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  • The cost of cash

    "We just think of it as a free good," said Dan Littman of the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. "But everyone behind the scenes is seeing the cost go up to fight counterfeit." (…
  • Should cash even exist?

    "What is the case for cash?" asked Greg Baxter of Citi. After a global analysis of why the case is weakening, he challenged a panelist from the Fed why they still mint pennies. (From the ATM & …
  • FTC principles for mobile payment entrepreneurs

    "If you're working on a new payment product, for example, that's integrating offers and discounts for loyalty programs, you really should be aware of the FTC's advertising law." …
  • Death of cards, increasing regulation to drive ATM/mobile trend

    Peter Shortall of MasterCard Advisors makes an unusual prediction on the fate of plastic and how it will play into the convergence of mobile phones and ATMs. (From the ATM & Mobile Executive …
  • Will cards be replaced by mobile?

    Dave Willis of Navy Federal Credit Union defends his position on the card/mobile/cash consumer debate. "It's not just the Millennials," he adds, referring to the demographic increase in …
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