Mobile Payments Industry Roundtable Summary

Jan. 5, 2011

White Paper

One of the goals of the Fereral Government is to let free markets work without intervention for as long as possible and to allow markets to resolve problems before government intervenes. The development of the mobile payments industry introduces a whole new cast of characters that complicates issues with regard to responsibility and liability, and as a preemptive measure, representatives of the Federal Reserve Bank met with stakeholders in mobile payments in the U.S. to learn where the industry is headed.

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  • Mobile commerce today and the opportunities
  • Consumer demand for mobile commerce
  • Industry challenges
  • Contactless chip technology
  • Merchant challenges and capital investment
  • Mobile commerce drivers
  • Industry roles and responsibilities
  • Customer ownership
  • Security roles and responsibilities
  • Transaction standards and risks

Topics: Mobile Banking , Mobile Payments , Regulatory Issues

Companies: Federal Reserve Bank

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