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78% of retailers are not able to guarantee in-store application performance,
while 88% confirm it negativelyimpacts their customer satisfaction.


Since the advent of online retailing, the trend towards omni-channel - and more recently, unified commerce – has set higher shopper experience expectations than ever!

This process, however, has brought increasing complexity for retailers, as two-thirds confirm that offering a modern, in-store digital-enhanced shopping experience to customers is a real challenge for them.

High volume network traffic generated by an ever increasing number of applications at the store can be problematic especially at peak shopping times. As retailers add killer applications relying on rich media, real-time voice and video, coupled with guest Wi-Fi for shoppers and assisted selling mobile devices for associates delivering unified communications, mobile apps, web content, cloud-based business apps, and interactive customer applications - the store network struggles to keep up with this digital transformation.

An inability to guarantee a good user experience can sidetrack a retailer’s digital transformation plans for the store!

In a recent survey conducted by EIQ Research for InfoVista found that 86% of retailers view a user experience standard as extremely important or critical while 72% of retailers currently have a defined user experience standard for application performance.

Why then do many retailers fail to deliver a great in-store user experience?

The same survey found that 74% of retailers cite the network as impeding a good user experience,while at the same time 98% say their in-store network is unable to keep up with growing customer demands. 

The reality is that the store network, a critical part of store technology infrastructure, has the greatest impact on a successful digital transformation of the store. Whether you are deploying:

  • Assisted Selling apps to your store associates
  • Mobile-based associate training apps
  • Guest Wi-Fi for your customers
  • Content delivery for digital signage
  • Personalized offers for your customers
  • RFID technology for inventory management
  • Unified commerce enabled POS and mobile POS
  • or any other customer or associate facing application in the store

your network determines the quality of experience those solutions will deliver! Retailers that want to control that experience need an application aware SD-WAN solution for their store network. Not all SD-WAN solutions are created equal, and only InfoVista's Ipanema solution delivers the tools you need to protect and guarantee the performance level and quality of experience your customers and associates need to increase your conversion rates, improve customer satisfaction, and drive store revenues! Retailers around the world who have deployed our solutions have seen up to 40% increases in holiday season conversion rates.

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Ipanema, the Application Aware SD-WAN

Ipanema, the Application Aware SD-WAN, ensures critical applications for the in-store experience & store operations are delivered with the most robust performance, reliability & agility – enabling higher conversion rates, empowered associates and operational efficiency. Don't let your network impede your in-store experience Learn more »
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