Banking and Finance over the Mobile Channel

Publication Type:
White Paper

Published / Updated:
Jan. 10, 2011

In the last year there has been enormous growth in the number of mobile payment offerings. These payment product innovations range from paying merchants over the web, to paying merchants at physical point of sale, to person-to-person payments both remote and locally. What these offerings have in common is the use of the mobile phone as a payment device.

While entrants to the mobile payment market and their associated offerings are expected to grow, they are generally grouped into one of three categories: those that create a new payment network, those that run over existing payment networks without issuer or account involvement, and those that use existing networks and issuers.

Download this white paper to learn about trends and forcasts for mobile payments and the impact on the payment industry. Topics discussed include:

  • Entrants and products offerings announced in the last year
  • Categorization of entrants and products
  • Developments and events that will influence and shape the mobile marketplace
  • Factors for success in the mobile environment

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