Rambus’ Secure Element in the Cloud leverages HCE to emulate an EMV mobile payment via a remote SE, and provides the functionality to complete a payment transaction using a standard EMV contactless payment terminal. The Bell ID solution is compliant with the requirements of global payment schemes and the PCI-DSS. It also allows for the completion of secure NFC transactions, even when the mobile device does not have an internet or mobile data connection.

Certified solution:

Secure Element in the Cloud is certified by VISA, MasterCard and American Express and is fully aligned with all of the global requirements needed to perform cloud-based mobile payment transactions.

EMV: compatible with payment schemes, contactless readers and POS terminals:

The solution supports both international and domestic payment schemes that are based on EMV technology. This means that no changes are needed to existing contactless terminals or the payment acceptance infrastructure.

Make transactions, even when not connected:

A set of payloads are sent to the device in advance to ensure that payments can be made even when no connection to the server can be established

Products and Services

Rambus Token Service Provider

Rambus Token Service Provider (TSP) is a modular platform that combines tokenization with Host Card Emulation (HCE) to enable payment issuers and processors to perform a wide variety of roles in the payment process. Learn more »

Rambus Trusted Service Manager

An advanced mobile (NFC) lifecycle management platform that assists organizations in executing trusted service manager (TSM) services and in provisioning their applications onto mobile handsets. Learn more »
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