Google Wallet, NFC." Not long after the article was published, I had people flooding my in-box with both shrieks of panic saying: "Oh no! You’re doomed!" and...

But they didn't

Apple could have done so much more with its newest iPhone.

Educating The Mobile Industry

The digital signage industry is becoming aware of mobility, but the same can't be said about the mobile industry becoming more aware of the digital signage industry. An effort is underway to change this.

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