In Depth: Payments industry was (mostly) quiet this summer

Mobile Payments Today takes a look back at the top stories from the past three months.

Another smartwatch, another 'Pay' as Garmin Pay debuts

A day after FitBit introduced a new smartwatch capable of making contactless payments, Garmin has introduced its own device with the same capability. The vivoactive 3 is a smartwatch featuring Garmin Pay, which supports Visa and MasterCard payment cards, according...

FitBit Pay arrives as 3 card networks provide support

American Express, MasterCard and Visa announced separate deals to bring contactless payments to Fitbit's new smartwatch that will feature an NFC chip. Fitbit started accepting pre-orders for the $300 Ionic on Monday. Over the past few years, each of the...

European consumers to see benefits from Visa, PayPal partnership

Visa and PayPal are extending their strategic partnership to Europe to accelerate the adoption of secure and convenient online, in-app and in-store payments, according to a press release. The companies already were doing this in the U.S. and Asia-Pacific region....

Visa touts free money transfers in Kenya via mVisa service

Visa announced that customers of a Visa-affiliated banks in Kenya will be able to send money to each other domestically without paying transaction fees using mVisa, according to a press release. The card network last year introduced mVisa, a QR...

Visa continues to thumb nose at cash

The card this week announced a program to award small-and-medium sized business to renounce cash in favor of shiny new point-of-sale systems that accept credit and debit payments as well as those of the digital variety.

Visa turns to QR codes in Taiwan for mobile payments

Visa plans to introduce a new QR code-based mobile payments system in Taiwan, according to local reports. The company said that it is using QR codes in the hope that the universal platform will attract larger numbers of users than more limited platforms offered by Android Pay, Apple Pay and Samsung Pay.

For restaurants, pay-at-table devices are a chance to catch up with EMV

Pay-at-the-table devices, which generally accept both EMV and contactless payments, could start to appear at restaurants in a big way during the next couple of years.

Visa kicks cash to the curb at FIFA event

Visa is implementing 1,600 point-of-sale terminals and deploying 120 mobile concessionaires throughout the stadium concourses that are hosting the FIFA Confederations Cup, according to a press release. Visa is also collaborating with Russia-based Alfa-Bank, the official European Bank of the...

Payment card use sees double-digit global growth in 2016

Global card purchase volume for goods and services (excluding cash advances on credit cards and cash withdrawals on debit cards), grew 5.8 percent to $20.606 trillion in 2016, according to a press release from The Nilson Report. UnionPay debit cards...

Retailers still face EMV issues

Recognizing merchants have encountered difficulty integrating EMV compliant payment equipment, credit card issuers have postponed chargebacks for fraudulent purchases on non-compliant equipment. Compliance, however, will benefit all parties by reducing credit card fraud.

Standardized mobile QR codes streamline Thailand's quest to go cashless

MasterCard, UnionPay International and Visa have introduced a standardized quick response code for payments in Thailand, accelerating the country's transition to a cashless society. The Standardized QR Code supports the Bank of Thailand’s cashless agenda to drive innovation, interoperability, and...

Visa Checkout reaches milestone

Visa recently announced that Visa Checkout has reached more than 20 million enrolled accounts, according to a press release. In the same release, the card network announced that it is continuing to expand to new markets in 2017 with planned...

Visa, StubHub enhance partnership with Visa Checkout focus

Visa and StubHub have enhanced their partnership and are planning promotions around the use of Visa Checkout, according to a press release. The companies plan to advertise benefits such as seat upgrades for consumers who use Visa Checkout to pay...

Unconventional channels driving mobile payments adoption

Mobile payment technology is still in its relative infancy, but growing pains can be costly when it comes to new technologies seeking wider adoption.

Visa puts a spotlight on the IoT through competition

The Everywhere Initiative, which Visa first launched in 2015, lands in Europe for the first time at Mobile World Congress.

Card networks bump liability shift date for fuel dispensers, leave ATM deadline unchanged

MasterCard and Visa announced on Thursday that they will move their EMV fraud liability shift dates for automated fuel dispensers from October 2017 to October 2020. Visa released a press release outlining the reasons that prompted the three-year delay: The...

Visa intros international B2B payment service built on blockchain technology

Visa has announced a preview of Visa B2B Connect, a new platform the network is developing to give financial institutions a "simple, fast and secure way to process business-to-business payments globally," according to a press release. Visa said it is...

Discover tops Mastercard, Visa as planet's most-accepted payment card

The number of card-accepting merchant locations worldwide grew 15 percent in 2015 to 54 million, research and consulting firm RBR says in a new report. According to "Global Payment Cards Data and Forecasts to 2021," the rapid expansion was largely...

PayPal adds Visa Checkout, Masterpass option for Braintree merchants

PayPal has expanded its relationships with Visa and Mastercard to include the ability for Braintree merchants to add the card networks' digital wallets as a payment option during the online checkout process, according to separate press releases about the deals....

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