Auriga. is a top international player in developing software solutions for ATM, ASD/ASST applications and self-service banking, achieving their complete integration with the other banking channels.

Auriga is

  • one of the main European suppliers of software and solutions for the banking industry
  • the largest European independent software vendor for ATM applications
  • a leading supplier of cutting-edge solutions and innovative services for the management and integration of the different banking channels, namely
    • self-service (ATMs, deposit terminals, cash recycling terminals, kiosks, etc.),
    • Internet banking, mobile banking and mobile payments and POS networks.

Auriga’s commitment to innovation and technical excellence has culminated in the development of their multichannel banking product WinWebServer (WWS). WWS is an integrated platform on a web-based architecture that can provide a 'seamless banking experience' of the highest level across all the different distribution channels. WWS is currently deployed on over 67% of the Italian ATM network (more than 33,000 ATMs) and provides internet banking services to over 1 million customers.

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Products and Services

WWS Cash Management

The best of breed integrated solution for end-to-end cash management process. Learn more »

WWS Customer Management

The Superior Customer Welcoming Solution for Branch Banking. Learn more »


WWS ATM is an integral component of the WWS multichannel banking suite for the complete management of the ATM, ASD/ASST channel. Learn more »

WWS Mobile

WWS Mobile is an integral component of the WWS multichannel banking suite for the mobile channel that enables banks and service providers to give consumers the ultimate ‘bank in their pocket’ experience while on the move. Learn more »

WWS Signage

WWS Signage allows users to create and modify, in a fast and efficient way, informational and commercial multimedia content, to be displayed on screens for digital signage.  Learn more »
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