Fortumo’s Bundling Platform helps digital content merchants be smart about user acquisition and customer lifecycle management by making mobile operator bundle partnerships highly flexible and scalable.

Key benefits for digital merchants:

  • Over 350 mobile operators connected to Fortumo whose subscribers can be targeted for user acquisition
  • Flexible bundle setups: support for any type of bundle partnerships: hard or soft bundles; free or discounted access to service; free data promotions
  • Grow your user base: user base growth from leveraging mobile operator marketing channels that include advertising, social media and telemarketing
  • Higher conversion: authentication of users through the Bundling Platform enables future upselling opportunities and conversion to paid accounts

Key benefits for mobile operators:

  • Dozens of partners: dozens of bundle partners to choose from - music and video streaming, cloud hosting, digital publishing, anti-viruses, productivity tools and more

  • Customizable bundles: pre-configured turnkey bundle packages that can be effortlessly rolled out to your pre- and postpaid subscriber base

  • Growth of user base: increase in mobile data usage and carrier billing revenue thanks to highly targeted and segment-specific bundle offers

  • Reduce churn: reduced subscriber churn thanks to constantly refreshed bundle offers tailored to each specific subscriber segment

Products and Services


Browser-based mobile payments: one integration works for payments on any computer, tablet, smartphone, feature phone and smart TV. Learn more »

Android SDK

Industry-leading native in-app purchasing SDK: collect payments for premium features inside your application from users in 100 countries. Learn more »

Direct Carrier Billing

Highly customizable payment solution that gives digital merchants and app stores direct access to mobile operators’ direct carrier billing connections. Learn more »

Messaging Platform

Global messaging platform that gives digital merchants a direct line of communication with their customers for authentication, notifications and promotions. Learn more »
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