Mobile Payments in the United States at Retail Point of Sale: Current Market and Future Prospects

Jan. 7, 2011

White Paper

The use of mobile phones in the Unites States is widespread and a large portion of the population use them for more than just making a call. These devices can be outfitted with applications that can improve the way people conduct their lives, and a potential application rapidly gaining interest is the ability to use a mobile phone as a payment device at a retail location.

Not only could a consumer simply wave a mobile phone in front of a reader and have his bank account debited automatically, but using the phone's computing and communication power, the customer could perform many other value-added activities at the same time.

Download this document to learn about the future prospects for mobile payments in the United States. Topics discussed include:

  • Technologies for mobile payments: Near-Field Communication and Short Message Service
  • Mobile payment practices and technology in Japan, Korea, and Spain
  • Mobile payment prospects for the United States
  • Comparisons between the United States and other countries
  • Considerations for widespread implementation of mobile payments
  • Industry-wide technology standards and business policies
  • Defining a successful business model
  • Regulatory oversight and regulations

Topics: Contactless / NFC , Mobile Payments , POS , Regulatory Issues , Retail , Transaction Processing

Companies: Federal Reserve Bank

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