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  • How retailers are losing in the payment regs landscape (despite Durbin)

    Mark Horwedel, CEO of the Merchant Advisory Group, lays down the gauntlet to the payments industry to make it easier for merchants to do business. (From the ATM & Mobile Executive Summit.) …
  • How PCI is bad for small business

    "PCI is completely one-sided," says Mark Horwedel of the Merchant Advisory Group. "Merchants can pay a lot of money to come and give advice while the networks can go in the other room …
  • Dynamic authentication: A new answer to card skimming

    Mimi Hart, CEO of MagTek, explains a new angle on stopping skimmers from using a compromised card. (From the ATM & Mobile Executive Summit in Washington, D.C.) …
  • Why consumers won't adopt EMV

    Mimi Hart of MagTek doesn't believe consumer behavior will give EMV a smooth road to adoption. "Mobile has a lot more promise." (From the ATM & Mobile Executive Summit.) …
  • Assume all handsets are compromised

    Jim Pitts, project manager of the BITS Financial Services Roundtable, explains why he tells his FI members to expect the worst when it comes to customers' personal phone security. (From a panel …
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