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Vritti The Mobile Payments Guide Edition 8 Mahindra Comviva

What will drive the next wave of mobile payments and digital commerce? This edition of Vritti will answer this question  on everyone’s mind.

Vritti The Mobile Payments Guide Edition 7 Mahindra Comviva

In Edition 7 of Vritti, we turn spotlight on digital payments in India in "Towards a Cash-light India in a Post-demonetization Era".

Vritti The Mobile Payments Guide Edition 6 Mahindra Comviva

In Vritti Edition 6, we provide you with a rich selection of articles covering NFC, IOT, growing mobile wallet market in the Middle East and the role of mobile money in rehabilitating refugees in conflict zones.

Vritti The Mobile Payments Guide Edition 5 Mahindra Comviva

For the finale, we try to solve the prepaid puzzle in "Solving the Prepaid Puzzle".

Vritti The Mobile Payments Guide Edition 4 Mahindra Comviva

We bring you the latest and the freshest developments from the world of telecom and payments, whether it is block-chain technology or internet of things & payments.

VRITTI The Mobile Payments Guide Edition 3| Mahindra Comviva

To raise a toast to the year to come, we have compiled for you an array of delectable delights. Learn about how gamification is becoming a powerful tool for customer education while saving big bucks across industries in ‘A Game Plan’.

Vritti | Mobile Payments Guide Mahindra Comviva First Edition

I am delighted to share the inaugural issue of our quarterly customer newsletter "Vritti". Vritti, literally "whirlpool" in Sanskrit, seems to resonate well with the constant innovation and disruption we see in the mobile financial landscape today.

Vritti | Mobile Payments Guide Mahindra Comviva 2nd Edition

Read on biometrics as means to combat financial fraud including identity theft in “mobilution”. With Payment Bank licenses being issued in India, we have tried to bring to light what these entities can do, their business model and key challenges that await payment banks in “trending now”.

Driving Financial Inclusion Initiatives Using Mobile Technologies

Financial inclusion or inclusive financing is the delivery of financial services at affordable costs to sections of disadvantaged and low-income segments of society. An estimated 2.5 billion working-age adults globally have no access to the types of formal financial services delivered by regulated financial institutions.

Hyper-Local Commerce via BLE

For a merchant, the ability to identify a consumer's location and deliver timely, relevant information, coupons, discounts, advertising, and marketing messages is a powerful, compelling proposition that, if handled correctly, can bring significant benefits to consumer and merchant alike.

The Rise of Mobile POS

Mobile point of sale (mPOS) has introduced a new dynamic into the mobile proximity payments market. Between 2010 and 2011, approximately 1.2 million mPOS solutions were shipped to MasterCard merchants globally; and 75% of those merchants had not previously been able to accept card payments.

Digital wallet dynamics

Digital wallets have the potential to create new revenue opportunities and help with service enhancement and differentiation, for a wide range of players from very different ecosystems spanning mobile, retail and financial services.

Infographic - Accelerating Growth of Digital Currency in Africa

Infographic from Mahindra Comviva showing transaction trends, customer base and consumption behavior.

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