Security of Proximity Mobile Payments

March 14, 2011

White Paper

Proximity mobile payments are defined as payments to a merchant that are initiated from a mobile phone. These payment are made by simply waving a mobile phone that uses Near Field Communication (NFC) technology near a merchant's point-of-sale device.

NFC-enabled mobile phones incorporate smart chips that allow the phones to securely store the payment application and consumer account information and to use the information as a "virtual payment card." While these smart chips can be present in many forms, this paper addresses three options: smart card based subscriber identity module (SIM) cards, embedded secure elements in the phone, and secure digital (SD) memory cards.

Download this white paper to learn about:

  • NFC technology overview
  • Collaborative implementation model
  • Collaboration model stakeholder roles and benefits
  • Mobile transaction standards, specifications, and certifications
  • Secure data delivery
  • Securing the payment application and account information
  • Interaction between the NFC mobile device and POS terminal
  • Considerations when changing or discarding mobile NFC phones
  • Countermeasures to fraud and responsibility for protection
  • Best practices for mobile payment system security

Topics: Contactless / NFC , Mobile Payments , POS , Security

Companies: Smart Card Alliance

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