Loyalty schemes will drive mobile wallet adoption

Loyalty schemes will drive mobile wallet adoption

Consumer uptake of mobile payments will be directly related to the added value received from using mobile wallets.

Bangladesh banks expect to launch mobile POS services

Bangladesh banks are preparing to launch mobile point-of-sale services that are expected to reduce merchants' payment costs and accelerate financial inclusion throughout the country, a Visa official told the Financial Express. "Some banks are now in the process of buying...

Santander UK and iZettle drop prices for mobile reader

Santander UK and iZettle announced an agreement to sell iZettle's chip-and-PIN mobile point-of-sale readers to the bank's current business account customers at a discount for £59 (US$70), down from the retail price of £99. The price drop will be combined...

Visa contactless transactions in the UK nearly quadrupled in 2013

Contactless Visa card transactions increased almost four-fold in the U.K to 94.3 million in 2013 from 25 million in 2012, according to Visa Europe. Every U.K.

HCE: We're not in Kansas anymore

HCE: We're not in Kansas anymore

A mobile payments analyst offers perspective on the meaning and approach of the latest HCE news from Visa and MasterCard.

NFC gets boost from Visa, MasterCard support for HCE

Banks around the world have been applauding MasterCard and Visa's support for Host Card Emulation, or HCE. In November 2013, Android started supporting HCE in its KitKat 4.4 operating system. HCE allows NFC applications on Android devices to emulate smart cards and financial institutions to host payment accounts in a virtual cloud.

Visa Europe sees fourfold growth in U.K. contactless payments

Visa Europe said 30.3 million Visa contactless cards are now in circulation in the U.K. and that 293,600 contactless terminals have been installed in the country. The card scheme said Visa contactless card transactions increased fourfold year-on-year in the U.K.

GlobalPlatform publishes contactless payments framework

GlobalPlatform has published a framework for end-to-end secure mobile services, focusing initially on contactless payments. GlobalPlatform is a cross-industry, not-for-profit association that develops and publishes specifications for secure chip technology. Members include card schemes as well as telecoms and technology...

Visa launches V.me wallet in Australia

V.me, Visa's digital wallet, has gone live in Australia with a range of major online retailers. The digital wallet can be used for online purchases from these merchants via PCs, laptops or mobile devices. The V.me launch follows MasterCard's launch of its MasterPass digital wallet in Australia.

Spanish bank La Caixa partners with Telefónica, Vodafone, Orange, Visa for NFC

La Caixa has teamed up with Telefónica, Vodafone, Orange and Visa Europe to launch what the Spanish bank claims is Europe's largest NFC mobile payments service. The three mobile operators together have an 80 percent share of the Spanish mobile...

FIME gets OK to test Visa mobile payment app on secure element

FIME, an advanced secure-chip testing company, announced it has been accredited by Visa to deliver Visa Mobile Payment Application testing. The accreditation extends FIME's existing Visa payment card and terminal testing portfolio to also include the validation of a Visa...

French telco pilots prepaid card on NFC-based mobile devices

The French mobile network operator Orange is testing Orange Cash, a contactless prepaid card, on mobile devices in Strasbourg and Caen, with plans to go nationwide in the second quarter of 2014. Wirecard Card Solutions Ltd., a member of Visa...

Citibank rolls out NFC-based mobile wallet in Hong Kong

Smartphone users in Hong Kong now have another mobile wallet option with the introduction of 3 Citi Wallet. The NFC-enabled solution is a collaboration between 3 Hong Kong, the mobile arm of Hutchison Telecommunications Holdings Ltd., and Citibank Hong Kong. The solution enables contactless payments for amounts up to HK$1,000 per transaction.

Starbucks extends gifting platform to Twitter

Starbucks today launched a new way for customers to gift coffee — the tweet-a-coffee program. U.S.

Monitise and IBM partner to broaden mobile banking for Visa Europe

U.K.-based mobile payments provider Monitise and IBM have teamed up to boost Visa Europe's ability to provide member banks with cloud-based mobile banking, payment and commerce services. IBM will help Monitise extend and scale the adoption of the services with...

Iceland latest to introduce contactless mobile payments

Iceland is joining the world of mobile payments. According to an announcement from card issuer Valitor, software developed in partnership with Point, a provider of electronic payment solutions, will enable merchant acceptance of both contactless Visa cards and mobile payments...

Log In with PayPal offers easier online, mobile shopping

Log In with PayPal offers easier online, mobile shopping

PayPal account holders can log-in and pay online and on mobile devices with a single ID.

UL first to provide mPOS testing for Visa Ready Partner Program

UL has announced that its laboratories worldwide will be testing mobile point-of-sale acceptance devices for certification by the Visa Ready Partner Program. This new program complements the lab's existing PCI and EMV compliance testing services for mPOS solutions. Visa launched...

Foursquare teams with Visa, MasterCard on card-user discount program

Foursquare has announced the expansion of its Foursquare Specials for Credit Cards program to accept Visa, MasterCard and most debit cards. The new offering follows the same model as an existing arrangement between Foursquare and American Express: Consumers sync their...

Mobile money and women's issues: Pakistan

Mobile money and women's issues: Pakistan

Nimrah Karim, Associate Consultant, ShoreBank International and field researcher for Bankable Frontier Associates discusses some of her findings in Pakistan.

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