Checkout the Mobile Payment Opportunity!

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While what constitutes a mobile payment can differ from source to source, a simple definition is payment for goods or services with a mobile device. And while mobile payment schemes differ from region to region, the two main methods of mobile payment are distinguished by the location of the consumer in relation to the retailer. Remote mobile payment is when the retailer is remote to the consumer, while proximity mobile payment is when the consumer is physically located at the retailer's storefront.

Download this white paper to learn about the category of remote mobile payments. Topics include:

  • Remote digital purchases versus remote physical purchases
  • Mobile phone bill or D2B (direct to bill) payment
  • Premium rate SMS (PRSMS)
  • Mobile Web and WAP billing
  • SMS/Java/SIM Toolkit
  • Person to person (P2P) payment
  • Smartphone apps
  • Forcasts for market opportunity