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The Future of ATMs – Mobile, Security and Regulations – Oh My! [Infographic]

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March 2, 2012

ATMmarketplace.com, in collaboration with the ATM Industry Association, has just released the third edition of the ATM Future Trends Report 2012. The survey represents a cross-section of the financial services industry from banks, credit unions, EFT networks, transaction processors, ATM manufacturers and independent ATM deployers. 

We've pulled out a few highlights to share in this Infographic with questions and answers surrounding

  • five-year trends, 
  • predictions, 
  • opportunities 
  • and challenges for the ATM industry.

The good news is mobile is an opportunity, cash is king and ATM transactions are expected to grow 66% by 2015. We believe this Infographic will highlight the fact that this industry is vibrant, growing and strong.


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