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MobilePaymentsToday.com is an information resource focusing on mobile payments projects and technology. We cover topics like banking, retail, restaurants, remittance, apps, online gaming and mobile POS. Our content helps organizations realize the cost savings and operational benefits promised by mobile payments. We provide blogs, news, videos, white papers, webinars, supplier listings, research, product reviews, and event info.

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Will Hernandez has 14 years of experience ranging from newspapers to wire services and trade publications. Before becoming Editor of Mobile Payments Today, he spent two years as the content manager for PaymentsJournal.com, a leading payments industry news aggregator and information hub published by Mercator Advisory Group.

He spent four years covering the payments industry as an associate editor for multiple publications in SourceMedia’s Payments Group based in Chicago including ATM&Debit News, CardLine, PaymentsSource.com, ISO&Agent Weekly and American Banker. Will helped launched SourceMedia’s bi-weekly newsletter, Mobile Banker, and built and cultivated the PaymentsGroup’s first Twitter presence. Will holds a B.A. in Journalism from St. John’s University (NY).

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So you want to be featured in Mobile Payments Today? Here's how to help ensure your press release gets in front of the editor.

  1. Please note that Mobile Payments Today is an online-only publication. We do not have a print edition.
  2. Please make sure your company news lines up with the editorial coverage found on Mobile Payments Today. First and foremost, we publish news on the mobile payments industry, including how banks, fintech, merchants and others are addressing this area. Our secondary coverage areas includes most news pertaining to the general payments industry, which ranges from transaction processing, to point-of-sale systems, to authentication and security. Any news or tips that enhance and support mobile payments in any way are welcome.
  3. When submitting your news, please stick to the facts in your product descriptions – no opinions about the products. Any superfluous text will be edited.
  4. Copy and paste your press release into the body of an email addressed to Editor@MobilePaymentsToday.com.  (Don't attach it) Please, no PDFs.
  5. Include photographs and/or video if available and of good quality. Standard-format digital files are accepted (.png, .jpg, gif) as are video links, and embed codes. Identify the source and person or place shown; if more than one person, tell us who's who (by name, title, company).
  6. As far as story pitches, please make sure they also adhere to the editorial coverage found on Mobile Payments Today. 

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